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Bloat & The Invisible Attack

Since the beginning of the pandemic the #1 reason clients request metaphysical colonics and lymphatic drainage sessions are due to bloat. It’s so predominant and frequent, I thought it would be helpful to address in this month’s article. So here we go….

For those who have worked with me or read my website, you already know that gas and bloat relate to feeling a need to protect oneself. When we bloat and our bodies distend, we are literally creating space between ourselves and the outside world. We do this because we want emotional safety and are under the illusion (most often subconsciously) this wall will create protection. The problem is that in addition to feeling safer, we feel more uncomfortable physically because we effectively create a prison we are stuck within (and this stuckness can contribute to digestive issues, i.e. constipation).

Think about all the things we’ve had to contend with during the start of this craziness:

·     A global pandemic (fear of getting sick and death; distrust of government and other people, news, social media)
·     Being ordered to stay inside (fear of being trapped, isolated, lonely, survival, conflict)
·     Vaccine mandates (fear of being controlled; fear of being judged by each other for choosing/not choosing)
·     Comfort eating/overeating (fear of judgment from others and our own judgment of unworthiness due to weight gain)
·     Elections (fear of the unknown; survival; making the “wrong” choice)
·     Financial insecurity (fear of job loss; fear of money loss; fear of home loss; highlighting internal fear of unworthiness)
·     Loss of freedom (travel restrictions; fear of speaking one’s truth due to potential condemnation; parental choice)
·     Re-evaluating one’s life (“Should I stay, or should I go?” ~ fear of losing relationship, job, home)

What is the one word that shows up over and over?


I’m sure there are some things I missed but you get the gist. This is a LOT for us to deal with on top of living our “normal” lives. We still need to work, be strong and secure parents to our children, take care of ourselves (eat well, hydrate, exercise, create joy and fun, attend to our internal and external healing), experience healthy and loving partnerships, and get on with the business of living.

It is no wonder we are having such trouble maintaining a healthy and balanced equilibrium. If you are feeling unsettled and afraid, I have good news! As always, I offer some perspectives to help you rebalance and create internal freedom and peace.

One of the things we don’t often realize is our need for protection and emotional safety really comes from our own selves. We think that we need to protect ourselves from the outside world and other people, but we don’t acknowledge the ways we attack ourselves with unkind and uncompassionate beliefs and self-talk:

We re-traumatize ourselves when we re-live traumatic experiences over and over in our heads. We don’t do this because we are bad, weak or immature people. We do this as a way to gain mastery over that which we had no control over, such as a traumatic upbringing or devastating break up. We “should” ourselves ~ “I should have known better”, “I should have chosen or behaved better”, “I should have been stronger/more attractive/better in some way”. We unknowingly use very attacking language toward ourselves. In fact, we would be horrified if we “heard” the way we address ourselves when we are present and willing to sit with that truth. It is a good, if not uncomfortable, practice to allow ourselves to “hear” how we speak to ourselves. Only then can we choose more loving and empathetic language. How do we get there? Through self-forgiveness. We can use the above referenced experiences with other people we feel we need to protect ourselves from by seeing them as our mirrors.

They mirror the ways we

judge ourselves,
confine ourselves,
condemn ourselves,
belittle ourselves,
hurt ourselves,
control ourselves,
trap ourselves.

Do you see what I mean?

When we view others and life as our mirrors, we can see what is being mirrored back, forgive ourselves for our own unkind self-treatment and then forgive others for being our mirrors. If you started practicing this regularly, what would your life look like?
Sometimes we take on what doesn’t belong to us, (through over care taking) and we end up filling our energetic bodies with the energy of other people’s problems, fears, anger, resentment, and unhappiness. This ends up manifesting in our physical bodies as bloat and weight gain (this can also be armor that we use to further protect ourselves, not realizing that we can step away from others’ problems and remove the armor). They mirror our need to take care of ourselves first before attending to someone else. We do this by practicing healthy boundaries and saying “no” when we don’t have the energy or space to give to someone else. If you were trained as a child to be a caretaker, saying “no” or asserting boundaries can feel very uncomfortable. But if you experience bloat for an “unknown” reason then this may very well be the wisdom of your body asking you to release what no longer belongs to you or serves you.

Could our diets play a part in bloat? Yes, of course ~ for the obvious reasons, but what is the emotional issue creating the desire to eat foods that create bloat? This is a really good question to ask yourself. Often, we are so unkind and judge-y when we speak to ourselves about food. I would love for you to offer yourself compassionate understanding first. There is a reason you choose foods that may not be healthy or create physical discomfort. Instead of making the problem worse by attacking yourself for choosing in an unhelpful way, love yourself by asking what you are afraid of…start with being self-curious instead of self-judgmental.

If you experience bloat and your diet is on point, then most likely there is a belief, that is aligned with a lie, that creates a feeling, that manifests physically. Discover the belief, forgive yourself for believing a lie, then align yourself with the truth that is firmly rooted in love.

We all have beautiful Divine Spirit guides that are assigned to each of us for every aspect of our lives. You can call them to you and ask for any help and protection that you need. For example, whenever my son flies to different countries, I have a protection protocol I use to ensure his safety wherever he is in the world. You can ask your guides for help in ascertaining which protection is based in a true need for safety and which are illusions of the ego mind wanting to control you. Working with your guides can help you feel safe and secure, which can shift any physical dysfunction tied to our own internal feelings of unsafety.

I hope this was a helpful discussion on a few different reasons for bloat. Of course, I would love to explore how your own bloat or digestive issues are a beautiful gift of understanding and path to unconditional self-love. Please let me know if you would like a session to discuss this or any other issues of safety from a uniquely metaphysical perspective. Thank you! Stephanie

The Vulnerability of Truth

The Vulnerability of Truth
By Stephanie Kato

We believe in the power of “speaking one’s truth”. We encourage each other and proclaim how empowering it feels. I think most of us agree that speaking the truth is a good idea and although it is a simple concept, in reality it can be very complicated for many people.

What is required to fully speak our truth and how often do we actually do so?

Being able to speak our truth requires us to be self-aware on many different levels. Without self-awareness, we end up leading our conversations with defensiveness based in fear. Expressing truth to ourselves first, and then to one another requires us to choose the discomfort of vulnerability. We take an emotional risk when we share our truth with someone because once we state our beliefs, we open ourselves to potential anger, judgment, attack, disbelief, denial, disagreements, and abandonment. Without knowing ourselves to be worthy regardless of others’ opinions, it may feel too scary to stand up for ourselves and our beliefs. Many people avoid full self-expression out of basic self-preservation. We are then left with two options: stay quiet to protect ourselves, or speak up and risk rejection and ostracization. In many ways humans are not that different from the animal kingdom. Simply put, there is safety and strength in numbers. Built into our DNA this innate programming to self-protect comes into play with regard to truth telling. This is why it is so vital to practice self-love and self-compassion. Rarely do we consider how we are hardwired when faced with an emotional trigger. If we chastise ourselves as weak or cowardly because we didn’t speak up, we miss the opportunity to appreciate the range of potential repercussions we are faced with. To further complicate matters, let’s add the complex dynamics of our childhoods to the mix along with past relationship experiences of heartbreak and emotional pain, and we begin to understand why speaking our truth is no easy task.

The courage to speak up begins with an intention:

“What is my goal: do I want to stay in conflict (ego)

or do I want to encourage resolution (heart)?”

To help you learn how to work with yourself I’ve created a fictitious couple who are having some issues in their relationship. Below I breakdown how they find themselves in the middle of conflict when they remain emotionally unaware vs. adopting a successful skillset and become master communicators. (What’s the key? You guessed it…Vulnerability!) Let’s start with –

Conflict instigated by self-unawareness:

In this example, both Mary and Tom grew up without the type of love they needed from their parents[1]. They are in a love relationship and although there is love between them, Mary feels triggered much of the time. She wants something from Tom that she can’t seem to attain and gets upset with him. Tom ends up feeling attacked and discouraged and shuts down emotionally to protect himself. The more Tom withdraws to protect himself, the more insecure Mary feels and expresses anger. Thus, the cycle begins…


When Mary cannot get her needs met by Tom, she perceives this means something is wrong with her (issues of worthiness) and that he doesn’t really care about her. If he did, he would give her what she needs, right? Tom perceives Mary’s disappointment as not being able to do anything right and this makes him feel like something is wrong with him (issues of worthiness). So for both of them, the insecure self-esteem issues created in their childhoods are validated in what they perceive as truth in their relationship.


Mary’s perception creates victim mentality within her. She reasons that since Tom knows about her childhood, he should just know how to help her. Instead she sees his withholding as intentional and this perspective makes her feel alone and sad. Tom feels defeated and safer when he withdraws into himself. Both perspectives keep the couple from getting their needs met.

Unconscious unresolved issues

Neither Mary nor Tom have learned how to sit with the discomfort of their feelings or recognize the profound and lasting effect of how being disappointed by their parents created insecurities and feelings of being unworthy and unlovable in their relationship. When individuals avoid healing internal trauma and emotional pain, they never learn how to re-parent the vulnerable parts of themselves and instead look to fill what is missing within themselves through outside sources, like a love partner. This perspective puts a lot of pressure on both the partner and the relationship. The only one who can truly heal the individual is the individual themself. Without taking responsibility for the healing that belongs to us and us alone, we perpetuate victim mentality and this leads to misery and additional emotional pain.


Without invaluable internal and healthy awareness, Mary and Tom fight each other and effectively push each other further away. They use untruths such as: “You don’t love me”; “I need to keep my heart closed to you”; “If you loved me you would _________”. Ironically, they both want the same thing: to feel safe, loved, and accepted by the other person. The only way we know how to communicate is what we were taught through examples modeled within the original family dynamic. If communication was not healthy, safe or open, most children grow up into adults who have limited communication skills. This skillset is learned so we must do whatever we can to learn how to find the courage and allow vulnerable feelings that progress into speaking our vulnerable truths. .

Resolution inspired by self-awareness:

Now let’s look at this same scenario but this time Mary and Tom have both learned how to allow themselves to feel vulnerable through healing past trauma and embracing self-love, self-kindness and self-compassion.



Mary is still trying to get what she needs from Tom. Because she has healed her past childhood trauma, she doesn’t personalize his inability to give her what she needs. She also doesn’t assume that the way she perceives his intentions are accurate. In other words, she takes responsibility for potentially judging him inaccurately and offers compassionate and loving communication through sharing her vulnerable feelings. When Mary approaches Tom in this way, he feels safe to explore his feelings and this allows him to review his own perceptions about himself and discover why he hasn’t been able to meet Mary’s needs.


Since Mary doesn’t attack Tom, he feels safe to share with her his own childhood experiences of his mother yelling at his dad constantly, and how he learned to cope by withdrawing within himself. This new information helps Mary shift her perspective such that when Tom retreats after she yells at him, it is actually an old coping mechanism that has nothing to do with her (other than she is triggering him with her behavior). Also, this new perspective helps Tom realize that he had been reacting to Mary from a young, wounded place that has no validity in his adult relationship (providing him an opportunity to vulnerably share how it hurts him when she yells at him).

Consciously resolved issues

The only way they could both reach this new understanding was through a willingness to allow the vulnerability of truth; not just with speaking their truths but also by feeling safe enough with each other to allow them to explore past hurts that were being mirrored in their relationship. This is how our love relationships – that embrace vulnerability – can serve to help us heal old traumas. The only way we can achieve this is through compassionate understanding and unconditional love – first within ourselves and then with each other.


I have a saying “What seems like a disaster is actually a blessing”. Every relationship (not just love relationships) provides us the opportunity to see the gift in conflict. It’s the relationship equivalent of the oyster creating a pearl from a grain of sand. If both parties remain committed to unconditional love at all costs, they can create a safe space for each other to speak their truths.

What would they say to each other by allowing the vulnerability of truth? “I feel unworthy of being loved the way I want to be”; “I’m scared that my not getting what I need from you means something is wrong with me”; “I’m scared that if you really know me, you will leave me”; “ I feel like I have no other option than to protect myself, and hide when I feel attacked by you”; “If I could get the love from you that I didn’t get growing up, I will finally be okay”.

Obviously our fictitious couple is only one example but one that might speak to many people. For our relationships to be loving and joyful, continuously working on healing our internal emotional issues is key. Without a concerted effort to become intimately acquainted with who we believe we are, we cannot move forward into sustainable, healthy relationships and successful conflict resolution. Discovering how to lead with truth will benefit every aspect of your life and every single one of your relationships: family, love, friendships, and business.

How to allow vulnerable truths in relationships?

·     Reduce conflict: see it as a conversation, not a confrontation.

·     Write down your own truths in a journal. The only reason we have trouble speaking our truth with others is because we avoid the vulnerability of admitting it to ourselves first.

·     Trust that your partner loves you and desires a healthy and happy relationship with you.

·     Accept differences and disagreements as a part of life and relationships. No two people are identically the same. Think of how boring that would be!

·     One of the most valuable pieces of advice I ever read was from Stephen Covey “Seek first to understand”. Allow this to be your mantra. With love and compassion, tell your partner how you felt when they said or did something and verify if that was their intention. For example “I felt judged when you said ___________, is this what you meant?” Give your partner the chance to clarify their intention before you react or assume.

[1] I do not judge any parents with this example. Every person has suffered in some way in their life and the family dynamics are based on people being (understandably) imperfectly human and fallible.

Stay in your hearts with love, dear ones!



Personal Defining Moments

Experiences in life serve to provide defining moments for human beings. Major events such as births, deaths, new relationships (friendships and romantic), marriage, divorce, business endeavors, illnesses and (now) global pandemics affect each of us in different ways. Traumatic, challenging and heartbreaking experiences tend to linger in our hearts and minds. How do we heal, rise above and move on from painful experiences so we can live peaceful, joyful and fulfilling lives? What is the one perspective that serves to keep us stuck and potentially create physical dysfunction such as digestive, skin and heart issues (amongst others)?

The perspective of victimhood

When we choose to view ourselves as victims we choose a perspective that results in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual suffering. What is the best way to step out of victim mentality and into an empowered state of consciousness? Let’s first start with how victim mentality begins. Let’s start with one word: WHY?

Do you notice you begin your sentences with “Why”? For example:

“Why is this happening to me?”
“Why didn’t I get that job?”
“Why can’t I meet a romantic partner; what is wrong with me?”
“Why am I not healing from this illness?”
“Why can’t I make enough money?”

Beginning sentences with “why” indicates our need to control that which we feel we cannot. I used to have a saying “If I can understand why, then I will be able to accept what is”. What I was actually saying (but wasn’t ready to accept) was “If I can control everything in my life, then I will feel safe and can trust I will be ok”. No one really enjoys feeling lack of, or out of, control. We don’t want to feel too vulnerable. Feeling vulnerable makes us feel scared and unsafe. Human beings are hard wired to feel pleasure and avoid fear. In fact, most people will do whatever they can to stay in control so they never have to feel vulnerable.

Allowing vulnerability is one of the strongest and
most powerful experiences we can embrace.

Ironically, although those who choose victim mentality would appear to embrace vulnerability, they are actually using the victim perspective to avoid feeling the deeper feelings they fear might destroy them if they sit in the discomfort of their uncomfortable and painful feelings.

I’m not suggesting victims do not exist; of course they do. People experience all types of very real and traumatic experiences. Right now people all over the world are suffering from circumstances very much out of their control. They are losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their homes, their families, their friends, and their way of life. The more fear some people experience, the more domestic and public violence increases. I’m not perpetuating a belief that victims do not exist. The point of this article is for you to ask yourself some questions so you can choose to live in the strongest, joyful and most life-affirming ways possible.

Do you notice how I use the word ‘choose’ throughout? Even though someone may not have chosen to be a victim because of past or present experiences, we all have choices about what we want to do with these experiences. Personal growth is encouraged by the challenging and defining moments of our lives. In other words, do you believe you are destined for only one way of life or do you choose to view your experiences as a way to discover yourself, your strength and your truth? Does life happen to you or are you the Master of Your Destiny? What do you believe?

Now…let’s take this a step further. Where does your soul fit into all of this? What do you think is possible? Do you believe your soul chose the following:

·     All your life experiences, especially the painful ones?

·     Contracts with everyone in your life to help your soul’s growth?

·     Incarnate at this specific time in life to experience life’s energy balancing? (I’m specifically not using the word ‘karma’.)

If you are open to these possibilities you can release any vestige of victim mentality that no longer serves you; you can be grateful to all the people in your life because you understand they are keeping the soul contracts and agreements that you both made prior to incarnation; you can choose to promote and lead with light and love to balance the energy on the planet, within yourself and with others.

Think about that for a moment…what would embracing this type of life mean? Is it possible that you can change the course of your life but also how others experience themselves? How can this be?

We are all connected energetically. Many of us experience thinking about someone and they call or we run into them. We can use these connections to inspire unconditional self-love and unconditional love for our family, our friends, our partners and everyone on the planet.

Unconditional love

This mean love free from judgment, criticism, expectations, harshness, inaccurate beliefs and emotional pain.

Unconditional love = freedom

Freedom from self-loathing, unworthiness and the belief that we are unlovable

Experience the power of choice

How do you choose to end 2020 and begin 2021?

I choose LOVE!!

With love and gratitude ~

Stay Above the Fray

Doesn’t it feel like our stress levels have never been higher? And yet, somehow, it continues. What can we do to find joy and happiness despite all this stress? Is it even possible? As an eternal optimist, I believe anything and everything is possible, even in the darkest of times. Easier said than done? Not necessarily. Below I detail how we can all ~

Stay Above the Fray


Now more than ever it is vital to stay on top of your physical health. Why? Let’s take your digestion, for instance. When you are stressed, your body responds with efficacy…meaning it slows down your digestion in case you need to run or fight. I know comfort eating seems to help when we are stressed, and we all do it, so there’s no judgment here. My point is this: if your body is slowing your digestion in preparation and you are ingesting inflammatory and congesting foods, it is difficult for your body to break them down and convert them into energy. This can leave you feeling very sluggish, grumpy, depressed and hopeless…and this is on top of the waves of bad news appearing daily. So please be kind to yourself and eat as healthfully as possible. Make it fun! Everyone seems to have a favorite salad or healthy juice drink. Take the time to make food just the way you like it, and this extra effort can lift your spirits and remind yourself that you are worthy of loving self-care.

