Bloat & The Invisible Attack

Bloat & The Invisible Attack

Posted on October 10, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic the #1 reason clients request metaphysical colonics and lymphatic drainage sessions are due to bloat. It’s so predominant and frequent, I thought it would be helpful to address in this month’s article. So here we go….

For those who have worked with me or read my website, you already know that gas and bloat relate to feeling a need to protect oneself. When we bloat and our bodies distend, we are literally creating space between ourselves and the outside world. We do this because we want emotional safety and are under the illusion (most often subconsciously) this wall will create protection. The problem is that in addition to feeling safer, we feel more uncomfortable physically because we effectively create a prison we are stuck within (and this stuckness can contribute to digestive issues, i.e. constipation).

Think about all the things we’ve had to contend with during the start of this craziness:

·     A global pandemic (fear of getting sick and death; distrust of government and other people, news, social media)
·     Being ordered to stay inside (fear of being trapped, isolated, lonely, survival, conflict)
·     Vaccine mandates (fear of being controlled; fear of being judged by each other for choosing/not choosing)
·     Comfort eating/overeating (fear of judgment from others and our own judgment of unworthiness due to weight gain)
·     Elections (fear of the unknown; survival; making the “wrong” choice)
·     Financial insecurity (fear of job loss; fear of money loss; fear of home loss; highlighting internal fear of unworthiness)
·     Loss of freedom (travel restrictions; fear of speaking one’s truth due to potential condemnation; parental choice)
·     Re-evaluating one’s life (“Should I stay, or should I go?” ~ fear of losing relationship, job, home)

What is the one word that shows up over and over?


I’m sure there are some things I missed but you get the gist. This is a LOT for us to deal with on top of living our “normal” lives. We still need to work, be strong and secure parents to our children, take care of ourselves (eat well, hydrate, exercise, create joy and fun, attend to our internal and external healing), experience healthy and loving partnerships, and get on with the business of living.

It is no wonder we are having such trouble maintaining a healthy and balanced equilibrium. If you are feeling unsettled and afraid, I have good news! As always, I offer some perspectives to help you rebalance and create internal freedom and peace.

One of the things we don’t often realize is our need for protection and emotional safety really comes from our own selves. We think that we need to protect ourselves from the outside world and other people, but we don’t acknowledge the ways we attack ourselves with unkind and uncompassionate beliefs and self-talk:

We re-traumatize ourselves when we re-live traumatic experiences over and over in our heads. We don’t do this because we are bad, weak or immature people. We do this as a way to gain mastery over that which we had no control over, such as a traumatic upbringing or devastating break up. We “should” ourselves ~ “I should have known better”, “I should have chosen or behaved better”, “I should have been stronger/more attractive/better in some way”. We unknowingly use very attacking language toward ourselves. In fact, we would be horrified if we “heard” the way we address ourselves when we are present and willing to sit with that truth. It is a good, if not uncomfortable, practice to allow ourselves to “hear” how we speak to ourselves. Only then can we choose more loving and empathetic language. How do we get there? Through self-forgiveness. We can use the above referenced experiences with other people we feel we need to protect ourselves from by seeing them as our mirrors.

They mirror the ways we

judge ourselves,
confine ourselves,
condemn ourselves,
belittle ourselves,
hurt ourselves,
control ourselves,
trap ourselves.

Do you see what I mean?

When we view others and life as our mirrors, we can see what is being mirrored back, forgive ourselves for our own unkind self-treatment and then forgive others for being our mirrors. If you started practicing this regularly, what would your life look like?
Sometimes we take on what doesn’t belong to us, (through over care taking) and we end up filling our energetic bodies with the energy of other people’s problems, fears, anger, resentment, and unhappiness. This ends up manifesting in our physical bodies as bloat and weight gain (this can also be armor that we use to further protect ourselves, not realizing that we can step away from others’ problems and remove the armor). They mirror our need to take care of ourselves first before attending to someone else. We do this by practicing healthy boundaries and saying “no” when we don’t have the energy or space to give to someone else. If you were trained as a child to be a caretaker, saying “no” or asserting boundaries can feel very uncomfortable. But if you experience bloat for an “unknown” reason then this may very well be the wisdom of your body asking you to release what no longer belongs to you or serves you.

Could our diets play a part in bloat? Yes, of course ~ for the obvious reasons, but what is the emotional issue creating the desire to eat foods that create bloat? This is a really good question to ask yourself. Often, we are so unkind and judge-y when we speak to ourselves about food. I would love for you to offer yourself compassionate understanding first. There is a reason you choose foods that may not be healthy or create physical discomfort. Instead of making the problem worse by attacking yourself for choosing in an unhelpful way, love yourself by asking what you are afraid of…start with being self-curious instead of self-judgmental.

If you experience bloat and your diet is on point, then most likely there is a belief, that is aligned with a lie, that creates a feeling, that manifests physically. Discover the belief, forgive yourself for believing a lie, then align yourself with the truth that is firmly rooted in love.

We all have beautiful Divine Spirit guides that are assigned to each of us for every aspect of our lives. You can call them to you and ask for any help and protection that you need. For example, whenever my son flies to different countries, I have a protection protocol I use to ensure his safety wherever he is in the world. You can ask your guides for help in ascertaining which protection is based in a true need for safety and which are illusions of the ego mind wanting to control you. Working with your guides can help you feel safe and secure, which can shift any physical dysfunction tied to our own internal feelings of unsafety.

I hope this was a helpful discussion on a few different reasons for bloat. Of course, I would love to explore how your own bloat or digestive issues are a beautiful gift of understanding and path to unconditional self-love. Please let me know if you would like a session to discuss this or any other issues of safety from a uniquely metaphysical perspective. Thank you! Stephanie

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