Can a Spiritual Colonic Cure My IBS? (The Telegraph)

I’m lying on a medical treatment table in a pristine white room in Knightsbridge. So far, so conventional, although the small picture of the Indian goddess behind the machine with plastic tubes coming out of it is a clue that science might not entirely rule the roost here.

But frankly, I’m a little over science. I’ve had enough of going to doctors for female-related maladies where GPs narrow their eyes and tell me it’s all stress-related and would I like some antibiotics? I’m pretty sure I’ve had IBS for three or four years now on a sliding scale of diarrhoea to constipation. For the past few months, everything I eat – be it brown rice or a glass of water, seems to fill me with huge amounts of gas. (read more)

Energy: Four Levels of Healing (Bossitively Speaking)

Energy. What exactly is it? We’ve all heard people say, “don’t bring that bad energy around me” and “I don’t have the energy right now” or maybe you’ve heard “the energy was perfect, that’s how I knew it was right.” Needless to say, in whichever context you heard the word being used, they are all very well referring to the same thing—the quantitive property that is transferred to an object in order for it to move. The law of conservation states that energy can be converted in form but, not created nor destroyed. Energy is found in many things, and takes various forms. Ever walk into a room and get a bad feeling however, everyone appears to be happy That’s energy. (read more)

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