Besides adequate hydration with pure water, exercise is a miracle worker to combat stress. Again…make it fun! I love Pilates and martial arts ~ Qi Gong in particular. Deep breathing with body movement can literally clear away your stress. It’s like oxygen for me these days. I can’t function well without exercise, and I encourage you to do whatever connects you to your body in a beautiful way.

And of course, a metaphysical colonic, bio electric lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapy calms us…body, mind and spirit.


These days it appears everyone has an opinion about this, that or the other thing. It’s exhausting to wade through the voluminous amounts of information through news outlets, social media, and conversations with each other. One quick and easy way to stay above the fray is staying off of the internet. Don’t believe me? Try a media fast for a week or more. Don’t worry…your friends will fill you in on the important things. Coming off of social media and the news has changed my life and reduced my stress levels about 90%!

We’ve all got so many thoughts running through our heads, do we really need to bombard ourselves with more? Remember, we choose what we allow into our lives. Practicing healthy boundaries with the internet is one of the most freeing experiences, especially now. Since travel is currently limited, take a little vacation in your mind. Picture yourself in a relaxing locale of your choice. Put on some soothing music and let yourself drift away. Maybe in a warm bath…with essential oils…and Epsom salt…while enjoying some herbal tea. Calgon: take me away! (BTW: taking a bath with salt is one of the best ways to disperse and release stress!)


Fear is up all over the planet and especially here in America…and particularly right now. Allow yourself to sit in the discomfort of your feelings. Make friends with your feelings and with gratitude, thank them for showing you the emotions that can feel so overwhelming. When we run away from our feelings through distractions (alcohol, food, media, obsessive/compulsive thinking) we miss an exquisite opportunity to get to know ourselves better. One way to avoid letting our feelings lead us around is through healthy detachment. When you notice a feeling such as fear, allow yourself to feel it. Then imagine standing next to the fear as if it is a friend. Thank the fear for helping you and ask it what it is trying to tell you. By detaching from the fear you can work with it healthily. For example, sometimes I am afraid that my business will take a downturn and affect my finances negatively. I feel the fear by acknowledging it. I notice where it is sitting in my body. Then, I remind myself that I have two choices. I can continue down the path of fear and most likely create the thing I am fearing the most, or I can choose to trust that all of life loves me and I am worthy of being supported this way. The fear as my friend reminds me of these choices and helps me to take responsibility for my mindset. Remember, we are always creating our lives, every minute, every day. Where we focus our thoughts, energy and emotion steers us to the reality we visualize. Where will fear steer you if you stay on that path? Where will joy lead you? What about hope?


The number one thing I practice that helps me stay above the fray and living with daily joy and positivity are two things: love and trust. I practice self-love in my self-talk, self-care and self-worth through diet, exercise and all things joyful (love listening to comedy…anything!). Further, I spend a great deal of time sharing love with others. Knowing that I have soul contracts with every person in my life, I can be grateful for people who challenge me or “hurt” me. I put that word in quotations because I can only get hurt by others when I personalize their behavior. If our souls agreed to play out situations in our lives for our highest good, then how can I feel anything but love and gratitude for them? This spiritual belief has been a game changer for me. So much of the way we suffer is through our interactions with others, and our expectations they show up in a way we can control. What would happen in your life and your stress level if you loved them instead? Just love themOpen your heart, surround it with peach colored energy and send them love. Even if you don’t understand the gift of their presence (especially if they are a PITA), trust they are in your life for a reason, thank them and love them.

And this brings me to my next topic: trust. By far, the number one thing that challenges human beings the most is trust. My life, my business, my relationships and my joy are directly connected to my willingness to trust that life has my back and loves me unconditionally. When I allow myself to trust this, guess what happens? I have a deeper capacity to love others unconditionally…see how that works? Isn’t that immensely beautiful? The reality is: loving myself and others unconditionally, and being in a state of unhappy stress cannot co-exist. Don’t believe me? Try it! First, trust that you are surrounded by spiritual help, be it your higher self, a higher power or life itself. Second, trust that you are worthy to receive this help by asking for what you need. Third, trust that whatever outcome shows up is being offered for your highest good.

With love and gratitude ~


Love Perspective & The Immune System

It’s common knowledge that healthy eating, exercise, adequate hydration and even a positive attitude helps to boost our immune systems. Strong immune systems are key to strong and healthy bodies, now more than ever.

Our present experiences bring up controls issue simply because there are so many things in our lives we cannot control. This reality feels very uncomfortable and human beings project their control issues outward to manage internal discomfort. We see daily examples of people displaying varying levels of anger toward each other with words, violence or other fear-based behaviors.

Are we willing to live and let live? Can we use the discomfort of our feelings to self-heal on deeper levels of our being? Can we choose a perspective that allows us to offer compassion to ourselves and others, despite our fears? Can we take this time in history to listen to the wisdom within creating an alternative way of relating to the world in and around us?


Let’s begin this discussion with a story and an invitation:

It is my intention to lead and show up with love for everyone I encounter. I set this intention because being a loving person is who I choose to be and it feels great. I believe in the power and possibilities of love. Plus, when I am being my loving self I make better food choices, I care for myself more consistently, and my overall health reflects the benefits of this perspective.

About 2 years ago, I experienced a situation with someone that created anger and resentment within me. At the time I wanted to lash out because she blamed and criticized me for holding a healthy, strong boundary. The last thing on my mind was loving this person. Recently, she tried to reconnect as if nothing had happened previously and I again had to hold the same boundary. Once again, she attacked my character. Over the last 2 years I have focused my spiritual work on being loving and practicing unconditional love. So this time I reminded myself that her behavior was not personal, and had no need to feel fearful or angry.

Being present with myself, I noticed my initial reaction (upon hearing from her) was fear. When she attacked my character, I noticed the anger. Then I observed what occurred within my body. My stomach, jaw and teeth clenched and I stopped breathing. As soon as I recognized and acknowledged the emotional pain she must carry within her that creates her behavior, I felt empathy and compassion instead of anger, and started sending her love. Once I did, my body relaxed and I felt a lightness of being.

The funny thing is that my small ego mind wanted to stay in the “fight”. It harangued me to tell friends about what just happened (my small ego mind enjoys righteous indignation). However, I choose not to embrace victim mentality, so I reminded myself that all I would accomplish was gossiping about someone who suffers on some level and that would be neither helpful nor loving to her.

This experience got me thinking about the love perspective and my immune system. I already know that a stress response (fight/flight/freeze=fear) keeps my immune system depressed. I don’t want that. I want my immune system as strong as possible. I am assuming you want the same thing. So, can we collectively send love out to those people who are “causing problems” or “misbehaving”? Are we willing to stop judging others and look beyond their behavior and assume they need love?

I would love to hear from those of you willing to take part in this love perspective and share with me what you discover in your body and life when you send out love and light instead of embracing fear and anger.

We all want to love and be loved.

We accomplish this by BEING LOVE.

Let’s set an intention today to Be Love and

observe what occurs within and without.

Sugar & Fungus

What is the one thing that most of my clients have in common remain unaware they have it? Fungal infections! Insidious by nature, fungus goes undetected because it grows slowly and the symptoms vary. It appears as though physical issues pop up out of nowhere. In reality, they incubate under the surface until conditions within the body reach imbalance and physical dysfunction and illness arise.

Why do we have fungus to begin with and what supports its growth? I believe a large percentage of the population inherited it directly from our mothers in utero. Mothers…before you throw things at me, please hear me out. I’m not blaming our mothers (or you, if you are a mother.) I’m suggesting that many women are unaware of having fungus when they get pregnant and they pass the fungus on to their developing fetus. Case in point: eczema. My children were both born with eczema and, unbeknownst to me, I was full of candida (overgrowth of yeast) at the time of my pregnancy. My mom gave it to me and she most likely received it from her mother and who knows how far back it goes? Interestingly, when I gave birth to my son (a very long and difficult birth) I had a breakout of rashes on both elbows. I later discovered the stress of birth pushed out the fungus through my skin. Busy with a newborn, I didn’t have time to think about what it was until the doctor told me his eczema was a fungal infection and then I connected the two.

What feeds fungus? Sugar! To be fair, our first taste of nutrition is breastmilk or formula, and both are sweet. Our first foray into solid food is sweet–rice/wheat/corn cereal, carrots, and starchy vegetables. One look at restaurant kids’ menus reveal a general tendency toward refined carbs and starchy vegetables: chicken nuggets (wheat/corn covered), grilled cheese (bread and dairy), French fries (starchy veggie), pizza (bread and dairy), hot dogs (wheat), pb & j (wheat, nut butter and jam). All the fore-mentioned foods feed fungus because they include ingredients that break down into sugar (and dairy feeds fungus.) Cow milk or juice usually accompany these meals and both feed fungus.

Fungus and sugar create a vicious cycle. We develop fungus which makes us tired so we naturally gravitate toward sugar for the energy, not realizing the cycle being created is immensely difficult to extricate ourselves out of.

Recently, I gave up all sugar and grains because I felt so tired. I’m a blood type “O” so it was a natural choice for me. Although I work a lot, I felt some of my energy drain was diet driven, so out went the sweets. I (thought I) actually ate very little sugar but upon closer inspection, I discovered “hidden” sugars, much more noticeable in their absence. If you know me, then you know one thing I always say, “Even if we eat a small amount of inflammatory foods regularly, the inflammation and resulting congestion from exposure never leaves our bodies making it difficult, if not impossible to heal”.

This time, I took my cleanse more seriously than ever before, cutting out my beloved soy creamer in my matcha green tea, feta in my salads, Ezekiel 4:9 bread, rice crackers (again with my salads), nut, beans, fruit (even the low sugar ones). Keep in mind that all these foods were on my beneficial or neutral foods lists according to my blood type diet. I increased my water intake 2–3 times my normal amount and added bitter greens 2–3 times per day. My results? The itchiness in my ears disappeared, I’ve dropped about 6 pounds (mostly inflammation as I did not have a lot of weight to lose), I lost stubborn abdominal fat (something I had been trying to address for a while) and I have zero aches or pain in my body! My energy is back and my brain is functioning much better both with mental recall and sharpness.

One other positive effect: my mood. I feel so calm and peaceful. Even if people around me get excited or stressed, I can avoid getting pulled into the drama. I feel so balanced and grounded on this diet that I will continue to stay on a modified version of it. It definitely takes a commitment to achieve these results, but I am willing because I am worth it and so are you!

Congestion in the Body

A new client took a colonic and the outcome surprised her. After years of improper eating and inadequate water intake, she decided it was time to make some changes and came in. She expected her body to release a lot more, since she had eaten healthfully the previous week. I surmised her body was full of congestion and it would take some time for her body to decongest, provided she continued to eat well, hydrate, exercise and detox with more colonics.

She was not the first person who misunderstood the time necessary to release inflammation and congestion stored in the body. People feel frustrated that attempts to become healthy through diet change does not meet their expectations of quick results. I understand this frustration because the willpower it takes to make changes can be very strong, only to realize a less than optimal outcome. Patience is key when choosing a new health path. A good way to look at this: For every year someone engages in unhealthy life choices, it takes about one month to reverse the consequences. There are many factors to consider: Diet, lymphatic drainage system, hydration, movement and detox.


I advocate eating for your blood type because it’s the best diet to reduce inflammation and congestion (from personal experience and clinical observations). However, depending on the condition of your current health, I suggest you follow it as written for one to six months (although if it states certain foods on the “beneficial” or “neutral” lists are those you oppose eating, omit those foods along with the “avoid” foods). I suggest complete abstinence from congesting foods because even a small amount of inflammatory foods eaten regularly can prevent the body from de-congesting excess fluids, waste, inflammation and congested lymph.

I break the blood type diet into three categories:

1. Beneficial = acts as medicine in your body (try to eat from this list)
2. Neutral = acts as food in your body (eat some from this list)
3. Avoid = acts as poison in your body (avoid eating foods from this list)

Choosing healthy foods daily is one of the most challenging parts of being human. We like to eat what we want and aren’t too keen on being told otherwise. From teenage to early adult we (pretty much) get away with improper diets. We begin to feel the effects of earlier choices in our 30s and 40s. This is about the time we choose mindfulness and cleanse our bodies. 50s + is crunch time when faced with sobering options: change our eating habits or suffer more serious health consequences. The latest health food craze shows well-intentioned attempts toward healthy eating. For example, kale used to be the greatest food imaginable…until too much of a good thing resulted in gas and bloat (to reduce these effects, cooked kale is much easier for the body to digest). Next came coconut… everyone was eating coconut oil, milk, tortillas, cereal, chips and so on. According to the blood type diet, coconut can be inflammatory for some blood types. You could be on the latest food craze train and not realize that is where your bloating and gas originates from (especially if the world touts it as today’s healthiest food).

If you eat for your blood type, the most important thing to consider is perspective. It’s human nature to look at the foods you can’t eat instead of focusing on what you can eat. Get creative and try it. If all else fails, contact me for some helpful substitution ideas.

Lymphatic Drainage System:

Often when we view our bloat, we assume it is fat and don’t recognize our congested lymph. Our lymphatic drainage systems remove excess protein from the body and transport nutrients to our cells. Eating foods our bodies cannot metabolize contributes to congested lymph. Without proper lymphatic movement, our bodies become sluggish and a potential breeding ground for candida (overgrowth of yeast), parasites, bacteria, and viruses (as discussed in last month’s blog). Our bodies become stagnant and stagnation creates imbalance and congestion.

Along with proper diet, hydration is key to moving the lymphatic system (see next paragraph). Since this system is part of the circulatory system, cold hands and feet reveal the need to get things moving. Rebounding (jumping on a mini-trampoline) and dry skin brushing can help stimulate lymph.


As a colon hydrotherapist I observe a lack of water intake as the top contributing factor leading to digestive dysfunction and issues. Half your body weight in ounces per day (+ eight ounces of water for every cup of caffeinated beverages and eight ounces more for every half hour of exercise) can hydrate your body (and colon) and flush out excess waste and toxins. Doing this promotes decongestion.

Think about the water used to clean driveways, our cars, our clothes and our bodies. In the same way, sufficient water intake cleans our bodies internally, hydrates cells and tissue and moves our bowels. Add lemon or small amounts of juice to make it more interesting and compelling to drink. Measure out the total amount you need per day and keep the containers nearby. Upon completion, you’ve succeeded in your daily required intake! I keep a couple one quart water bottles on my desk and I am mindful and encouraged to drink it when I see it all day long. My goal is one cup per hour. Along with eating for my blood type, proper hydration has all but eliminated my overall body bloat. An added benefit is super clear skin and wonderfully shiny hair!


Moving our respiratory system is important when discussing decongestion. I’ve noticed an increase in respiratory issues lately, and I’m fairly convinced the chemtrails in the sky are playing a part. I’m seeing more clients report congested lungs and express relief from both lymphatic drainage massage and colon hydrotherapy. Chinese medicine indicates a relationship between the lungs and the bowels.

Movement through exercise is vital. Exercise requires more deep breathing, and this clears our lungs of environmental toxins all around us. Moving our bodies stimulates the lymphatic system to aid our circulatory system. The systems of our bodies respond when we add movement to our daily schedules. We need movement to move the congestion out.


I prefer food cessation to address congestion. Creating an effective plan of decongestion encourages release:

– release of congesting foods (stop eating unhealthy food)
– release of dehydrating beverages: caffeine, sodas, alcohol (avoid unhealthy beverages)
– release of carbon dioxide (through deep breathing)
– release of stored waste material (colonics)
– release of old, congested lymph (lymphatic drainage massage)
– release of stagnation (regular exercise)

My professional philosophy – less is more is a good approach to releasing congestion. Start by clearing out what is present in the body.

Personal note: I recently stopped eating sugar and I eat only a small amount of carbs. My cholesterol numbers have dropped significantly and my energy has skyrocketed. Often we don’t realize how certain foods affect us until we stop eating them.

Although supplements can be helpful, reducing your intake of congesting and inflammatory foods while cleaning your colon and lymphatic system can be an effective way to decongest your system (as reported to me by my clients).

Parasites, Candida, Bacterial Infection and Antibiotics

Whenever a new client comes in for a colonic and fills out the questionnaire, 90% of the time the symptoms reported most are gas and bloat. There are a few reasons someone might experience these symptoms: inflammatory diet, insufficient water intake, improper food combining, ingesting fried foods or carbonated drinks, insufficient mastication (eating too quickly), ingesting air while eating, and gum chewing. Many times the client has parasites, candida, small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), and other types of intestinal bacterial infection (I believe when we eat inflammatory foods this irritates our digestive tract and allows bacteria to enter and grow—more on this).

Gas and bloat are common symptoms for parasites, candida, bacterial infections and dysfunctional digestion. Some treat their issues with antibiotics which can kill the harmful bacteria but also the helpful, leading to other digestive issues. My approach to dealing with the aforementioned digestive invaders is multi-layered:

– Eat for your blood type—I have been eating for my blood type for 20 years and I attribute my consistent healthy weight, energy, great digestion and well-being to doing so. Hey, here’s an interesting story… a few years ago my doctor suggested I stop drinking coffee (coffee is very inflammatory for blood type “O”). I knew he was right but I loooooove coffee! I love the smell, the flavor, the kick and it stimulated my bowels… what’s not to love? I like to get annual blood tests to check up on my overall health, as blood does not lie, and lo-and-behold the results of my urinalysis scared me right into Matcha green tea! The coffee had irritated my urinary tract and kidneys. I had blood in my urine and multiple bacteria, yikes! A kidney cleanse for a few months got me back on track and also recommitted to my blood type diet (I had noticed a urinary tract infection type feeling for a few months but conveniently ignore it). Moral of the story? Prolonged inflammation in the body wreaks havoc and can have long-lasting and damaging effects. When we reduce the food-related inflammation we expose ourselves to, the healthier we will be and the less chance of opening ourselves up to harmful invaders.

