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Stephanie Kato

As a metaphysical colon hydrotherapist, I invite you to join me in assisting you to step into your energetic, emotional, mental, and physical body to realize your truth and practice letting go of old belief systems, which cause pain. As human beings we often attach ourselves to the illusion of “control,” whether we are trying to control our body, our lives, or other people. In reality we control very little; however we continue to attempt to do so. It is this attempt that causes us some of our greatest suffering.

The colon holds many emotional issues, such as support, grief, control, financial, and sexual issues. I am committed to my internal work to awaken to my truth, and I offer you present assistance in doing the same, should this resonate with you. We can choose to access your energetic body by opening to your soul’s truth: your emotional body by staying present with what you are feeling during the session, your mental body by observing existing belief systems, and your physical body by connecting with the massage techniques that I utilize in my sessions.

I am a certified massage professional and I may employ, depending on time, lymphatic drainage massage, acupressure, reflexology, and deep tissue. I am an intuitive body worker and will honor where and how your body is asking for me to work.

Stephanie’s qualifications:

  • Dotolo Institute – Advanced certification, 1996
  • Internal Environment Institute – Connie Allred/France Robert – Advanced certification, 1997
  • International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy – Advanced certification, 1998
  • National Board of Colon Hydrotherapy, 1998
  • California Healing Arts College of Massage, 1997
  • Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing – Manual lymphatic drainage massage – Marci Javril, 1998
  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage – Sky David, 1998
  • Amaya Center – Mentorship program with Amaya Victoria, 2011
  • New Millennium Institute of Wellness – Energetic Systems Maintenance, 2012
  • Internal Environment Institute – Advanced Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage, 2014
  • Craniosacral Therapy – John Allan – 2016

Isabelle Bracco

I’m Isabelle and my passions have always been Health, Well Being, Nature and Sports. After losing a family member from an health challenge at a young age, I decided to dedicate my life to Health at all levels.
I was an intensive care Nurse in France for 5 years and after moving to the US in 1998, I got attracted to a more holistic approach. I became a Certified Massage Therapist and a Certified Personal Trainer. I have been an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist since 2007. In 2014, I also accomplished a 3 months missionary program at Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, a holistic program dedicated to physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification where I witnessed incredible healing transformations among the people there.
I love learning about the amazing capabilities of the body to heal itself and about the different modalities to help the body in that process. (Right now, I am exploring the power of different breathing techniques).
I am very grateful to do something I love. Colon Hydrotherapy is a very rewarding way to assist other human beings in their holistic health journey.
I can see the medicine of the future having a more functional approach where doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, nutritionists, colon hydrotherapists… all work together to bring Health, Balance and Happiness to each unique individual.


  • 1994: French Nursing Certification (School of the French Red Cross)
  • 1994-1998: Nurse in Intensive Care (Clinique du Tonkin)
  • December 2001: Swedish and Sport Massage Certification (California Healing Arts College)
  • April 2002: Clinical Studies and Business Program
  • July 2002: Deep Tissue Certification
  • October 2002: Thai Massage Workshop
  • April 2003: Sport Massage Certification
  • August 2002- June 2004: Massage Therapist at Casa Del Mar. (Santa Monica)
  • April 2002- July 2005: private Clients ‘In house Massage”
  • April 2005: ISSA Trainer Certification
  • September 2006: Posture and the Post-Rehab client certification
  • January 2007: Rubberized Resistance Training Certification
  • July 2012: NCCA Personal Fitness Trainer
  • July 2012 to May 2013: Personal Trainer at Golds Gym (Venice)
  • April-May 2007: Colon Hydrotherapist assistant at “Healthy Living” with India Halloway
  • June 2007: Colon Hydrotherapist I-ACT Certification Level 1 and level 2 (Healing Water Institute)
  • June 2007 to now: Independent contractor in Santa Monica on Hydrosan, Dotolo and libbe systems

Why Iyasu is Unique

If you are accustomed to receiving colonics or lymphatic drainage in Los Angeles then you know there are many places to choose from.

What makes Iyasu and Stephanie special?

I offer each client a sacred space in which they feel safe enough to open up on all levels of their being and release anything that no longer serves them. This includes belief systems that have created obstacles to healing, unresolved or leftover emotional issues creating congestion and blocks in the physical body, and disconnection from Source in a way that leaves them feeling fearful, alone, and unhappy.

I believe the power of touch is healing. I offer as much full body massage during the session as the body guides me to do. Many of my clients have personal histories that included unhealthy and/or unloving attention from their caregivers. Even those who grew up in healthy households can benefit from massage during their colonic. I believe we keep accumulated emotional pain and sorrow within our cells. When I massage different parts of a client’s body with therapeutic massage, we are acknowledging the pain and suffering that resides within and this acknowledgement allows the person to feel seen and validated. This alone can bring relief in a way that allows their body to relax and release.

One of the reasons we human beings choose unhealthy diet habits may be due to having an unawareness of the suffering we hold inside. We choose certain foods, drinks, and drugs (including tobacco) that keep us numb so we don’t feel the emotional pain so acutely. This method of coping can work…for a while. Over time, however, our wise and loving bodies may go to dysfunction and/or discomfort to help us admit and accept the internal work needed to shift us into health. I offer clients the space to make these discoveries so they can heal themselves.

It is my intention to serve and assist each client seeking to understand what their body might be telling them so they may make changes to promote self-healing through compassion and love.

I truly believe we can heal ourselves when we are given a sacred and safe space to do so.

Stephanie Kato

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