Donna P.

Donna P.

Posted on August 26, 2014

Stephanie practices colon hydrotherapy as a healing mission. She attunes to the whole person, understanding that what we hold and release cannot be separated from how we live and have lived. She treats the whole body, lymphatically massaging, soothing, and intuitively releasing pressure points during the colonic. I have been going for regular colonics for over 20 years, seeing colon hydrotherapy as an essential practice for maintaining good health. I have been to many practitioners. When I went to Stephanie years ago, I recognized that she was in her own class and have been a monthly client since. I have sent my whole family to her and referred many others, knowing they will be well cared for.

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Stephanie truly has a Gift. I have been going to her for 8 years now & I’m devoted because she’s truly the Best. I have had MANY colonics from many good practitioners but what Stephanie offers is nothing like what anyone else is doing. She has an Intuitive Gift, she knows what pressure point to massage or what part of the body needs Attention in order to help you release deeply. She really is guided by this intuitive sense, its Magic. When you let her do her thing it’s like watching tai chi happen, she knows what she’s doing and you can tell she’s tapped into a deeper guidance. Stephanie is also so loving and so kind, she truly cares about you. She is also very very professional, I have sent probably 10 friends of mine to her and they always text me right after and they all say the same thing! “I love Stephanie!” She’s the Best. Honestly. I feel so Blessed to have found Stephanie, she really knows how to give a high end, Loving, effective, and healing Colonic.

Jillian Speer