– Treat it naturally—I like the combination tincture of black walnut/wormwood to kill parasites and candida (along with following a parasite and candida diet). Oregano oil or olive leaf extract can kill intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I’m sharing my personal experiences but please remember, I am not a physician and do not diagnose, prescribe or treat. Personally, I have had success in treating myself for the above maladies. I believe my mom (unbeknownst to her) had candida herself when she was pregnant with me and I know for a fact I (unbeknownst to me at the time) had candida when I was pregnant with my kids, leading to their childhood eczema. Cleansing with the black walnut/wormwood and candida/blood type diet took care of both the candida and their eczema.

– How can you tell the difference between parasites, candida, and bacterial overgrowth since the symptoms of gas and bloat are similar? Besides gas and bloat, parasites often cause your bowels to cramp and have diarrhea and you will crave sugar (either refined sugar or foods that break down into sugar, think: carbs). Candida will make you tired, itchy and give you skin issues (rashes, eczema, etch) and will also make you crave sugar. Bacterial overgrowth will cause you to bloat, often severely, no matter what you eat and… will make you crave sugar. The moral of THIS story is: Avoid sugar!

– Antibiotic use—It’s an individual choice to use antibiotics, but I can attest to the impact antibiotic use has on the digestive tract. To counter the negative effects of antibiotics, take a good probiotic (I like and sell Transformation Enzymes Probiotic 42.5) about 3 hours after you take the antibiotic. After my hip replacement surgery, I did so and my bowels moved normally.

– The gas/bloat connection—as you can see gas and bloat can originate from several sources. Whatever is causing your gas and bloat it is very important to combine your cleansing efforts with colon hydrotherapy. Why? As you kill bacteria, parasites, and yeast, it is vital to release the die-off from your body. For some, a change in diet is challenging enough, and many of my clients report a reduction in uncomfortable cleansing symptoms when combined with a colonic.

– Metaphysical connection—those clients taking part in metaphysical sessions have been able to discover the metaphysical origin to what ails them. This piece is invaluable when choosing to self-heal not only physically but on all levels of your being.

I hope this has been helpful information. Should you need support during your cleanse, please contact me for an appt. (310) 207-7772.

In love and health,



Mandy H.

I have been going to Iyasu for quite a while now. Stephanie was highly recommended to me a few years back and I have subsequently recommended her to others. She is so good at her work, and committed to helping encourage health and well-being on all levels. Her facilities are immaculate, warm and inviting. Stephanie has created a very safe and healing space to relax and let go, I always leave my sessions with her feeling so much better, inspired and energized

Simona K.

Stephanie is absolutely incredible. I receive regular metaphysical colonics from her (which include a myriad of other holistic healing practices), and can say with conviction that they far exceed similar treatments I’ve experienced with other colon hydrotherapists. This is because Stephanie creates a soothing, safe environment–and is herself an exceptionally warm person–and in so doing makes her sessions incredibly conducive to both physical and emotional release. She possesses a powerful understanding of the human condition in all its complexities, and can likewise distill the problems & experiences that habitually complicate our lives down to their essences with ease and empathy. She’s always eager to provide helpful information and quickly becomes your true advocate. I can’t recommend her treatments highly enough: they’re like a day at the spa coupled with a cathartic therapy session.

Becca V.

Working with Stephanie has been a truly transformative experience for me. I am an assault survivor and have struggled for most of my life with chronic physical pain and severe PTSD symptoms as a result. At the time of my first appointment with Stephanie I felt like I was at a standstill with my healing process. I had been working with fabulous therapists over the years, I had seen countless specialists about my migraines, insomnia, and other physical conditions, and I just couldn’t seem to let go of the trauma I was carrying with me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A friend of mine suggested that I try a colonic to help with some of my physical issues. As an assault survivor, engaging in bodywork can be incredibly difficult. I was terrified by the idea of having such an intimate/awkward procedure performed by a stranger – but I did some internet research anyway and came across Stephanie’s website and fell in love with her unique approach to colonics and scheduled a session. From the first minute I got to her office, Stephanie made me feel welcome, safe, and understood. Over the past year, seeing her at Iyasu Colonics and also participating in her Metaphysical Cleanse workshop series, she has helped me immensely by guiding me through the process of letting go of things that do not serve me – in a literal physical sense of letting go of waste, but also in an emotional and spiritual (karmic) way that I did not know was possible. I am forever grateful for Stephanie’s wisdom and guidance, and cannot recommend her services more highly!

Debra E.

Stephanie Kato, owner of Iyasu, is Amazing! Her knowledge of the human mind and body when it comes to holistic healing, is the best I’ve ever been blessed with. I can truly say that she has had a profound influence on my life. Her professionalism mixed with her warm heart and concern for her clients, makes me want to refer her to everyone I know. She recently held a Sacred Women’s Healing Circle that met every Saturday in October. The workshops were truly some of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. If you desire joy, worthiness, balance and peace in your life, I highly recommend you become her client.

Ivona H.

Thank you, Stephanie, for always taking such a good care of my body and mind! I always leave elevated emotionally and spiritually not to mention clean inside as well. You knowledge, gentleness and professionalism makes Iyasu Colonics a place I know l will always go back to.

Jamie H.

Stephanie has been a life changer for me…each time I see her , I have a letting go both physically and emotionally….incredible how one affects the other.. Stephanie just held a seminar that met on 4 saturdays in October , I got to go to two of them and each one I wanted to last the entire day, if not longer!! She is a healer , a listener , who is so compassionate and understands the human ness of us…and helps me to work through long held issues…to first see them and work through them. Stephanie has become an integral part of my healing…in so many ways..thank you Stephanie!!xx


Thank you for an INCREDIBLE experience last Saturday in your Remember The Truth of Who You Are workshop. It was absolutely fantastic. Your warmth, your wisdom, your compassion were so in abundance and easily felt and appreciated. I thought your exercises and words were really useful and the way you related to each of us was impeccable and beautiful. You really drew us out. You also attracted a really sacred, lovely group of wise souls and sharing was so easy. Thank you for inviting all of us out is such a loving, kind way. I got SO much out of this one.

Out language is so similar too by the way. I also speak of our inner Little Girl in my sessions! Thank you for creating a safe for our girls to come out to play!

I am SO impressed with you and your abilities and am delighted we met!


Why We Have Unexplained Weight Gain and How to Lose the Weight

Part 1

As a Metaphysical colon hydrotherapist, one of the statements I often hear is “I’ve gained weight and I don’t know why. My diet is the same and I’m exercising so I don’t understand where this weight is coming from.”

The Wisdom of the Body

When people struggle with body issues like weight gain or disease/dysfunction, we often think in terms of the physical body alone. We are blessed to have bodies that love us by creating physical manifestations to help us fully heal[1].

Let me ask: Would you make any changes in your belief systems or begin investigating the deeper levels of your being (your mind, emotions, spirituality) if your external world (i.e. your body, your relationships, your financial situation, your career goals) didn’t change? Would you allow yourself to feel your feelings fully or honor what your body needs if it didn’t create a physical issue that forced you to stop and question your life and yourself? I believe most people would say “probably not”. What happens when we experience unexplained weight gain, physical disease, and chronic illness? It’s human to feel frustrated and even angry with our bodies when they doesn’t behave the way we want, especially if we are eating well, exercising and doing all the right things. When we are attending to our physical needs and we still experience dysfunction, could there be something more we need to address?

Why do our bodies carry extra weight or begin to gain weight for unexplained reasons?

Much of the work in which I engage clients involves addressing the energetic body. This is the unseen subtle body that affects the physical body. I have observed that if people only deal with the physical body but not the energetic (emotional, mental, spiritual) then either not much changes, or if it does, the changes are not sustained, and this can feel very confusing and discouraging to people — if they continue to only look at it from the physical perspective.

The wisdom of your body is beautiful, helpful, and exists to aid us in understanding who we truly are.  If you are experiencing any type of unexplained weight gain, disease, illness, or physical dysfunction, it is most likely your body sharing with you some profound information. What happens when your body puts on weight?

It can mean several different things:

*you may not feel emotionally or physically safe in your body, world, and/or relationships (often from past abusive experiences);

*you may be unconsciously creating armor to protect yourself from perceptions of threat (real or imagined);

*you’ve created a wall so others will leave you alone;

*serves as validation if excess weight was treated unfavorably in your family of origin and you feel unworthy or less than;

*shows you where you are taking on from others what does not belong to you;

*allows you to experience what life feels like in a heavier body;

*can point to a need to balance your endocrine system;

*helps you to make the connection between your weight and buried emotions (especially anger and rage which is “hot” and expands in the body;

*reveals unconscious emotional eating;

*can mirror who you believe you really are (i.e. A friend was told growing up that she was ‘fat city’ and the ‘family garbage disposal’. These comments were used as derogatory statements to belittle her. She grew up believing this to be true and her self-beliefs – given to her by someone else – became a self-fulfilled prophecy as she grew up overweight).

I will share a personal story to help you understand: I remember being in a relationship for 7 years and I weighed 135 lbs., which was too much for my frame.  Within two weeks of leaving that relationship, I dropped 15 lbs. without changing my diet and I wasn’t even exercising then — what a clear indication that my body was holding on emotionally. I hadn’t realized how emotionally unsafe I felt in that relationship until my body showed me by shedding the weight, as if it were armor. Many clients have shared similar stories of their own with me.

Weight gain is an issue that many people face and end up feeling bad about themselves as a result. We use it as a way to beat ourselves up and feel unworthy. What if we didn’t treat ourselves like that anymore? What if we worked with the wisdom of our body to understand ourselves deeper and to learn to love who we are, exactly as we are? ALL of us are worthy. ALL of us deserve to live with joy, peace, and love. This applies to people you might consider bad, jerks, or even evil. Others’ behavior is what it is because THEY believe (unconsciously) themselves to be unworthy and their behavior reflects that they have forgotten who they are.

How do unexpressed and unresolved emotions show up as weight?

The good news is that we can learn from the wisdom of our body. We can understand how the energetic body contributes to the excess weight in the physical body. I have the honor of observing my clients as I work with their bodies’ wisdom and have concluded the following as a result[2]:

Do you know the top of a sports water bottle and how you have to pull up on it to get the water to flow? Our heads and cervical spine are similar. When we have tension, are in our heads a lot, or internalize emotions, the head can mimic the top of the sports bottle and energetically collapse and physically shrink down into our spine. When this happens, our body has to adjust for this shrinkage of energy in the body and it pushes everything downward. As a result, there is a disruption in the flow of energy and the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, which correlates to the brain and nervous system. If the flow of energy to the nervous system is disrupted, the stress within the body can become concentrated and it expands out as a way to compensate for this disruption. It creates more stress response in the body as fight, flight, and freeze. This in turn disrupts the way the digestive system functions because it perceives the amount of stress that is being held in the body as being in survival mode. When we add negative self-talk to the mix we see how this adds even more internal emotional pressure. Being in survival mode and unloving self-talk can create digestive issues such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloat, gas, colitis, and diverticulitis to name a few. When we live with stress and are unaware of how our stress affects our bodies, we often use food as a way to cope with the uncomfortable emotional feelings that lay dormant within us. What is the most common food we use to cope with? Sugar!

People tend to deal with emotional issues by consuming sugar (including but not limited to candy, carbs, alcohol, fruit, sugary drinks — you get the idea). I believe sugar consumption is a way to feel emotional relief. Some people consume sugar in an attempt to sweeten their lives, while others use sugar to avoid dealing with unresolved and unacknowledged feelings. This is only a temporary ‘fix since the relief sugar provides is short-lived. It creates a cycle where the stress doesn’t actually leave the body because it is an illusion that the sugar is relieving anything (although it feels that way in the moment). Sugar convinces our brain it is helping but in reality it only compounds the situation, thus the body continues to hold onto more stress, creates a need for additional sugar, and expands outward even more. Further, consuming too much sugar in any form can create an overgrowth of yeast, also known as candidiasis – (candida for short). Candida is one of the most common causes of unexplained weight gain.

Your body loves you and understands creating weight and/or physical dysfunction is a way to get your attention to look inward and remember the truth of who you are. You are worthy not because of your body, not because of what you do, and not even because of your feelings. You are worthy simply because you exist — that’s it. And that is enough.

*** You are enough exactly as you are. ***

I will continue this discussion in next month’s blog and will detail how to lose unexplained (and explained) weight gain from a metaphysical perspective!

Would you like to learn how to lose unwanted and unexplained weight, listen to the wisdom of your body and self-heal your physical dysfunctions (and dysfunctional relationships in your life as well)? Join Stephanie as she teaches you in her online self-healing course – “Embracing Love by Letting Go: Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse”:

Stephanie created this online course to help women self-heal. If you a practitioner who works with women and are interested in offering your community healing sessions that are unique and life changing, Stephanie is happy to create women’s sacred circles for groups of conscious women choosing to heal themselves and the world. Please contact her at

[1] Although this is the case for some, I don’t claim this the case for every single person experiencing physical dysfunction or weight issues.

[2] The information is based solely on my clinical observations. I have not conducted any scientific test to support my hypothesis.

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Why We Suffer & How We Can Heal

Everyday I am honored to work with people who are courageous and aspire to live as authentically as possible. Through their trust and sharing, I learn a great deal about our collective human experience. For as much as we fight each other at times, we are so much more alike than we are different. I would not be able to identify the ways we suffer if this were not the case.

Bottom line? We just want to love and be loved. To desire this is honorable and worthwhile. We suffer because we have forgotten the truth of who we are. Each and every one of us is worthy and lovable simply because we exist. Just because someone behaves in a way that others might perceive as unworthy or unlovable doesn’t make this true. It means that some people have been hurt in a way that causes them to perceive themselves negatively and present themselves in a defensive way. What does this look like? Have you ever met someone who is consistently grumpy, standoffish, deceitful, angry, arrogant, aggressive, controlling, tightly wound or just has an energy that is uncomfortable to be around? These types of people have learned to protect themselves emotionally with a persona akin to a porcupine. “Don’t get too close to me or I will hurt you“. Ironically, these types of people desperately wish to be accepted, loved and valued but often lack the self-awareness to see themselves honestly. As they push people away, it ends up validating their (conscious or unconscious) belief systems that they are unworthy or unlovable.

Even if you don’t embody one of the character traits listed above, most people carry within them different levels of fear, anger, sadness and happiness. This is part of the being human. When I work with a client with whom I feel uncomfortable, I bring my awareness back to myself to find empathy and understanding. It is not fair for me to judge anyone (myself included) so I gently look within to target what this person is stirring up in me, where his/her insecurities or feelings of worthlessness hooks into mine. Finding a common denominator between us helps me to address my own truth. As I embrace and make friends with the uncomfortable parts of myself I am able to connect much more honestly, and compassionately, with the person who has come to me to learn self-healing.

We also suffer because we perceive another person’s behavior, beliefs, opinions, judgments and/or actions as personal attacks on us in some way. Basically, we take it personally. The truth? It’s really not personal to us because when someone is behaving in a way that is cruel, out of integrity, judgmental, hurtful or abusive, they are revealing their own feelings of self-loathing, and unworthiness. We can choose to look at people like this from the perspective that “hurt people, hurt people“. We can use what another person mirrors within us to heal our own internal misperceptions and misunderstandings of who we truly are. Once we stop personalizing what someone else says or does, we become free. And from this place of freedom, we can feel and offer compassion. When we do this, we no longer suffer.

I think I can hear you saying, “Well, yeah Stephanie that all sounds great…but how do I go from feeling hurt because of what someone is doing to this freedom you are talking about?” Fair enough.

Did you know there are different aspects of us? Not only are we the adult who goes to work and pays the bills, but we also house the younger parts of us. Those parts are our inner children; the child part of us that grew up with different types of parents and caretakers and different levels of caretaking. Whether you grew up with abuse, neglect, emotional or physical pain or a typical childhood, we all experienced feeling less than at some point and to varying degrees. As children we tended to blame ourselves for what we perceived our parents/caretakers’ behavior were saying about us. As children all we could do was take personally what the adults in our lives said to us in the way they expressed it. It made sense that some of us “heard” that we are bad or would be better if only we were _______ or did ______ (and some actually did hear this). What other conclusion would a child come to, other than they are deficient in some way?

When we move through life unaware that this little part of us still believes they are not enough, we tend to choose our life experiences from these wounded places and end up getting validation from the outside world that these belief systems are accurate. Our bodies, so loving and wise, store these experiences of trauma and emotional pain. Unconsciously we behave as adults in ways that validate our inaccurate self-beliefs, and our bodies can hold onto these experiences and beliefs for only so long. Eventually, there comes a tipping point and dis-ease and illness start to surface. This doesn’t happen as a way to punish us for choosing a lifestyle that might be less than healthy. It happens because our bodies deem it time for us to wake up to our truth. We are being offered an opportunity to heal all parts of us.

Clients who participate in Iyasu’s Metaphysical Colonics with me connect to their inner child and the inner child speaks to us through the body as it releases. It’s actually quite fascinating. A client might not be releasing much until we connect to the emotional part of them through an event or experience. As they talk about it, their body responds with physical releases, thereby helping the client connect their physical and emotional bodies. This is a very deep, profound and sacred experience, and allows their inner child to be acknowledged and validated in a way they never had been.

Please contact me if you would like to experience Iyasu’s Metaphysical Colonics – (310) 207-7772

It is my honor to serve ~ Stephanie

Seek First to Understand to Encourage Compassion

This morning I was on my way to Pilates and I had 2 – 5 gallon bottles of water in the back of my car. As I was turning the corner to get onto the freeway, one of the bottles tipped over and I must not have tightened the cap because I could hear the glug-glug- glug of water coming out…in the backseat of my car! I reached back and grabbed the bottle and put it upright but I slowed my car down to do so. The cars behind me were mad and honking their horn – I don’t really blame them; they had no idea what was happening in my car at that moment…how could they?

