Blood protein research

Blood Protein Research

As a result of my clinical experience since 1996, I have observed that the one common denominator with client disease and dysfunction always comes back to one thing: Inflammation

I notice that where there is inflammation, there is congestion, and what often follows is pain. I’ve known for years that diet is key for feeling energetic and good. I also notice that the healthier my mental and emotional state, the healthier my body becomes. Keeping my body clean with colonics and bio electric lymphatic drainage has been essential to maintaining my good health.

So what gives? What is the science behind my observations? At iyasu, we believe the key to health lives within our cells. According to Dr. Samuel West, ND, DN, it is vital for our cells to be in a “dry state”. Basically this means that there should be a very small amount of space in the interstitial spaces around our cells. When we eat unhealthful foods, think negatively, hold onto resentment and anger, and fail to breathe deeply daily, the blood capillaries open up and release blood proteins in the spaces between our cells faster than the lymphatic system can remove them. These proteins will draw water and sodium to them and this excess is what causes inflammation. Our blood does a fantastic job of getting oxygen and nutrients to the cells…but only when the cells are in a dry state. When there is inflammation as a result of the excess water and sodium, the blood has to travel farther to get to each cell and when it cannot, our cells become deprived of oxygen and nutrients. In addition, if our lymphatic system cannot remove the blood proteins in these spaces, they can disrupt the delicate balance of potassium and sodium within each cell (our cells are electrical generators – vital for producing energy), causing the cell to become damaged and eventually die.

The good news is that our bodies are always reaching for balance, and will respond with health when our lifestyles support this intention. At any given time, we human beings can choose to live our lives in a way that fully reflects this balance. We therapists at iyasu are committed in our efforts to educate each client so they may choose a lifestyle which supports their body in healing itself. We don’t treat or heal…we simply teach each client how to do that for themselves. We feel this is the epitomy of self-empowerment.

When the client commits to the iyasu N.D.E. Health Program, we will provide anti-inflammatory food lists modified for blood type, offer perspectives to shift the mental and emotional consciousness and detox through colonics and bio electric lymphatic drainage.

Yours in health and love, Stephanie

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