Benefits of Metaphysical Colonics – Part 2

Benefits of Metaphysical Colonics – Part 2

Posted on December 1, 2015

In Part 2 of Iyasu’s 3 part video interview, Stephanie Kato, owner and founder of Iyasu Colonics sits down with Esosa from Raw Girl in a Toxic World to discuss how she discovered colon hydrotherapy, how it changed her life and shaped the work she offers clients today.

Stephanie explains the personal experiences that led her to heal on many different levels of her being. It was this healing that encouraged her to share with others and ultimately create the metaphysical style of colonics she named Iyasu (“to heal” in Japanese). She is grateful for those early experiences because they taught her to have a deep sensitivity toward those who are having challenges. Stephanie is committed to assist and support her clients as they discover ways to heal by shifting perspectives and demonstrating a willingness to let go of anything that prolongs their suffering. It is our birthright to live in peace, joy and serenity.

If you would like to experience a Metaphysical Colonic, call Stephanie at (310) 207-7772.

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Stephanie truly has a Gift. I have been going to her for 8 years now & I’m devoted because she’s truly the Best. I have had MANY colonics from many good practitioners but what Stephanie offers is nothing like what anyone else is doing. She has an Intuitive Gift, she knows what pressure point to massage or what part of the body needs Attention in order to help you release deeply. She really is guided by this intuitive sense, its Magic. When you let her do her thing it’s like watching tai chi happen, she knows what she’s doing and you can tell she’s tapped into a deeper guidance. Stephanie is also so loving and so kind, she truly cares about you. She is also very very professional, I have sent probably 10 friends of mine to her and they always text me right after and they all say the same thing! “I love Stephanie!” She’s the Best. Honestly. I feel so Blessed to have found Stephanie, she really knows how to give a high end, Loving, effective, and healing Colonic.

Jillian Speer