That is exactly my point. We don’t really know what is going on with people at any given time. I know in the past when I had gotten upset with someone’s behavior I later found out there was something going on with him or her that I hadn’t realized at the time. In fact, when I took the time to ascertain what was going on for the person that created the behavior I had judged and took personally – it was rarely what I thought it was. What has this taught me?

Years ago I read a book called “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey and one of those habits was titled “Seek first to understand”. I have never forgotten that one habit because it felt so compassionate to me. Let’s all take a collective breath right now and think about what our lives (and those around us) would be like if we sought first to truly understand each other. We make judgments and assumptions of others and react from our own insecurities and this can create so much misunderstanding. Does this bring us peace and joy? I think not.

Right now, what is a situation that is causing you to suffer? Can you first seek to understand the nature of it and not take it personally? If this involves another person, can you show yourself compassion and share your feelings honestly, then show them compassion and ask what is going on and can you help? Most of the time when someone is going through something and they take it out on us, they are struggling with something internally and it has nothing to do with us. I practice slowing waaaaaaaay down when someone has pissed me off. I breathe and get myself grounded and ask my higher self “How should I handle this situation”. More often than not I get this answer “Wait, don’t answer yet”, followed by “Love him or her more”.

When I don’t personalize another person’s behavior then I am free to love them. Of course, we need to review ourselves and take our responsibility for what is ours. We need to apologize for any hurt we have caused, intentional or not. Then we need to forgive ourselves by admitting that we are only human, doing the best we can. Let go of any shame around hurt that we cause and love ourselves.

So many of us are running around living intensely busy lives that we forget to stop and check in with ourselves. As a result we end being much more reactive than we might want or intend to be. The next time you get triggered into a reaction:

Slow down and take a breath; check in with yourself to see how you are feeling; connect with that higher self (the calm part of you that doesn’t get involved in the drama of life) and ask what you could do instead of freaking out; seek to understand first; offer an apology or forgiveness; then let it go baby!

“Life is short, don’t shorten yours unnecessarily”

Jillian Speer

Stephanie truly has a Gift. I have been going to her for 8 years now & I’m devoted because she’s truly the Best. I have had MANY colonics from many good practitioners but what Stephanie offers is nothing like what anyone else is doing. She has an Intuitive Gift, she knows what pressure point to massage or what part of the body needs Attention in order to help you release deeply. She really is guided by this intuitive sense, its Magic. When you let her do her thing it’s like watching tai chi happen, she knows what she’s doing and you can tell she’s tapped into a deeper guidance. Stephanie is also so loving and so kind, she truly cares about you. She is also very very professional, I have sent probably 10 friends of mine to her and they always text me right after and they all say the same thing! “I love Stephanie!” She’s the Best. Honestly. I feel so Blessed to have found Stephanie, she really knows how to give a high end, Loving, effective, and healing Colonic.

Bowel “Movements”

Let’s look at the two words we typically use to describe the process of colon elimination – bowel movements. In order for us to release waste out of our bodies, we need to move our bowels. But guess what? That’s not all…for us to move our bowels we also have to move into health. What do I mean exactly? Moving our bowels, or our lymph, requires movement within ALL aspects of us, not just physical. Whenever we experience physical dysfunctions, we must address them on the physical level, however, we cannot make the mistake of addressing them solely on the physical. As human beings, we are much more than our physical body. We have intelligence, we have feelings and emotions, and we are spiritual beings (this is why there is more than one religion or spiritual beliefs, and they are all valid and helpful). To consider movement on all levels of our being, let’s consider the following:


What are the obvious things that come to mind when we talk about physical movement? We think about exercise, breath work, and sometimes our lymph. Other types of movement are walking from place to place, working (some jobs are move active than others), shopping, having sex, helping others (house moving, taking care of their animals, etc.) and playing with our kids or pets. All these examples of movement contribute to, and aid in the movement of our bowels. Let me ask you something: Why do you think that elderly people sometimes stop moving as they age? If you’ve ever visited a home for the elderly you’ve seen them sitting in their wheelchairs or lying in bed. I believe the elderly stop moving because they stop moving. How many of you know elderly people that – once retired – sit around, watch TV, eat and not much else? Now think about elderly people that keep moving – I’m sure you’ve seen the 75 year old women on Facebook that participate in yoga or dance classes regularly, and we all collectively admire them and say to ourselves “That’s going to be me, one day!”

It’s a great goal to have and one that requires an intention to keep moving. Exercise and movement isn’t something that we should be putting off because we need to move our bowels everyday, 2 – 3 times if we possibly can – and this requires physical movement. We need to find fun ways to keep moving and we need to make a daily commitment to do so. Find ways to work movement into your everyday routine: take the stairs when possible; figure out the best time of day for you to work out; make the workouts fun and convenient (my husband and I watch TV shows in our home gym and because we enjoy what we are watching, we work out more!); take bike rides, walks on the beach or hikes on beautiful days; park further away from the grocery store and walk; carry the grocery bags (if there aren’t too many) to the car.


What does emotional movement look like? In my last blog I talked about us being energetic beings. Our different bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) all have energy and as such, need to move. When I engage in a Metaphysical Colonic with a client and we start to talk about their emotional body, many people reveal that they don’t like to feel vulnerable or sad so they ignore those feelings (or distract themselves). I understand there are many uncomfortable feelings that most of us would prefer not to feel. What happens when we don’t feel them, however, is that they stay stuck inside of us until our reactions to life force us to feel them (triggers, anyone?) and then they come out sideways at our partners, children, family, co-workers, boss, friends, the 7-11 guy, the Verizon representative, etc.

Instead of not feeling our feelings, taking our reactions out on our loved ones (or random strangers) and then have to clean up our mess with apologies (or worse – say nothing and create anger and resentment all around), wouldn’t it be easier on everyone if we allowed ourselves to sit in the discomfort of our feelings? After all, feelings are meant to move.

Feelings, or emotions, can also be explained as e-motion – energy in motion! This can be helpful information to encourage us because it means that our feelings are not permanent. When we feel them, they come up and out and we feel better…eventually. The key is to trust that we will eventually feel better. Doesn’t it feel better to share a problem with a friend? Just talking things out moves emotions. What about anger? If we keep it and just boil with anger, it doesn’t move and the anger just keeps building on top of itself – getting bigger and turning into resentment. Now instead of one feeling that doesn’t feel good, we have two! Allowing ourselves to sit in the discomfort of our feelings requires patience and courage. Don’t kid yourself – it takes a great amount of courage to feel.

There is another reason I encourage clients to talk about their emotional upsets or challenges during a session. When we share with another person or persons the emotional pain we feel and possibly carry within us, we become free! When we don’t talk to each other, we tend to blame ourselves and that can take us down a rabbit hole that can take a while to get out of. I’ve learned a great deal from clients who have shared what is going on with them, and it gave me the opportunity to offer compassionate listening and empathy. When people feel heardreally heard – they feel less alone and, from my experience, healing occurs.


Often, when clients come in with physical constipation, what precedes the physical is the mental constipation. What is that, you ask? Have you ever felt stuck in your own head? In other words, have there been times in your life when you were stuck on a belief that you knew didn’t serve you or wasn’t really the truth but there was a part of you that held onto it, not knowing or understanding why? Or perhaps you had a belief that another person should behave a certain way towards you and instead of accepting the person for who they were, you were stuck on the idea that they needed to change? Maybe you are stuck in a cycle of dissatisfaction, unhappiness and judgment.

These are examples of mental constipation.

Mental constipation often leads to physical constipation. Just like having a physical bowel movement requires movement, so does having a mental movement.

A great way to test the current movement of your mental state is this:

• Write down all the situations or others’ behaviors in your life that you find unacceptable today.
• Connect a belief that you have about these situations or behaviors.
• Write down where you feel resentful in each of these situations and behaviors.
• Now, write down each of the ways that you have contributed to these situations or other’s feelings about you. (This one will take some extreme honesty…)

If you are able to participate in this exercise without much difficulty and you can honestly look at your part in each situation or each interaction without blaming another person, chances are your mental state moves and you probably don’t get stuck internally too much. If, however, you are unable to follow this exercise either by not being able to keep your focus on you or by not seeing your part in your experiences, you might be suffering from mental constipation.

The truth is this: each person has the right to live their life the way they choose.¹ Further, each person has the right to hold boundaries and choose to have whomever they want to share their life with, as long as it is mutual. If we are happy, joyous and free, we lead our lives without judgment or blame of others and we accept that how others live their lives is 100% their business, not ours. If I am affected by how another person lives their life, it says more about my mental state, than about anyone else and theirs. When we see peaceful leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa or Rumi teach about inner peace, we see that they collectively challenge us to let go of our judgments of others and bring our focus within. This makes sense because if we were healed and healthy within ourselves, we don’t worry about what another person does, says or how they live. This is because we offer self-compassion that automatically extends outward to others. When we have healed the internal issues that create “internal Velcro” within us, other people’s issues no longer stick within us and we have free flowing mental movement.


When speaking of spirituality, I am not necessarily talking about God or anything religious. There is nothing wrong with God or religion but for the purpose of this conversation, I want to simply things. Spiritual constipation can take many forms: feeling isolated and lonely; feeling disconnected from anything greater than ourselves; feeling fearful (fear is a normal human feeling – I’m talking about fear that shows up as worry, a need to control, tightness within, not allowing others to get to close to us); all types of addiction; feelings that we don’t have enough, aren’t enough, have money issues or worries; lack of joy.

How can we heal spiritual constipation? There are many ways but today I want to focus on one thing: GRATITUDE! Living our lives in gratitude is one of the most healing experiences we can practice daily that releases spiritual constipation. When we choose to start our day from a perspective of gratitude for everything in our lives, regardless of whether it reflects what we want or not, our general perspective shifts and we start to see the wonderful aspects of ourselves and our lives and less on what or where we are lacking.

A great way to practice daily gratitude is by writing a daily gratitude list. Write 5 things you are grateful for every single day. Throughout your day, notice the parts of your life that you can be grateful for. When interacting with your partner, children, parents, co-workers, boss, family or the general public, notice where you can feel and share gratitude for the countless instances of kindness, love and other gifts that you receive on a daily basis.

Gratitude can shift our perspectives and move our energy –
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I encourage you to come in a try a metaphysical colonic with me to practice these principals. You have nothing to lose except all the things that are causing you to suffer and stay in a place of unhappiness. It is your birthright to be happy and joyful. If you are interested in working with yourself on these and other issues but can’t get in for an appointment just yet, check out my book:

Call today for an appointment – Stephanie (310) 207-7772

¹ I’m not talking about people that abuse, hurt or kill others or anyone who engage in criminal behavior or activities.

Owl Venice

Have you ever tried or wanted to try an elimination diet?? It can benefit just about anyone, but especially those with digestive issues including leaky gut and candida, which most Americans suffer from to some degree as our diets are typically high in processed foods and sugar.

As a personal chef dealing with digestive issues, I was inspired to develop delicious recipes despite being challenged by the limited list of approved ingredients for this kind of diet. As a result, I developed a cleanse program that consists of 3 broths and 3 nut/dairy/sugar/gluten free ‘milk’ shakes that are all delicious, nutrient dense, and free of common allergens. The gut lining regenerates every 5 days, so I recommend doing the program for at least 6 days, to kickstart any kind of elimination diet, or simply as a reset.

I tried this program myself for 14 days back in February and loved the results. I noticed increased energy and clarity, weight loss, extreme improvement in my digestion, and my skin was glowing! I now incorporate the broths and milkshakes into my daily regime and have been able to maintain my weight loss and better yet, have seen major improvements in my overall health and well being.

This month, I’m offering the cleanse to a maximum of 6 people per week. It’s the perfect way to transition into spring, dedicating yourself to healing your body from the inside out! I’m offering the 6 day program for $340, which includes 3 broths and 3 milkshakes (16oz. of each per day), delivery within 5 miles of Venice (extra fee depending on location), as well as two 30 minute consultations with me (one before and one after), and the support of the group and myself throughout the week via a group email thread. I also send educational information and inspiration each day to keep you motivated and informed. If you have any questions or if you’re ready to register, email me at

Veggie Broth made with dandelion greens (great source of vitamin C & B6 & iron), ginger (anti-inflammatory, lower blood sugar), beet greens (great source of minerals and antioxidants), parsnip (great source of potassium and vitamin C), lavender (great for balancing the chakras), sage (improves brain function), marjoram, cilantro (great source of vitamin K), lemon (helps alkalize the body), beets (great source of vitamin C and manganese)
Homemade Hemp Milk (great source of iron, vitamin E, and GLA) with Spirulina (great source of protein, antioxidants and B Vitamins), Plantains (great source of fiber and potassium) OR Avocado (great source of potassium and monounsaturated fatty acids), Bentonite Clay (helps with digestive disturbances & detoxing), Cinnamon (helps lower blood sugar) & Matcha Green Tea (boosts memory, concentration and energy)

Chicken Bone Broth made with lavender (for balancing the chakras), ginger (anti-inflammatory, lower blood sugar), turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), sage (improves brain function), cilantro (source of vitamin k), celery root (excellent source of magnesium and phosphorus), thyme (great for respiratory function), beet greens (great source of iron) & apple cider vinegar
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Beef Bone Broth made with ginger (anti-inflammatory, lower blood sugar), turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), beet greens (great source of iron), parsley (helps flush fluid from the body), bay leaf (rich source of vitamin c), rosemary (boosts memory and improves mood), thyme (great for respiratory function), sage (improves brain function), oregano oil (powerful antibacterial), carrots (source of beta carotene) & apple cider vinegar
Homemade Pumpkin Seed Milk (source of zinc and magnesium) with Kabocha Squash (excellent source of beta-carotene), Ginger (improves absorption of nutrients) Cardamom (boosts mood), Clove (powerful antiseptic and aphrodisiac), Slippery Elm (great for digestion) Turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), Vanilla (great source of calcium) & Black Pepper (assists in breakdown of fat cells)

For more information, or to place online orders, check out Looking forward to sharing in this healing journey with you!

Much Love,

The Constipation and Stress Connection

I created Metaphysical Colonics because I believe in order to obtain optimal health, it is vital for us to to look at the connection between certain self-sabotaging belief systems, unresolved or leftover emotional issues, lack of trust in a higher source (even our higher self) and physical dysfunction – especially constipation. How can we utilize what we understand about the connection between our thoughts, feelings and our bodies to heal physical dysfunction like constipation?

In my humble opinion, we must look at the energy of certain thoughts and feelings in order to understand how they can disrupt the flow of energy to our colons (and the rest of our body, but for ease of discussion I will focus on just the colon). Why is energy flowing to our colons important to ensure proper movement of our bowels? It is vital because we are energetic beings. Our bodies are electric in nature – our nervous system uses electrical impulses to move different parts of our body and get messages to our brain. There are many different types of health practices – such as acupuncture – that focus on opening up the energetic blockages to allow the energy to flow properly and effectively.

I think most people understand, or are willing to understand, how eating healthy foods, exercise and drinking plenty of water can contribute to the proper flow of energy within our bodies. Conversely, many people may not fully understand the idea that how we think, what we feel and what we believe can also impact how the energy in our body flows (or not flows). To help you understand this idea, let’s try an exercise:

1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes – you will want to read these instructions first!
2. Breathe deeply as you visualize the following:

a. Think about the energy of happiness and joy. Would you say they have an energy that is expansive or contractive? (In other words, does the energy feel like it expands out and becomes bigger or contracts within and becomes smaller?)
b. Now think about the energy of fear. Does the energy of fear feel expansive or contractive? How about resentment? How about control?

3. Everyone I have asked these questions to say the same thing: Happiness and joy feel expansive whereas fear, resentment and control each have a contractive energy.
4. Now think about this: does it make sense to you that if we live our lives in a state of fear, distrust, resentment and a need to control – that these particular emotions will negatively impact our colon and contribute to constipation? If the energy of these emotions cause the energy of our bodies to contract would it make sense to you that the very nature of these emotions will slow the flow of energy to our organs and directly impact how they function?

You might be saying to yourself “Well, Stephanie I don’t live in a constant state of fear and distrust but I still have constipation issues.” Ok, I hear you. But you might not always recognize how much stress/fear you are living with at any given time in your life because you have become so accustomed to living this way. So, ask yourself this: If I am having physical dysfunction anywhere in my body, is it possible that my body is lovingly trying to help me heal by encouraging me to take a deeper look at where I might avoid feeling my feelings or carry belief systems that may be contracting my internal energy? And if that is the case, is it possible that those feelings or thoughts are keeping the energy from flowing to my body in a way that allows proper functioning on a physical level? Remember that your body will do what is most efficient. When the body is under stress, it prepares as follows: the body will slow down the digestive system to prepare to fight, fly or freeze. In other words, your body cannot distinguish between stress we might be carrying on a daily basis and being in actual danger. It just knows it needs to protect you and when you are fighting for your life (or your body perceives the same) it’s not optimal to be having bowel movements at that time. The result? Slower digestion and over time…constipation.

If you ask yourself these questions and agree that this may be a possibility for you – here is another exercise:

1. Keep a daily journal and when something happens in your life that feels stressful in any way, write it down. Write down what you are thinking (think: judgments of yourself or others), what you are feeling (think: fears, resentments, anger), and what you believe to be true in that moment (think: “if only he/she would do what I want the way I want it, it would mean they really love me”, etc.)
2. After a week or two of writing, go back and highlight similar thoughts, feelings, or beliefs that come up over and over.
3. Once you have this information, make the connection between how your thoughts and feelings may be impacting, and possibly slowing down the energy of your physical body and organs.
4. Allow yourself to shift your thoughts and belief systems to allow the unresolved/leftover emotions to come up and out or burn off, thereby allowing your energy to open, and the flow within your body to move.
5. Focus on deep breathing every time you feel upset or stressed.
6. Remember that it may take time for your physical body to catch up with what your emotional body is letting go of. Give yourself some time but be vigilant and consistent. If you have held onto certain beliefs or emotions that have contributed to a state of contractive energy within, you must be patient with yourself as you allow these changes to occur.

