Chronic illness

Iyasu Anti-inflammatory N.D.E. Health Program and Chronic illness

Chronic illness is so challenging for those who suffer from it. As I listen to a client’s history, one thing that tends to be the same throughout is the frustration of finding something that the person hopes will finally work, only to be disappointed once again, often after spending a great deal of money. At Iyasu, we don’t treat clients but rather we educate clients about how the health program can empower them to choose a lifestyle that may help their body heal itself. The key to our program is consistency. We ask clients with chronic illness to follow our program 100% and be willing to participate in the exercises we ask them to do. We are happy to work with our clients’ physician(s) to include a holistic approach to an existing health protocol.

The unique program that I have created addresses all aspects of the person, not just their illness. We look at food that might be contributing to their physical dysfunction; mental perspectives that might be keeping them ill; emotional issues that have not been resolved and/or healed; and spiritual philosophies that can shift the illness itself.

  • Participate fully in Iyasu’s N.D.E. Program:
    • Anti-inflammatory food lists.
    • Follow the enzyme protocol as indicated.
    • Begin with a Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage/colonic combo. Continue both sessions weekly as indicated by the needs of the client’s body.
  • Follow Iyasu’s guide to moving the lymphatic system daily. This is very important for healing. We must ensure our lymphatic and elimination systems are functioning properly daily.
  • Some ways to move the lymphatic system are as follows:
    • Breathing deeply throughout the day
      • Detoxing
      • Moves lymph (lungs act as suction pumps to move lymph)
      • Grounding
    • Lymphatic exercises
      • Consider investing in a rebounder (mini trampoline) – this is a great and easy way to move your lymph daily, and it’s fun too!
        • Moves lymph
        • Detoxing
        • Strengthening
    • Exercise
      • Yoga is a great way to move the lymphatic system and stimulate the bowels. It teaches breath work and is a moving meditation.
        • Elevates mood
        • Improves circulation
        • Counters depression
    • Meditation
      • Stress management
      • Connects us to our intuition
      • Offers spiritual guidance
  • Consider taking a metaphysical colonic or metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage massage to look at any uncovered, unresolved, or leftover emotional layers that may be contributing to the physical dysfunction:
    • Mental – do you have any beliefs that are keeping you ill?
    • Emotional – are there any layers of emotional healing that need to come up and out to encourage physical healing?
    • Spiritual – are there areas within yourself where trusting fully could enable your physical dysfunction to shift and heal?
  • Be patient with yourself – The longer an illness has been present, the more patience and compassion the client will need to have with themself and the process. I strongly encourage anyone with chronic illness/dysfunction to follow the food list as written. Over time, we can slowly introduce other foods and observe the body’s reaction. If the body responds with a loss of energy and/or thirst, that particular food should be eliminated from the diet permanently as the body is responding to it as a poison.

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