You might benefit by coming in for a Metaphysical Colonic or lymphatic drainage with me while working on opening the flow of energy in your body. You might also want to utilize the helpful suggestions in my book “Embracing Love by Letting Go: A Metaphysical Cleanse”. To order, click here.

When we look at physical dysfunction from the perspective of healing our internal dysfunction, we end up feeling self-compassion and self-love. This, in and of itself, can help to calm our central nervous system and in doing so, allows the energy within to relax and open up – restoring the flow of energy within our bodies to function properly and promote true self-healing.

Detaching with Compassion

Last week I gave some examples of how to detach from another person’s personality or behavior. I’ve since realized it would be helpful to expand on that topic with some concrete tools on how to accomplish the actions/changes I suggested.

Practice self-compassion

I was speaking to a friend the other day and we were talking about how much more patient we are with our kids today than when we first birthed them. For both of us there has been a span of 16-17 years in between. I asked her if she thought it was because she was more patient with herself and after she thought about it, she agreed. I notice that many people are rather hard on themselves for seemingly no reason (obviously they have their reasons but it’s not obvious to others). Do you know people who are very capable and confident yet treat themselves with little self-compassion?

How we treat others is a mirror of how we treat ourselves.

For us not to take life personally, whether it is our partner, our children or any other person or situation life hands us, we must work toward self-compassion. This takes a persistent commitment to be our own ally and stay present within ourselves as much as possible. The reason I say this is because if we are present and lead with self-compassion, we can recognize what is happening as it is unfolding in front of us and respond appropriately without taking others’ behavior personally. When we feel compassion for our own suffering, we are better able to see others suffering and view their behavior from a perspective of love instead of judgment.

Practicing persistent present consciousness and “pause”

How do we practice persistent present consciousness with ourself? Great question! I’m not talking about a new age-y type of lingo. What I mean by this is noticing what happens within you that signals when you are having a reaction. This may happen at lightening speed and for some of us, we don’t even notice. Most of us get a physical feeling/sensation when we react emotionally. Take a moment and think about it – what happens to your body when you have an emotional reaction. Where do you feel it in your body? Does your heart start to pound? Does your breathing become shallow? Do you feel heat in your body and if so, where? Understanding the physical reactions can help you recognize when you are having an emotional one. This is important because it can help us to slow down and push our internal “pause” button. When we pause first, we respond instead of react.

Strengthen our minds

Whether we are choosing to participate in our own internal emotional healing or physical healing we must strengthen our minds. What do I mean by this? First, we must believe we can change and heal. Once we believe this, then everything becomes possible. We must choose to accept that if someone is acting out, it is a reflection of their own suffering – just like when we act out with others. No one has perfect behavior. We are all human and we all have our moments. If you or I are in a bad mood and we take it out on someone else, doesn’t it really have to do with our own state of mind than what someone else did to make us upset? It goes both ways. (If you read this and insist that the other person is at fault for your unhappiness and discontent, then I invite you to read my book “Embracing Love by Letting Go: A Metaphysical Cleanse”. Once you practice the exercises outlined in the book, you might feel differently.) To order click here.


Attaining physical health requires us to be aware of what our minds tell us. If we believe we can heal; believe that hurtful behavior from others is not personal to us; believe that hurt people hurt people and are crying out for love and compassion; choose to respond with kindness and detached love for these hurt people – then we ourselves can have a healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. By detaching with compassion for ourselves, and others we benefit with the gift of health and happiness.

How wonderful is that?

It Isn’t Personal

I love offering metaphysical colonics and lymphatic drainage sessions because it gives clients the opportunity to view their experiences from different perspectives. This can be especially helpful if the perspective they currently view their life from causes them internal (emotional) suffering.

The concept that “It isn’t personal” is not a new concept. It is important, however, and I talk about it in my new book –

Embracing Love by Letting Go: A Metaphysical Cleanse

From my clinical experience with clients and also my own life, I believe that most of the things that we take personally from other people are not personal to us. It might seem personal, especially if someone is directing his/her hurtful behavior at us (anger, resentment, aggressive or passive aggressive behavior, judgments, etc.). The truth is, most people behave the way they behave because of something within themselves. Think about this: have you ever been in a relationship with someone (family, friends or romantic) where you noticed that their behavior was not only something YOU had to deal with but it affected others in the same way? For example, maybe you grew up with someone in your family who was really controlling or angry – were they only controlling or angry with you or with everyone in the family? Chances are, it was with everyone. My point is, this family member had their own issues that they were projecting onto the family and it wasn’t personal to any one person. When we take someone else’s behavior personally, it affects our lives negatively and creates disharmony within our minds and bodies and this can lead to physical dysfunction. We cannot change someone else’s behavior because we cannot control how another person thinks, behaves or feels. All we can do, for our own peace of mind, is accept them for who they are.

Below is an excerpt from my book on this topic:


How exactly do we not take another person’s behavior personally? We must heal within us those feelings that cause us to believe that another person’s behavior has anything to do with us. You might need to see a therapist or healer to help accomplish this. I have noticed that when someone heals the inner child within, they stop personalizing other people’s behavior. (We all had challenging experiences as children, and many of us still have a younger version of ourself that lives inside of us. When this younger version needs emotional healing, it can act out with behavior that makes us question what we are doing or choosing as an adult. I explain this in greater detail in the chapter titled “Healing the Inner Child” on page 40).

If we are in relationship with another, the following can be helpful in detaching from the personality, not the person. Additional couples counseling can be helpful when changing a relationship from one of co-dependence to a healthy relationship.

● If we accept our partner exactly as they are as if they will never change, we can let go of our anger and resentment. We must respect that our partner is a human being and has every right to live their life as they choose.

● We must respect their choices, even if we don’t agree with them.

● If our relationship is a co-dependent one, we need to work toward one that is healthy. This means that we have clearly defined and respected boundaries and how one partner feels or behaves is not dependent on the other. In this way, we can practice letting go of what does not belong to us and encourage our partner to do the same.

● It is possible that a relationship isn’t meant to be. Instead of jumping out of it because we believe the other person is behaving in a way that feels hurtful, take responsibility for what is yours, heal internally, and then decide. Otherwise you will just take any issues you have and bring them into the next relationship.

● Recognize anything we may be projecting onto our partner that has nothing to do with them, even if we believe it does. For example, I knew a woman who did not have a good relationship with her father but really wanted one. Her father and her husband were similar to each other in that they both used limited communication as a way to cope with the fear they felt around this woman. She wanted a close relationship with her father but he was unavailable for one. The frustration and sadness she felt caused her to act out in anger toward her husband when he displayed coping techniques (such as shutting down) similar to her father’s. When she recognized that she was displacing her anger toward her father onto her husband, she was able to grieve and feel the deep sorrow for the loss of the relationship she would never have with her father. As a result, she was able to feel her feelings and not project them unfairly onto her husband.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. I invite you to participate in Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse if you feel hurt by another person’s behavior. It is not an easy thing to do – not taking things personally…but who said easier was better? When you can detach from someone else’s behavior you can become free. You can free yourself from worry, insecurity, fear, anger, depression, resentment and more. Over time, these emotions could potentially manifest into physical sickness.

I have worked with clients during their sessions on a metaphysical level and they have been able to transcend dysfunction and disease in their physical bodies; trauma and chaos in their minds; and hurt and sadness in their emotional bodies. The most profound realizations are those we come to ourselves. When we make the connection between our physical illness and what we are holding onto internally, we can surrender into our own truth and live in joy, happiness and freedom.

~ Stephanie

How Do I Cleanse? Detox in Action…with Compassion

When people choose to start a cleanse, or change their lifestyle to become healthier, it is commendable.  Often, when they begin they may start off pretty gung-ho. They sign up for some colonic sessions and buy everything they need to be successful. Then they start the cleanse and over time, the excitement starts to wane a bit. He finds that not eating some of the more ‘fun foods’ loses its appeal. She notices that it’s not easy to eat a healthy and sometimes restrictive diet for a lengthy period of time. Perhaps they discover they were not fully committed to begin with and actually started the cleanse with reservations.  All this is understandable, however, for changes to occur we must take action. If someone starts a cleanse and doesn’t follow it as directed, it is perfectly fine, although the person needs to understand they may not experience their desired results in the time they wanted.

I believe it is human to start off excited about something new and that excitement may taper off with time. I think the key is in offering yourself compassion.  My intention in writing is to encourage those wishing to make significant changes with their life, health and anything else that is problematic for them by following this plan.  As you might imagine, the majority of our clients come for sessions because they are detoxing their bodies – some to heal illness and some to maintain good health. There are plenty of blogs devoted to all the different ways we can cleanse – including some from yours truly! This blog isn’t about a particular type of cleanse. I am writing to share my thoughts on how to effectively and efficiently put your detox into action. We cannot expect a change in our lives, bodies, relationships, or situations unless we choose to take action to create the change.

What are some reasons why someone would start a cleanse but not follow it as directed? Some people may not want to do the work required to change, especially when it comes to diet. Many are quite attached to eating a particular way or eating certain foods. Others might not believe that doing a cleanse will make much of a change. Additionally, there are those who struggle with self worth issues and don’t feel they are worthy of the effort it requires to care for oneself. How can we ensure we will continue to follow through once the excitement cools down?  We must accept that in order to change our body (our circumstances, relationships, lives), we need to change what we do, how we think, what we believe and what we find acceptable.

Let’s change what we accept. In order to experience different results, we must make different choices. We need to change what we do and how we think. If we are used to eating certain foods and we know those foods are contributing to our discomfort or dysfunction, we have to ask ourselves if we are willing to choose differently. I’m sure you have heard the saying “faith without works is dead”? Well, cleansing without willingness is not as effective. Ok, it doesn’t roll off the tongue as well but you get the idea!

If we are choosing to cleanse with food, juice or supplements it can be helpful to choose a time frame outlining the duration of the cleanse. Choose a length of time that is doable, taking into consideration our work schedule, our time commitments (children, family), and how we are feeling emotionally. Remember to include self-compassion when considering this time frame. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t reboot your entire life and body in one week. Be reasonable with your expectations. Plan on doing something healthy and nurturing everyday so you stay on track. Ensure that whatever cleanse you choose will be a cleanse you can reasonably stick to even if you need to modify it a bit. When it comes to permanent and lasting change, consistency is key.

Taking action to heal our bodies requires mental preparation as well. Let’s look at the word A.C.T.I.O.N. as an acronym.  I observe that the people who prepare themselves mentally for a cleanse move through it much more easily than those who do not. To help you, I’ve broken it down below:







iyasu blog picture 1



(A)ccept – Most people get colonics and/or bio electric lymphatic drainage because they are experiencing some level of physical dysfunction or discomfort and want relief.  To attain health, we must accept that our past choices may have played a significant part in the present state of our physical body. (I’m speaking of choices where we had control over what we chose to put in our bodies or how we chose to treat our bodies as opposed to cancer, hereditary illness, etc.).  Acceptance is a key player in taking action because when we choose acceptance we are taking responsibility for our part and this alone can create health and well-being. When we accept that we had a part in creating our physical dysfunction, then it means we have a part in healing it as well.

(C)ommit – As I expressed earlier, when we commit to working a cleanse as directed, we will most likely see greater results than if we don’t. Look at it this way, since we are taking the time out of our busy schedules to get colonics and/or lymphatic drainage, and expensing the money for services and supplements, we might as well commit to doing as much as we can for the duration of the cleanse. The intention with which we begin cleansing our bodies will help us to continue taking action throughout.

(T)rust – Starting anything new, especially a new health program requires a certain amount of trust that we are on the correct path. The only way we can know is if we give the cleanse enough time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it took time for our bodies to get to where it is today, so we must accept that it will take time to reverse certain conditions.  Trust that if you stay the course and give your body the time that it needs, you will begin to feel better and healing will occur – but only if we take action first.

(I)nvestigate – One of the key points in having a successful cleansing experience is to understand certain truths about ourselves. We must investigate in order to gain insight and information. It is important to not only understand, but also accept, how we look at ourselves, and life in general. By doing so we can decide if our current perspectives serve us or not. I believe this is the only way we will make permanent and lasting change. For example, you could ask yourself where you could support yourself in a more loving way. Are there parts of you that mentally tear you down? Do you judge yourself rather than show loving, self-compassion? We are all where we are because of our life experiences. Some of those experiences may have caused us to learn to distrust or protect ourselves. If so, does staying in that mindset help or hurt you today? These are wonderful ways to investigate who you are and where you need certain changes within.

(O)bserve – Reducing or eliminating certain foods can bring up certain feelings that may be sitting dormant within us. If we experience feelings that don’t feel good or positive as a result of cleansing, don’t stop! Take contrary action instead, trusting that food can often be used as a way to numb our feelings, especially those that are uncomfortable to sit with. Start by observing the way you eat and what your relationship with food really is. Would you say it is a healthy relationship? Or is it co-dependent and unhealthy? Observing ourselves in this way can provide invaluable information about ourselves that can help us take action in making necessary and loving changes.

(N)avigate – Choosing to begin or stay on a cleanse may require a certain amount of navigation with your lifestyle. To experience a successful cleanse, it is vital to prepare appropriately. Before you begin, I suggest that you think about how the cleanse will impact your life. If you are part of a couple or family, you will most likely have to navigate how to incorporate this cleanse with the way you and your partner/family have become accustomed to living. One way to do this is to cleanse together! Not only will this make the transition easier for you, but your partner/family will benefit from eating cleaner and healthier as well! If they aren’t as excited about the idea of cleansing as you, you can prepare meals that include foods that are on your cleanse, and foods they will enjoy as well. A win-win for everyone. And you never know…once they see the changes in you, they might just jump onboard!

Hopefully seeing A.C.T.I.O.N. in action has been a helpful way to prepare for your cleanse. And don’t forget that starting any cleanse with a colonic and/or bio electric lymphatic drainage session can reduce the potential discomfort you might experience as your body starts detoxing. Please feel free to call me with any questions or to book an appointment!

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Benefits of Metaphysical Colonics – Part 2

In Part 2 of Iyasu’s 3 part video interview, Stephanie Kato, owner and founder of Iyasu Colonics sits down with Esosa from Raw Girl in a Toxic World to discuss how she discovered colon hydrotherapy, how it changed her life and shaped the work she offers clients today.

Stephanie explains the personal experiences that led her to heal on many different levels of her being. It was this healing that encouraged her to share with others and ultimately create the metaphysical style of colonics she named Iyasu (“to heal” in Japanese). She is grateful for those early experiences because they taught her to have a deep sensitivity toward those who are having challenges. Stephanie is committed to assist and support her clients as they discover ways to heal by shifting perspectives and demonstrating a willingness to let go of anything that prolongs their suffering. It is our birthright to live in peace, joy and serenity.

If you would like to experience a Metaphysical Colonic, call Stephanie at (310) 207-7772.

Benefits of Metaphysical Colonics

What is a Metaphysical Colonic?

Welcome to Part 1 of Iyasu’s 3-part interview series! Stephanie Kato, the owner and founder of Iyasu, sits down with Esosa from Raw Girl in a Toxic World to discuss what a metaphysical colonic is. Never heard of a metaphysical colonic? This type of colonic session is something created by Stephanie and in this video she explains what it is and why it is important. Colon hydrotherapy, on a physical level, can help the body release toxic waste material from the colon. Many clients report feeling lighter, more clear headed, less gassy and bloated following a session. During most colonic sessions the therapists works with the client to discuss potential lifestyle changes – diet, water, exercise, etc.

With a metaphysical colonic, Stephanie engages with the client on a deeper level. She believes in the wisdom of the body and helps clients to “hear” what the body is saying to them through their physical dysfunction. By understanding the love that our bodies feel for us we can embrace the message and shift our perspectives from potential victim (we believe that something is happening to us) to a deeper healing where we can begin to relax and let go. This is only possible through grieving. Many of us do not allow ourselves to get to the true grief that is sitting under the fear, anxiety and anger. Once we do, however, true self-healing is not only possible, but is the natural conclusion.

Give Stephanie a call today (310) 207-7772.


Back to Basics

When trying to heal gastrointestinal issues, we can easily get derailed by all the different kinds of diet, cleanses or the latest and greatest fad. Personally, I like to keep things simple by getting back to the basics.  Those basics include: lymphatic drainage massage, moving your lymph daily, moving your colon daily, eating mostly alkaline forming food, proper food combining, hydration and eating foods your body can metabolize, digest, absorb, assimilate and eliminate properly.

Lymphatic Drainage

In my professional opinion, ensuring our lymphatic system is draining properly is key to good health. Unlike the blood which has the heart to pump it, our lymphatic system depends on us to move it daily. To jump start our efforts, Iyasu’s bio electric lymphatic drainage is a wonderful and relaxing way to get the ball rolling. Afterward, we encourage our clients to rebound on a mini-trampoline as this is excellent cellular exercise! Deep breathing and yoga moves lymph as well. As you can see, there are many things we can do to self-heal. In my opinion, any healing efforts must start with cleaning the colon and moving the lymphatic system. Iyasu offers Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage with the INSPIRATION equipment followed by manual lymphatic drainage. Most of our clients are now combining the lymphatic drainage with the colonic and are noticing the puffiness and bloating in their bodies have significantly decreased. They also notice that the lymphatic drainage massage just prior to the colonic actually helps their body to release more.

18 years ago, I was taught by Marci Javril and she just posted the following great info:

“My expertise is lymphatic massage, and I have ALWAYS emphasized beginning with the COLON, and reestablishing peristalsis, along with increasing cellular circulation. This June 2015, UVA Brain Research published an astonishing discovery, of a here-to-fore unknown lymphatic vessel that is INSIDE the dura mater = Lymphatic Meningeal Vessel. Because I KNOW for SURE that lymphatic circulation is essential to ALL health imbalances, I am also very SURE that this discovery will enable us to address lymphatic congestion and immune circulation in the BRAIN.”

If you need to ensure your lymphatic system is draining and you need some extra help, why not try Transformation L-Drain? It is a supplement that seems to be reducing puffiness in many of our clients. Be sure to ask when you visit next time.

blog 1


What goes in, must come out. Imagine what would happeninside your home if you added food to your garbage can and only threw out a little at a time. Over time, the food that never left the garbage can (or your home) would rot and putrefy; bacteria and gas would develop and it would not smell very nice in your house. It would also attract bugs and disease. Many people believe that since they have regular bowel movements, they don’t need to clean their colon. Those who do, however, are always surprised at the amount of waste that is released during a session even though they are quite regular. “Where does it all come from?” is a question I am asked often. That is the great mystery of the body. Colon hydrotherapy is important for regular movers and even more so for those experiencing constipation and other digestive disorders and dysfunctions. Regularly emptying the trash completely can keep your internal environment clean and healthy, providing you with a (potentially) happier and more energetic…YOU!

Sometimes we need some help breaking down our food and assisting our digestive system. Many of our clients report that the Transformation Digest (digestive enzyme) not only breaks their food down, but in doing so it is helping their bowels to move..and this is after many years of constipation! They also report less gas and bloat.

blog 2

Smaller meals

Whether you are experiencing gas and bloating or constipation, eating smaller meals throughout the day can ease the burden on the digestive system. It can also help to keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day, reducing the afternoon sluggishness. Working a healthy eating plan into your daily routine can make all the difference in the world, digestively speaking. A typical day could start with a couple glasses of water upon waking. Then breakfast can be eggs and spinach or a green smoothie. About 10am you can have a piece of fruit or veggie. Lunch could be protein and veggies. A 3 pm snack could be hummus or guacamole with veggies and dinner can be a starch and veggies. Having a glass of water every hour can ensure you stay hydrated and keep you feeling full throughout the day.

Proper food combining

Years ago I read the book “Fit for Life” by Harvey Diamond. This book introduced the idea of proper food combining: Eat fruit alone; eat protein and veggies; eat starch and veggies but never protein and starch. Different foods digest at different rates so when combining foods that don’t digest at similar rates, one of the food types can rot and putrefy in the body, creating gas and bloat (very similar to my trash analogy above).  There are many free food combining charts on the internet so I won’t include it here but I encourage you to take the time to study and follow proper food combining.

Alkaline forming foods

When looking at foods, it is important to know whether they are alkaline or acid FORMING in your body. A lemon is acidic in nature but alkaline forming in the body. This is important to know because stress causes our bodies to become very acidic. Certain conditions such as Candidiasis or parasites thrive in acidic internal environments. Eating a diet that is alkaline forming can help to counter the acid. Depending on our blood type, certain foods can create an inflammatory immune response from our body so aside from avoiding these foods, Iyasu has a couple supplements that our clients say have been helpful in dealing with inflammation, both from stress and diet. We offer Transformation Protease IFC and Probiotic 42.5 to clean up the blood and bring the gut bacteria back in balance.

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Anti-inflammatory diet

The type of food we eat does make a difference when considering the current state of our digestive system. Ideally, we would eat foods that do not create an inflammatory response from the body. When looking at any illness or dysfunction, there is almost always inflammation. When I attended Transformation Enzyme Corp’s workshop on enzymes, we were given anti-inflammatory food lists. Simply put, these are foods that generally do not cause inflammation in the body. Since I am a proponent of eating for your blood type, I modified the lists for each blood type. Be sure to ask for your copy when you come in for your next session. A few clients who are doing Iyasu’s anti-inflammatory health program have reported to have lost weight and gained energy. Let me know if you want more information on this potentially life changing program!

Exercise and deep breathing

Moving our colon requires us to move our bodies…and deep breathe. Would it surprise you to know that whenever a client deep breathes during their colonic, they release about 90-95% of the time? It would stand to reason then that regular deep breathing during your daily life can increase bowel movements. Yoga and other exercises that require deep breathing move our bowels by stimulating the lymphatic system and in turn, the circulatory system. Plus, exercise and deep breathing are great stress management activities and anything that reduces stress has a positive effect on our colon.

Water, water, water

Hydration is one of the most important things we can do for good digestive health. All our eliminative organs and filters need water to work properly. Some of our clients keep 3 liters of water at their desk and ensure it is gone before they leave for home. Others start with 2 glasses of water upon rising and drink 1 glass every hour on the hour. Still others add a bit of juice to encourage them to drink more water throughout the day. Whatever method works best for you, the goal is ½ your body weight in ounces per day. Did you know that caffeine is very dehydrating to the body? If you drink caffeinated drinks, don’t forget to replace with water, ounce for ounce, to help counter the dehydrating effects to our body.

Great digestive health is potentially only a few simple steps away. The therapists at Iyasu are committed to teaching each of our clients ways to gain and maintain good health through basic self-healing.
Call today to schedule your appointment with Stephanie or Bre!

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How Do I Cleanse? Self-care on a Budget

For some, colonics and lymphatic drainage sessions are just not in the budget. What can a person do who needs to practice self-care but cannot spend the money to receive sessions? I’ve created the following to offer guidance for this particular situation:

What if I can’t afford a colonic?

There are some alternatives to colon hydrotherapy if this is too expensive for you. One is a home enema and a great option to clean your colon. Colonics are basically an extended and complete form of an enema. I like using the stainless steel buckets because although enema bags can be effective, I am concerned about the possible mold that can build up inside the bag that we cannot see. It provides a very easy way to clean the bucket and I can always see what is going on inside. I buy my stainless steel buckets at

How do I self-administer an enema?

First, ensure that the enema bucket kit comes with a rectal nozzle. Bring one to two quarts of purified water to a temperature of about 100 degrees and pour into the enema bucket, closing the clamp beforehand so the water doesn’t come out of the tip. Hang the enema bucket a few feet off the ground – the higher the bucket the faster the water comes out so you may need to adjust as you go along. Be sure to lubricate the tip well with coconut oil or petroleum jelly. Lying on your side, insert the tip into your rectum very carefully and take deep breaths while doing so. Open the clamp and allow water to slowly fill your colon. You might need to close and open the clamp while filling to make the process more comfortable.  Once your body has taken as much water as you feel comfortable with, close the clamp to stop the flow of water and hold the water for as long as you can, up to 15-20 minutes. When you feel that your body is ready to release, sit on the toilet with your feet elevated on something like a Squatty Potty and release your colon fully, breathing deeply. Repeat as necessary.

What inexpensive tips  move my colon?

We’ve all heard how important it is to drink a lot of water. For some, drinking water is challenging. Even though this is understandable, staying hydrated is vital when it comes to properly caring for your colon as water is always the best source of hydration. A good rule of thumb is drinking ½ your body weight in ounces per day. Remember, if you also drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, you will need to replace – ounce for ounce – water to counter the dehydrating effects of these types of drinks. Besides avoiding constipation, many of my clients report feeling so much more energetic and alert as a result of increasing their water intake.

Another great source of water (and fiber) is produce – fruits and veggies. The old saying “You are what you eat” is true, and even more so is the saying “You are what is left over after you eliminate”! If you aren’t eliminating fully and completely, the toxic waste in your colon can impact your energy and vitality. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables not only provides water but also natural fiber. Compared to store bought fiber (like psyllium which can be extremely dry and cause even more constipation) the fiber in fruits and vegetables include water, resulting in bigger and softer bowel movements. I encourage clients to eat fruit in the morning and veggies with lunch and dinner. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming and so great for our health, especially the dark, green leafy kind. Choose fruits that are low on the glycemic index and juicy to add water to your diet as well. They are full of fiber and when eaten raw, contain all the enzymes necessary to digest them. Plus, fruits and vegetables are fairly inexpensive – a great combo!

How do I take care of my lymphatic system?

In my opinion, the lymphatic system is one of the least understood and most important systems of the body. Unlike the blood, which has the heart to pump it, we need to ensure our lymph is moving daily.The following offers different ways of doing just that:

Deep breathing – this is one of the best known tips to improve your health. Deep breathing can move our lymphatic system superficially and muscularly as the lungs act as a suction pump for the lymphatic system. It can help us to get and stay grounded. It can detox us by clearing our lungs. Deep breathing can put us into a relaxed state and remind us to pause before responding, thereby reducing reactions that might cause ourselves or others emotional pain and problems. Head down to the beach or park and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while practicing deep breathing.

Exercises to move the lymphatic system – the best exercises to move the lymphatic system are rebounding and yoga. Rebounding is basically jumping on a trampoline. These days you can purchase one at a sporting goods store fairly inexpensively. You can also picked one up second hand as this tends to be an item that people use for a short while and stop. Even if you are physically challenged with dysfunction and disease, rebounding can be something most people are able to do – at least gentle bouncing (Be sure to hold onto something if your balance is not too steady, like the back of a chair). Start with 5 minutes a day and practice gentle bounces – don’t let your feet leave the trampoline surface and include lots of deep breathing. For yoga, you can Youtube many free classes online or pick up a used DVD at a second hand store like Goodwill. Inexpensive yoga mats can be purchased at Target or another budget type store. (Please check in with your physician/health practitioner before starting any exercise program.)

Dry skin brushing – speaking of the lymphatic system, moving our lymph on a superficial level is best done with dry skin brushing. You want to buy a natural bristle brush (no synthetic) and brush toward your heart before showering or bathing. It is important to make sure your skin is dry.  Starting at your feet, brush up to the heart. Brush from the fingertips and around the shoulders and then down to the heart. Deep breathe while brushing.

Big tip for great health!

Meditation – this is a great way to calm our nervous systems, manage our stress and anxiety and allow ourselves to be guided by our higher selves. By practicing a daily meditation practice, we can train our minds to quiet. As a result, we become much less reactive to life and others, and better able to simply respond. Many have been able to reduce their blood pressure and other serious illnesses by practicing daily meditation. If working with a meditation teacher is not a financially viable option, you can Youtube some videos to follow.

Good self care doesn’t have to be expensive. The most important part of taking care of yourself is the desire to do so and a willingness to heal. At Iyasu we support you, and wish you health and happiness!

How Do I Cleanse? The Lymphatic System

In my humble opinion, I believe the lymphatic system is one of the most important and least understood systems of the body. Whether you are thinking of cleansing your body to maintain good health or to heal from illness, stimulating and moving the lymphatic system is vital. From this understanding, I created the Iyasu Anti-inflammatory N.D.E. (Nurture, digest, eliminate) Health Program. The details I outline below explains more clearly the importance of moving our lymphatic system.

As a result of my clinical experience since 1996, I have observed that the one common denominator with client disease and dysfunction always comes back to one thing:


I notice that where there is inflammation, there is congestion, and what often follows is pain. I’ve known for years that diet is key for feeling energetic and good. I also notice that the healthier my mental and emotional state, the healthier my body becomes. Keeping my body clean with colonics and bio electric lymphatic drainage has been essential to maintaining my good health.

So what gives? What is the science behind my observations? At iyasu, we believe the key to health lives within our cells. According to Dr. Samuel West, ND, DN, it is vital for our cells to be in a “dry state”. Basically this means that there should be a very small amount of space in the interstitial spaces around our cells. When we eat unhealthful foods, think negatively, hold onto resentment and anger, and fail to breathe deeply daily, the blood capillaries open up and release blood proteins in the spaces between our cells faster than the lymphatic system can remove them. These proteins will draw water and sodium to them and this excess is what causes inflammation. Our blood does a fantastic job of getting oxygen and nutrients to the cells…but only when the cells are in a dry state. When there is inflammation as a result of the excess water and sodium, the blood has to travel farther to get to each cell and when it cannot, our cells become deprived of oxygen and nutrients. In addition, if our lymphatic system cannot remove the blood proteins in these spaces, they can disrupt the delicate balance of potassium and sodium within each cell (our cells are electrical generators – vital for producing energy), causing the cell to become damaged and eventually die.

The good news is that our bodies are always reaching for balance, and will respond with health when our lifestyles support this intention. At any given time, we human beings can choose to live our lives in a way that fully reflects this balance. The therapists at Iyasu are committed in our efforts to educate each client so they may choose a lifestyle which supports their body in healing itself. We don’t treat or heal…we simply teach each client how to do that for themselves. We feel this is the epitome of self-empowerment.

Let me share with you the importance of moving the lymphatic system on a daily basis. I’ve been a massage therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage since 1996, having worked with clients utilizing manual lymphatic drainage massage. In 2010, France Robert introduced me to bio electric lymphatic drainage, and I saw a remarkable response in my clients’ health. In my quest to educate myself, I sought out the answers I needed to understand why and how this was happening. I discovered The Academy of Lymphology and the work of Dr. Samuel West, DN, ND. His discovery shaped the foundation for my work with clients today and what inspired me to create the Iyasu N.D.E. Health Program.

In his book “The Golden Seven Plus One,” Dr. West explains the blood protein research and its impact on our body. Please take the time to read this and educate yourself because this will help explain why we must eat healthfully, move our lymph, manage our stress, breathe deeply and reduce our fear, anger and resentments.

In order for us to be healthy and vibrant, our cells need to be in a “dry state.” The blood, which is 91% water, carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which they must continually receive without obstruction if they are to remain healthy and strong. Blood diffuses out of the capillaries to irrigate cells with oxygen and nutrients at a rate of 3 quarts per minute. Anything that will interfere with this “irrigation” process or the other life processes that take place within the cell will damage or kill the cell and be the cause of inflammation, pain, loss of energy, and all other discomforts and afflictions that we may experience. The only substance that can interfere with the irrigation process, where the cells receive oxygen and nutrients and with other life processes within the cell, are the proteins that make up part of our blood plasma. Until this discovery was made, it was believed our blood proteins were too big to come through the tiny pores of the capillary membranes into the spaces around our cells.
[1] In other words, what creates a state of dis-ease is when blood proteins escape the blood capillaries and get trapped in between the interstitial spaces (the spaces around the cells) of the cells – see image below.

When this occurs, the following results: 1.) Each cell is an electrical generator: Inside the call the potassium level must remain high and the sodium level must remain low. A very delicate balance must be maintained. Anything that will upset the delicate balance of potassium and sodium within the cells can damage or kill the cell. 2.) Sodium-potassium pump: This pump is the rotation of the NA + and K+ in and out of the cell which generates an electrical field. It is the key to the life process and the energy produced by the cell.  3.) Excess fluid and excess sodium around the cells – this is caused by trapped blood proteins around the cells.  4.) Trapped blood proteins around the cells: Causes pain, loss of energy, and disease and damage at the cell level.[2] 5.) The only thing that can remove trapped blood proteins in the interstitial spaces around the cells is the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system requires us to move it daily both superficially and muscularly: Superficially – through deep breathing and dry skin brushing; Muscularly – through deep breathing and exercise; Bio electric lymphatic drainage session.

What causes blood proteins to leak out of the capillaries and get trapped in between our cells?  1.) Improper diet – Any food we ingest that causes an inflammatory response in the body. 2.) Trauma – both physical and emotional. 3.) Fear, resentment, and anger. 4.) Physical inactivity.

Why do the above items cause trapped blood proteins? Anything that “shocks” the body can cause the blood capillaries to dilate, resulting in blood proteins escaping into the spaces between the cells faster than the lymphatic system can remove them.

Therefore, the basis for the Iyasu N.D.E. Health Program consists of: eating foods that our bodies can metabolize and digest without creating an inflammatory response; enzymes to ensure proper functioning of all chemical reactions necessary for optimum health and digestion; bio electric lymphatic drainage to assist the body in removing excess blood proteins around the cells; daily exercise (muscular/lymphatic), deep breathing, stress management, and rest; colon hydrotherapy to assist the body in hydrating and detoxing.

For more information on the lymphatic system or to read more about our anti-inflammatory health program, please visit our website:

If you would like to experience lymphatic drainage or colon hydrotherapy, please book online at:

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[1] Page 31, (1.9-1.11) of The Golden Seven Plus One by Dr. Samuel West.
[2] Page 35 of “The Golden Seven Plus One”, by Dr. Samuel West

How Do I Cleanse? Chronic Dysfunction from a Unique Perspective

Our body, our guide

All of us are busy with our lives, our careers, our relationships and our families. So naturally we may become disconnected from our bodies. When our bodies go to dysfunction, we may not know how to connect back in (or we never learned how to in the first place) and as a result, we may feel anger toward our body for not functioning as we would like. When we understand that our bodies are guiding us and loving us through dysfunction, we can feel gratitude instead of frustrated and angry. As an intuitive, when I work with a client during the session I am communicating with their body. It literally guides and shows me where and how to specifically offer bodywork. Each one of us can communicate with our bodies in the same way. The key to doing so is stillness and trust. During a cleanse we remove some of the distracting foods and we can start to feel and listen to our bodies on a deeper level. We can also achieve this through stillness. Meditation can be a helpful tool to quiet our minds and focus in on the messages our bodies are trying to convey through illness. The second part – trust – is necessary to believe the information we are receiving from our body’s wisdom. We all can be guided by our higher selves; the part of us that doesn’t get involved with the small mind or the ego. It is this part of us that we can access during a cleanse. This higher part doesn’t attach itself to fear, distrust, anger, resentment or anxiety. For us to access this part requires us to be willing. We must be willing to let go of whatever “benefit” staying sick affords us. What a strange thing to say, you might be wondering. Hear me out (and pay attention if anything you read brings up anger/defensiveness).

The benefits of chronic illness

Not everyone with an illness has a pay-off with staying ill. But for those who do, there may be unconscious “benefits” to keeping their illness alive. (When I use the word benefit I am talking about a particular mental pay-off that person receives from the illness, not that the illness is physically beneficial to the person.) I had a client once who said she was happy she had cancer because it meant she could rest – this client may have had difficulty holding boundaries in her life or had difficulty saying “no”. Some clients may stay sick because it validates a belief they have about themselves – this can range from not feeling worthy to live with good health, a belief that life is hard, or a belief that others can have a better life than them. Some cannot admit they don’t want to stay in a particular job/career/relationship so they experience physical dysfunction as a way to not deal with the unhappiness they are feeling. For some, staying sick can prevent them from engaging in intimate relationships, thus giving them the illusion of emotional safety if they have been hurt by others previously. Others may stay sick and focus on their ill health because it may be too emotionally painful for them to sit in the discomfort of their unconscious feelings.

Whatever pay off the person is experiencing, if they are willing to be honest with themselves about what that pay off is, what their body is communicating and instead choose to feel gratitude and discover what is sitting under the anger – true and permanent healing is possible. If you are someone that honestly believes you may have a pay-off with your chronic illness, here is an interesting thought: the chronic illness validates what your current mindset is, offering one type of benefit – although this “benefit” doesn’t produce health, in fact quite the contrary. However, if you choose to change your mindset by listening to what your body is telling you, the benefit changes into one of true healing. Wayne Dyer once said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This is one of the interesting aspects to life. When we choose to live life on life’s terms and accept what is, stop the internal power struggle with ourselves, and use the information our body is giving us to heal…we heal.

How do I listen to what my body is telling me?

Every person is unique therefore how they choose to communicate with their body will differ. For some, they may feel more comfortable communicating with their body by engaging in a verbal dialogue. Others feel that meditation is a good fit. Still others find that writing is the best way to hear what their body has to say. Many aspects of ourselves can be revealed during a cleanse. The point I want to make is this – just start talking to your body, especially if you are sick. Trust in its wisdom and genuine intention of love and healing.

There is a great book I would suggest those with chronic illness to read: “The Science of Being Well” by Wallace Wattles. If you enjoy this one, definitely read “The Science of Getting Rich”. It is a profound and life changing book. It may be deceiving because of the title but his books are about changing your mindset and living in gratitude. Gratitude leads to health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Unhappiness and gratitude cannot co-exist. It is up to us how we choose to live our lives. We must embrace what we can control – our beliefs, our attitudes, our actions and our reactions. Actively choose a mindset and belief that will make you strong. When you do as much as you can in terms of a positive and grateful mindset, trust in either a higher Source or your higher Self and let go of trying to control the outcome, you just might be surprised what can occur.

How Do I Cleanse My Body: Loving Perspectives While Cleansing

At Iyasu, we don’t believe that cleansing has to be a negative or stressful experience. We understand and acknowledge that cleanses can be intimidating to begin with and may feel intense as the cleanse progresses. This can be true because when your physical body detoxes, it can bring to the surface unpleasant physical symptoms. Also, when the emotional body detoxes, it can release repressed emotions that may feel terrible coming up. It’s natural that human beings would prefer not to feel pain, physically or emotionally and turn their attention away or look for distractions. Not every cleanse will produce “negative” feelings but if some come up for you, take heart..there is good news! Below outlines certain perspectives you can choose to see or things you can do that may help make the cleansing experience more pleasant.

Avoid perfectionism

When we begin a cleanse, how we approach the cleanse plays a big part in what we experience. If we have expectations that we should do it perfectly, we might struggle more than we really need to. It’s great to have a goal in mind but I find that flexibility is helpful, especially if we encounter a challenge. For example, let’s say we are doing a juice cleanse but we are so hungry or angry that we are having difficulty functioning or keeping peace in our relationships. i feel  it’s ok to add a piece of fruit or a small salad with a little lemon. Or if we are doing a food cleanse and we “slip”, no need to feel guilty. If you go off your cleanse and beat yourself up – forgive yourself and get back on the cleanse. We are all human and self-compassion might be one of the gifts the cleanse may be offering you.

Encouragement vs. Expectation

What if you want to achieve a cleansing goal but can’t seem to follow the cleanse as written? If you have had any experiences with children, then you know that they tend to respond much more positively with encouragement than expectations. I am grateful that I have an open and loving relationship with my children and they feel safe to express their feelings with me. Last year my son expressed that he is afraid to make mistakes because he felt I expected him not to. Yikes…that was not easy to hear but I was grateful for the information and also that he knew I would be able to hear him. I apologized to him for my part in this and explained that I have high expectations and perfection issues within myself so naturally I put that on him, which was not fair nor correct. Since revealing this to me, I now listen more carefully to him and validate his feelings while encouraging him toward his goals. He feels better about moving into the unknown parts of life and can take bigger risks because of it. I am very proud of him for sharing his feelings with me. I am also proud of myself for admitting my fault and taking action to rectify it. It was such a great lesson for me to see where I am very hard on myself (and my children by extension) and have learned to be more self-loving.

I want to encourage you to allow yourself not to have high expectations of yourself while at the same time encouraging you to keep moving toward your goals. I believe that whether it is completing a cleansing goal or any other goals we set for ourselves, taking it one day at a time helps us avoid feeling overwhelmed and defeated. I believe I can do whatever I need to when I see that I only have to do it for one day.

It’s all just information for my highest good

Self-criticism is not helpful in any areas of our lives. When we beat ourselves up because we didn’t fulfill an expectation that we had for ourselves or that someone else had for us; it isn’t productive, we feel badly, and it causes unnecessary internal stress. How can we lead with self-kindness? By choosing to look at everything that shows up simply as information.  For instance, let’s take the above example: let’s say that you start a cleanse and you are having a hard time following it as directed. Perhaps you eat something not on the list and it begins with you feeling guilty and then spirals downward to a place of self-loathing. Pulling out a notebook at this point can be very helpful. Try to avoid going into any self-judgment and start writing about what you are feeling. Keep writing until the discomfort passes and see what shows up. The information that you gain from the “slip” could be multi-layered. Perhaps you are able to view your relationship with food from a different perspective. As a result of the “slip” and your initial response to it, you might connect with how food was seen and handled within your family of origin. Did anyone in your family have a difficult relationship with food that you took on simply by being a part of the family? Was food used as a way to control either the person themselves or others within the family? When we look at the gifts the cleanse is offering, we can see that it may be helpful information. From this perspective, there is no need to turn on ourselves, and conversely it might even help us to step into some much needed self-love.

We can use this particular perspective that “everything is information for my highest good” in every area of our lives. When we choose to see that all our experiences are there to help us connect with the part of us that trusts – thereby releasing fear – we can stop personalizing the experiences with others and use the information we discover to support and encourage our own self-growth.


Usually most people choose to cleanse their body because of a particular intention. Some want to use it as a way to get back on track;  to start eating more healthfully and jump start their diet. Others may choose cleansing as a way to heal from an illness or disease that is problematic. Still others may cleanse as a way to maintain good health. Whatever your intention, I am encouraging you to allow yourself to remember that you are choosing to cleanse because you care about your health and yourself. What a beautiful expression of self-love! When we connect with this self-love intention that initiated the cleanse to begin with, we can hear more clearly the pearls of wisdom our body is giving us.

Connecting with and listening to our body

When working with clients, I often ask them to slow down and listen to what their body is telling them. This isn’t an easy task for some people so I thought it might be helpful to give some tips on how to accomplish this. The first and most important piece is to believe in the wisdom of the body and trust that it loves you and wants you to heal. Second, trust and believe that you can and will hear what your body is telling you. We embrace what we believe and this goes both ways – positive and negative – so what we believe to be true, is true! Third, start a dialogue with your body. Create a quiet space for yourself and then either talk directly to your body or do so in writing. If you have pain, let the pain speak – what would it say if it had a voice? If you feel discomfort, give it a voice as well. Be patient with this process. It can take some time but once you really connect with your body, it can change your life. You can ask it how it feels if you eat a particular food before you eat it. I’ve done this before and my body starts to bloat right on the spot! It’s so interesting.

On your path to healing through cleansing…have fun, embrace whatever shows up and trust in the wisdom of your body..

Why do I get constipated when I quit drinking coffee?

The Coffee Conundrum by Stephanie Kimura Kato

Recently I decided to quit drinking coffee…again! I have quit and started drinking coffee so many times I’ve lost count. Why put myself through this? Well, as a blood type O+, coffee is not the healthiest thing for me to be drinking. According to my doctor, it is dehydrating, can negatively impact my adrenals, can create kidney stones and bladder sand. So why did I drink it? That’s easy – it’s delicious, it’s warm, it smells great and it gives me this nice little kick in the morning. Oh, and it moved my bowels.

For some blood types, coffee isn’t really a problem. I have to say that I don’t just drink coffee – I USE coffee. Like I said, it moves my colon in the morning and that’s always fun. But I use it as a way to be a bit…lazy. For example, I tend to be a night owl so there have been times when I stay up too late, and don’t get enough sleep because I know that cup o’ joe is waiting for me in the morning to get me going. Recently I noticed that my bladder felt a little funny, almost like I was beginning to develop a urinary tract infection. I knew that coffee was the culprit and so after a particularly harrowing experience of food poisoning, I decided to quit. I mean, I had been unable to drink it for a few days as a result and I already dealt with the headache so it seemed like the perfect time. After my system had some time to deal with the food poisoning, I noticed that because I wasn’t getting my caffeine intake, my colon really slowed down. Oh dear me, what to do?

As a colonic therapist I am not a big fan of laxatives and as such, I decided not to take any and instead challenge myself to find healthy alternatives to transition my bowels from the coffee habit. First up – water! Since coffee is so dehydrating, drinking more water is a natural solution. I notice that some people really have a hard time getting in enough water. When it comes to drinking enough water, I believe that mindfulness can really help. When you awake in the morning, drink a glass of water. Then, every hour throughout the day, drink a glass of water. By the time you retire in the evening, you will have had enough. Second, diet! Removing all the usual suspects – flour, corn, fried foods, dairy, sugar, and any other foods you know that tend to bind you up – can really help. Third, exercise your core. This can directly help when constipation becomes an issue. Some exercises include Pilates, yoga and rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline). Fourth, I believe that enzymes can play a major part in relieving constipation. I use and like the Transformation Enzymes that I sell at the office. Enzymes break down food and this alone has been helpful for me when I needed to shift the temporary constipation I had been experiencing after giving up the coffee. Fifth, deep breathing!!! I cannot stress this one enough. I notice that when I feel stressed, I tend to hold my breath. This isn’t so great on any level. Deep breathing moves my bowels and clears my lungs. Did you know that in Chinese medicine the lungs and the colon are directly related? Also, deep breathing acts as a suction pump for the lymphatic system and I observe the clients I work with that deep breath usually experience a lower incidence of constipation. Deep breathing grounds us, helps our circulation and moves the lymphatic system. (For more on this, please visit – Sixth, bio electric lymphatic drainage can be helpful. A client recently took a session and she reported having a greater increase in her bowel movements and her kidneys were releasing more as well. Seventh, elevate your feet and legs when having a bowel movement. You may have seen and used the little stool I have under the toilet in the restroom. My clients have reported that this helps them release their colon much easier. I believe this is because it supports the bowels in a way that helps the body with a larger and more complete bowel movement. Eighth, colon hydrotherapy can help. After I quit, I took a couple sessions and I noticed that the colonic helped to strengthen my peristalsis and my colon regulated itself. I personally believe that the water during the session hydrated me and it also helped produce better bowel movements.

Since I quit coffee, I have been drinking green tea, which is great for my blood type and I love it. I find that it is much lighter, I don’t have to add anything to it (cream, milk, etc) and it satisfies that morning hot cup of something, you know what I mean? Sometimes the thing we want is the habit and not necessarily the coffee itself. If you have decided that it’s time to kick the coffee habit and you would like some help in getting your colon back on track, give me a call. After using the above suggestions for myself, my colon is moving well and I don’t miss coffee at all (well…maybe a little)!.


In my last blog, I discussed some helpful tips for living a lifestyle to encourage the body to heal its constipation, from a physical body perspective. With this blog, I am offering perspectives from the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of constipation. Being a holistic practitioner I never look at a physical dysfunction from the physical point of view only. I prefer to offer suggestions to balance the whole person.

If you have perused my website, then you know I believe that physical dysfunction is our body’s loving way of bringing us to completion, and healing us through consciousness and awareness. Today, the topic is a continuation of our discussion about constipation. Let’s dive right in…

The metaphysical aspects of constipation can be quite revealing and helpful to the person suffering from this digestive dysfunction. What is our body trying to tell us when our bowels don’t move for days, a week or longer? What wisdom can we gain by looking at all the different parts that make up our human experience? In addition to our physical body, we have a mental, emotional and spiritual body and they all play a part in both the creation and healing of constipation (or any other physical dysfunction).

Because this article is one in a series of the process of elimination, I will discuss what would be helpful for us to eliminate when considering these metaphysical aspects of ourselves.

Elimination of mental and emotional constipation:

The verbiage a person uses is quite revealing and can help them understand some possible origins of a physical dysfunction. For example: sometimes clients who are experiencing constipation will talk about how they feel “stuck” in their lives. Perhaps they feel stuck in a relationship, job or some other aspect of their life. This area of non-movement can show up in their colon. Often our bodies will mirror back to us where we need to bring some flow and life into our…life!

Sometimes we can be stuck on an idea or a belief that once served us in the past but is now creating blocks. For instance, we could believe that a protective position would best serve us if we grew up in a household that didn’t feel safe, either because there may have been substance, physical, verbal or emotional abuse or because a caretaker may have had anger/rage issues that created unpredictability and fear. Perhaps we grew up being neglected or overlooked. Growing up in different scenarios could cause us to distrust others and see people as potentially hurtful and scary or disinterested and distant. This type of belief could prevent us from seeking out intimate relationships – out of fear. We might then shut off from interacting with others and not ever experience deep love. If we continue on this course, we could end up feeling sad and lonely, albeit safe and protected. But…at what cost? True, if we never let anyone close, no one could really hurt us. Opening ourselves to love can feel scary – mostly because we might never have been given consistent and sustained love.

As my shaman and teacher, Amaya Victoria once said:

“If we take what happened in our past,

and bring it into our present,

we poison our future”.

I believe that most of us want to love and be loved. When our bodies constipate in response to the fear and protective state we have held inside for a long time, we end up suffering. What would happen if we viewed our constipation as a gift – a potential conversation with our body about where we hold emotionally and where we can begin to let go? We could listen to the constipation to understand what our beliefs are, and how we feel about ourselves as a direct result of our earlier experiences.

Elimination of mental and emotional control:

There is a direct correlation between constipation and control. Does this mean that every single person suffering from constipation is a control freak? Absolutely not! But many people who have constipation issues tend to have control issues. Why is this? Well, the reasons can vary from person to person. Generally speaking, I notice it has its origin in our ability to trust. We tend to control that which we do not trust. Taking the above example of growing up feeling unsafe – if someone concludes that they are not safe due to external circumstances or people, they will try to control what they can…their body. This is not conscious, of course, but we humans like to feel that we are in control – of something. If we cannot control others to stop behaving in a way that is hurtful to us, we usually tighten up, hold our breath, and depending on the person – go into fight or flight (and also “freeze” but this is another topic for another time). This has a direct impact on our colon because once our body goes into stress management mode, it begins to save energy within our body to prepare us to fight or fly. Our digestion will slow down to aid us in this potentially life-threatening situation. It doesn’t mean our life is actually being threatened in the moment but the body doesn’t know that. It is just responding to our perception of what is going on. If we grew up feeling a lot of fear, over time we learn to respond to situations in our life that we perceive as being similar with a similar emotional response. Again, much of this happens without us being actively conscious and aware of it. If I were to ask you what fear looks like – expansive or contractive – what would you say? Most people I ask say “contractive”, and I agree. Now think about this – do you think that our bowels can move freely when our bodies are in a contractive space within? Not really. The result? Constipation.

So what do we do to heal this?

Eliminate the fear – (Embracing the spiritual perspective)

Oh sure, Stephanie. Ok, yeah – I can just eliminate my fear, huh? It’s that easy?

No, I don’t believe it is easy and I don’t have an expectation that this will happen overnight. I will, however, encourage you to do what you can to let go of whatever fear you have (notice I didn’t say to let go of feeling the fear). As long as we choose to perceive life from a fear-based perspective, it will be quite difficult to heal. I did use the word “choose” for a reason. Even if we experienced emotional, mental, verbal and physical abuse or mass amounts of fear growing up, we are no longer children today, and as such we can choose to see life from a different perspective than when we were younger. It might take some time to shift to this perspective but it is possible, and vital when looking at options to heal constipation. It can be very helpful and healing to recognize that the person we were when we developed various perspectives and opinions, can be very different from the person we choose to be today. The healing perspectives that can heal constipation are: surrender, trust, acceptance and gratitude.

Surrender: Choosing to consciously let go of whatever we cannot control can shift our body from contractive to expansive. Trust: When we trust that we are taken care of (by a higher source or the higher part of ourselves), despite what we see with our eyes, we calm our central nervous system and allow breath and energy to flow through us. This can make having regular bowel movements much more possible. Acceptance: We can accept that our experiences up to this point in our lives are there to help bring us to where we are meant to be, and that holding onto the (mental or emotional) pain from those experiences not only continues to keep the (mental, emotional and physical) pain alive, but could also be what is preventing us from truly healing. Gratitude: We can be grateful to our body for going to dysfunction to help us heal and come to completion within our lives and within our body.

Viewed from the perspective that our body loves us and wants us to heal by showing up with dysfunction, we can get to know ourselves, especially the deeper and intimate parts of ourselves that we don’t reveal to others. By reminding ourselves that have choices today that we may not have had when we were younger, we can begin to feel safer in our lives, our world and within our own bodies.

If you need assistance with shifting perspectives, I am available. Let me know you would like a metaphysical colonic when booking your appointment.

Yours in health and love ~ Stephanie

Why Colonics Are Beneficial During Juice Cleanses

By Breanna Wood – (310) 207-7772

Whether you are interested in trying this hot juicing trend or eating raw/vegan for a few weeks, let’s first take a look at why it has become so popular. Why are so many people out there doing so many of these cleanses, and what can you do to support yourself if you decide to follow suit?

Cleansing has been around for many years, but recently it has been widely marketed and used by a growing population of health-conscious people.

Why do people cleanse?

People feel downright tired and sluggish. With everything going on in our anxiety-ridden modern lifestyles, it’s rare to find those who are stress-free and have it all figured out. Most of the time, our dietary choices are convenience-based and actually add to this fatigue, stress and inflammation we encounter on a daily basis.

Energy. We all want it. We want to feel young again and be able to steamroll through that part of the day where lying our head down for a nap seems like the only viable way to keep from going on a rampage or just falling apart at the seams. It may not seem this dramatic for some, but in the end we all want to feel vivacious!

This is what your friends and colleagues in their personal encounters with cleansing promise. Am I right?

Of course there are other ways in which we harbor toxins, but dietary choices are the biggest factor that will mainly be addressed. Other reasons for cleansing include chronic illness or environmental toxins, and as such should be diagnosed and supervised by a doctor.

Now that we have figured out why, let’s figure out what and how.

What should I be eating or drinking during a cleanse?

Most opt for a juice cleanse. This seems to be the easiest and to be quite honest, most people think it is the ONLY way to get an effective cleanse.

This just isn’t true. ANY shift in dietary changes can have a major effect on your system.

Dr. Stephen Holt once said something during a lecture at a Colon Hydrotherapy conference that really stuck with me. The exact phrasing isn’t important, but said something to the effect of, “You should NEVER feel like you are detoxing.”

What he meant was that you should always be gentle with your body. You should never be squirming around with headaches, constipation, brain fog and turning your life upside down to prove to yourself that what you are doing is effectively working.

I believe that dietary detoxification can almost be likened to the detoxification of alcohol or any hard drug that the body needs to cycle out of the system. Drug and alcohol protocols are carefully and methodically planned out to ensure that the withdrawal effects do not harm the person. Food can be considered a “drug” or substance (that is legal!). It’s something we choose to put into our bodies – into our bloodstream – that has a chemical and metabolic effect on our system. Taking away your cookie may not be fatal and send you into cardiac arrest, but you may notice some negative symptoms in your body!

Detoxification should take time and you always want to be sure to take care of your body and well-being.

Less can really be more in this situation. That being said. Let’s move on to the how.

How do I approach cleansing in a way that fits my needs?

Say that you eat fast food on a daily basis, drink sodas, eat a slice (or a few) of cake or bowl of cereal late at night and drink more than the recommended amounts of alcohol.  You probably aren’t going to be someone who is going to benefit the most from a twenty-one day juice cleanse. Sure, you may get through the pain in the beginning and overall reach the end quicker than if you took it slower. Trust me, unless this is what the doctor ordered and you are chronically ill, and supposing you even make it to the end, you are not going to like this route.

Someone like you would greatly benefit from first cutting any alcohol, tobacco, soda or cutting back slightly on sweets. Sometimes it’s about what we take away from the diet instead of what we can add to the diet. What I mean is this – removing foods that cause negative effects on your bodies will detox you enough. There’s no need to add herbal cleanses to the mix as it could “push” your body too much. It’s vital to make sure the exit door is open. (Keep reading and I will explain.)

Give your body time to acclimate. Notice a headache creeping in? Drink plenty of water to flush your system. Once that subsides in a few days, then you might add a green smoothie or juice in the morning for a week or two in addition to keeping the rest of your diet the same as it always has been. Then maybe you would change your lunch to a salad or some cooked veggies in addition to the smoothie. Have whatever you like for dinner! Don’t stress too much about doing it a certain way or sticking to a strict regimen. Remember, we are snowflakes! Pretty little fluffy, cuddly snowflakes. Aw.

See what we are doing here? Raw foods and juicing has a way of loosening up junk in the system, to put it simply. If done slowly and with care, this junk can successfully flow out of the body like it should. Ask those around you who have tried it this way. They may tell you that you will begin to feel more energy, less detox symptoms, and more importantly you will NOT feel defeated. You will not feel like you are getting the flu (which happens a lot for those who cleanse in an extreme way) and you will have the strength to continue these beneficial lifestyle changes, making it more likely that you will keep these as a positive and permanent change.

Those who already eat a ton of greens or fresh produce might want to try an all-raw diet for a while. They might even want to ease into a juice fast or juice “feast”, as some like to call it. The important thing is to listen to your body. It will give you signs. There is so much information about how food digests, and this will definitely be a topic in future posts. For the sake of keeping it simple, the important thing to know is that we should be working our way from processed, to cooked, to raw, to juice during a cleanse. Or any combination of these in which the food we are putting in our body is healthier than previously consumed prior to the cleanse. Green juice is the purest and fastest way to get enzymes and nutrients into the body and will kick the detox into the highest gear. However, any type of cleansing on any level will create changes in your body.

Are there any issues that can arise from cleansing?

Yes. All of which you can address or even prevent.

Your cells may be dumping garbage to make room for all of the great new nutrients you are putting into your body. Great! Now you can let go of all of that old stuff and feel amazing, right? Maybe. How well does your body handle getting rid of waste? What are the pathways in which our bodies do so? These are things to consider.

The obvious one is that we go to the bathroom. What do you think will happen when there is a fire in a building that houses millions of people… with one main exit? All of these people (waste) will be heading for the exit and most likely get jammed. Many people experience constipation and bloating as a side effect of cleansing.

This is where a colonic will be extremely helpful.  Making sure to clear the exit (the colon) before the fire is crucial in making sure all of the people can get out.  Waste creating a blockade in the way of even more toxic waste is the worst way to start a cleanse.  Gently clearing this waste from the colon with a colonic has been touted to be the best investment before, during, and after a cleanse.

The lymphatic system is also a big factor here.  This is our cellular waste management system as well as our nutrient delivery system.  This system can become congested as well during a cleanse.  Clients have reported feeling bloated and puffy after starting a cleanse, with some even reporting a gain in weight. Lymphatic fluid pooling in between the cells is a contributor to this effect. The lymphatic system is responsible for clearing a path for waste to exit and for nutrient and oxygen delivery to the cells. During a cleanse it can be overloaded by a rush of cellular detoxification. If the lymphatic system is overloaded  it may be unable to do its job of getting these fresh new nutrients to your cells. Less oxygen contributes to more acidity as well. The resulting effect is the  opposite of what we want from the cleanse, which is alkalinity!

How do we get the lymphatic system moving???

Deep breathing
Movement or exercise (preferably rebounding)
Fresh water
Dry skin brushing

There are also ways to speed up lymphatic drainage that involves using a bio-electric device to break up sticky blood proteins in the interstitial fluid, which also contribute to congestion. Along with a manual lymphatic massage, clients have reported this as a very successful method of lymphatic drainage.

Be smart. Choose which method of cleansing fits your needs and lifestyle best. Make sure to “take out the trash” before adding more.

If you’ve decided to embark on a cleanse and feel some detoxification assistance through colonics and bio electric lymphatic drainage may help, give me a call and book an appointment. I’m happy to assist your efforts for a successful cleanse and a happy you!!

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As you can imagine, many clients who seek out colonics do so as a result of having constipation. Constipation can vary from person to person. Some people have suffered from it for most of their lives. Others find that constipation is a new experience for them. Whatever your experience, if you are dealing with constipation today, this blog may offer useful tips to help you heal this digestive dysfunction.

I would encourage clients to try a process of elimination to reveal the underlying cause of the constipation. Even if constipation has been something you have been dealing with for most of your life, I believe it can be healed. I tend to be the type of therapist who doesn’t encourage laxatives or supplements to move the colon. I prefer to see if we can get to the root cause instead of forcing the body with laxatives and creating a dependency. Some clients have reported that colonics actually strengthen the colon because it is a muscular organ. I have known clients new to colonics who have been concerned that they might get dependent on colonics. I tell them that colon hydrotherapy uses purified water as therapy, and it can work out the colon in a similar way that going to a gym works out our muscles.  I also remind them that intention plays a big part with colonics. When we set our intention on healing the colon through colonics and not use it as a way to live an unhealthy lifestyle and come in for a quick fix, it can be part of maintaining healthy bowel movements and keeping our bodies clean.

The following are all good to consider when asking our body to heal constipation: improper diet, dehydration, inactivity, insufficient deep breathing, lymphatic congestion, insufficient enzymes, ignoring messages from the body, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of constipation. (The latter 3 topics will be discussed in my next blog.)

Eliminate improper diet:

In my previous blog: Iyasu – Process of elimination: Gas & Bloat – Part 1, I talked about the dietary aspects of gas and bloat and what might be helpful to reduce/eliminate it from the body. In an effort not to duplicate information and because the information provided there would help encourage the bowels to function properly as well as reducing gas and bloat., I would suggest reading that article as well as this one.
Instead of eating unhealthy foods, focus more on whole foods such as juicy fruits (especially pears), dark, leafy greens, lean proteins, and vegetables (non-starchy). Grains tend to constipate certain people but if you find it difficult to stay away from them, try eating brown rice pasta or roast your rice instead (we can teach you how to roast rice during your next session). We recommend clients come in for a colonic at the beginning of a diet change, as the body will naturally detoxify, and starting with a colonic can help lessen the detoxifying effects the client may feel.
What if you eat healthfully and still suffer from constipation? There are many factors other than eliminating unhealthy foods that can contribute to constipation and I will address those below.

Eliminate dehydration:

In addition to eating foods that do not congest the body, it is equally important to hydrate daily. I’m pretty sure most of us have gone through periods where we drink a lot of water and periods when we don’t. Personally, I can feel the effects of dehydration with less bowel movements, drier skin/lips and lower energy. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in ounces per day. To prevent dehydration, it would be helpful to replace, ounce for ounce, any caffeinated drinks taken in as well as adding an additional 8 oz. of water for every ½ hour of exercise.

Eliminate inactivity:

Exercising is a vital part of stimulating the colon and bowel movements. The reasons are due in part to increasing circulation, incorporating deep breathing and stimulating the lymphatic system. One of the best exercises to help all three is rebounding. After healing from hip surgery I wanted to stay as active as possible, and I also wanted to move my lymphatic system daily, so I began rebounding when it was safe to do so. I love it because it’s super fun! Also, according to Dave Scrivens, Some benefits of rebounding include: 20 minutes of rebounding = 1 hour of running for cardiovascular workout; easy on the bones and joints (when using a therapeutic rebounder); rebounding strengthens the heart muscle; and profound body detoxification is possible.

Another reason exercise is great for increasing bowel movements is because it can relieve stress (I will address the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of constipation in greater detail in my next blog: Process of Elimination: Constipation – Part 2).

Eliminate insufficient deep breathing:

Did you know that deep breathing, moves the lymphatic system because the lungs act as a suction pump, grounds us, eliminates waste through our lungs and aids in moving the bowels? I have noticed that most people do not breathe deeply throughout the day and this can contribute to constipation, tight muscles, headaches, fatigue, irritability, stress, digestive issues and a host of other problems.

Eliminate lymphatic congestion:

Most of us are running around with some level of lymphatic congestion. I believe that lymphatic congestion contributes to constipation because when blood plasma becomes trapped between the cells, it creates inflammation – the lymphatic system is the only system that can remove these trapped blood proteins. Inflammation creates stagnation, which causes the circulation and energy flow within the body to slow down. Think about the oil in our cars. If we don’t change the oil, over time it thickens and creates a problem for the entire car. Our bodies are like that. We have 3 times the amount of lymph fluid than blood! Keeping the lymphatic fluid from clogging up is vital to health. For more information on a healthy way to stimulate the lymphatic system please visit my website:

Eliminate insufficient enzymes:

Enzymes are responsible for every single chemical reaction in the body! Think about that for a moment. Then think about the fact that the total number of enzymes we will ever have is determined when we are only tiny fetuses. The process of digestion, stress, lack of sleep, etc., all use up our precious enzymes. Ever since I have been using Transformation Enzymes, the change in my bowel movements has been remarkable! The digestive enzymes I use when I have a meal have caused my bowel movements to release much easier and with greater volume. I’m not taking any laxative products/bulking agents at all, just the enzymes. I will be addressing these in further blogs. Please also feel free to talk to me about them during a colon hydrotherapy session.

Eliminate ignoring our body’s messages:

Our body talks to us all the time. It’s our job to listen. Have you ever needed to have a bowel movement but you didn’t take the time to have it? Are you rushing so much in the morning that you don’t take time for your bowels to move? It is very important to make time to have a bowel movement, even if you don’t have the urge. Sitting on the toilet, breathing deeply, and tuning into your body – especially in the morning – is a good practice to have. It’s also helpful to listen when your body discourages you from eating foods that will be hard to digest or metabolize. You will know your body is talking to you if you eat a particular food and you feel tired, thirsty, cranky, or have any type of pain or soreness anywhere in your body. Believe it or not, when we eat something that causes the above symptoms, there is a direct correlation to our digestive system.

At Iyasu, we are available to help teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle that will encourage your body to heal. Come in for a colonic or bio electric lymphatic drainage and discover how good healthy living can feel!

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Two of the biggest digestive issues we hear from clients involve gas and bloating. Iyasu’s last blog looked at some potential physical origins of these symptoms. Let’s look at some possible metaphysical healing methods we can use to help alleviate gas or bloating: metaphysical colonics, bio electric lymphatic drainage, mental perspective, emotional perspective and spiritual perspective.

Metaphysical connection: In my humble opinion, physical dysfunction almost always has some combination of mental, emotional and at times, a spiritual aspect to it. From my clinical experience, I have observed that what ails us physically is generally tied into something else. This is the body’s way of loving us and encouraging us to heal. Let’s take a look at some of those connections below:

Metaphysical colonics and bio electric lymphatic drainage: Iyasu is a unique company because we offer the client an opportunity to view their physical dysfunction from mental, emotional and spiritual perspectives. By understanding how we look at our life through the different lenses we utilize – while receiving a session – transformation and true self-healing can occur.

Mental: What we believe to be true becomes true. We create our reality based on what we choose to perceive, whether what we perceive is based on events in the present moment or the past. We often don’t distinguish between the two because we don’t realize we have a choice about what we perceive or even recognize it is as a perception.

In my clinical experience working with clients I notice the presence of a couple belief systems, which usually result in gas and bloating. Some people grew up feeling unsafe as children and created copings skills, which served them well as children but work against them as adults. When we continue to feel unsafe in our relationships or our environment, our bodies respond with gas and bloating which creates a barrier between us and another person or the outside world. We ‘push away’ with our bodies and this gives us the illusion of safely. The other belief system has to do with our feeling trapped within a relationship, job, situation and/or our lives. This can create trapped gas within us.

In both scenarios, whether we feel the gas and release it or it stays trapped in our body – it creates discomfort and suffering. Taking a metaphysical colonic and bio electric lymphatic drainage with Iyasu can help the client shift perceptions and help their body heal its discomfort and calm its digestive system. In this way we can eliminate the gas and bloating by recognizing that we are no longer children and can take care of ourselves by setting healthy boundaries without the fear attached to it.

Emotional: Although each client I work with is unique in their own way, I observe one thing to be true for everyone: gas and bloat has an emotional origin. The reason we may be responding to life and/or relationships from fear tends to be based in a past experience that is causing us some level of emotional pain. This can be challenging, especially for clients who have done a great deal of emotional/internal work. I notice that humans have emotional layers that reveal themselves when we are ready to look at them. Many of us have indeed looked at our “stuff” and dealt with it. My point in bringing this up is to suggest that if the body is responding with a physical dysfunction we may have more emotional layers that need to be resolved or released.

Additionally, there is a food-gas relationship that I will address now. If a person is either actively working on internal emotional issues or unaware they exist, we humans tend to comfort ourselves with gas producing food as a distraction from what we are feeling. It is also important to note that when someone eats something they know is not the healthiest choice, they can feel guilty while eating it. My advice? If you are going to eat something you know is not best for you, enjoy it completely! Have a ball and delight in the experience completely. Then, get back on track. I truly believe that the guilt over eating something is worse than the food itself. When we humans feel guilty, more often than not we end up punishing ourselves. Digestive dysfunction can cause us to suffer on many levels of our being. Eliminating self-guilt and self-punishment can bring calm to our digestive system and physical health to our entire being!

Spiritual: The spiritual aspect of gas and bloat is fascinating to me. When we live our lives from a fearful place and don’t feel safe, this usually means that we don’t trust – either ourselves or others, and definitely not a higher source. When I practice trusting in something higher than myself I don’t worry or attempt to exert control. It also helps me let go of my emotional armor and walls, which had previously kept me locked in an illusion of safety. I call this an illusion because the truth is that whenever I do not trust that my needs are taken care of, I end up leading with control and rigidity and this invariably results in gas. If you do not believe in a spiritual source, you can still let go into the higher part of you that truly knows all is well, despite (perceived)[1] experiences to the contrary. By doing so we can eliminate the belief that we are alone and the need to stay in a protective space within can disappear, along with the gas and bloat.

By using a process of elimination, we can choose to let go of the perceptions that keep us feeling unsafe or afraid. If gas and bloating has been an issue for a while try trusting instead, even if you don’t fully believe it. Just trust that everything is showing up in your life for your benefit, and trust that everything passes with time. See if you can feel a difference in your body. When the fear shows up again (and it will because we are human), compare how your body feels when you trust as opposed to embracing fear. Which feels better? Which brings calm and peace? Which is more helpful to your digestive system?

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[1] To clarify, this doesn’t mean our experiences weren’t real or valid. I make this point to suggest that when we shift how we see our experiences and trust they brought us to where we are today, for our highest good, we can choose to be in acceptance. When we do, we no longer see experiences as good or bad – just moments in our lives to bring us to completion.