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Stephanie Kato

Stephanie Kato is a Metaphysical Intuitive Healer, and also founder and owner of Iyasu (which means “to heal” in Japanese). Passionate about teaching others how to self-heal, Stephanie connects clients to the wisdom of their body. Within each of us exists the need to be loved and accepted. Many people believe this must come from other people but in truth, they must first offer this to themselves. Practicing self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance is the foundation to all permanent healing.

As a metaphysical colon hydrotherapist, I invite you to step into your energetic, emotional, mental, and physical body to realize your truth and practice letting go of old belief systems, which cause pain. As human beings we often attach ourselves to the illusion of “control,” whether we are trying to control our body, our lives, or other people. In reality we control very little; however we continue to attempt to do so. It is this attempt that causes us some of our greatest suffering.

The colon holds many emotional issues, such as support, grief, control, financial, and sexual issues. I am committed to my internal work to awaken to my truth, and I offer you present assistance in doing the same, should this resonate with you. We can choose to access your energetic body by opening to your soul’s truth: your emotional body by staying present with what you are feeling during the session, your mental body by observing existing belief systems, and your physical body by connecting with the massage techniques that I utilize in my sessions.

Disease, dysfunction and illness is often borne from feelings of worthlessness and unlovableness. Believing this way causes people much stress. Without acknowledgement and validation of internal emotional stress, people tend to “store” it within the body. Over time, this manifests as illness in the physical body. Stephanie excels at quickly identifying the origin cause of physical illness. Using a combination of intuitive energy work and discussions with the client, she can help them discover what the body wisely reveals within the physical dysfunction. It is Stephanie’s desire to teach people so they can share with their loved ones how they can self-heal as well.

Stephanie’s qualifications:

  • Dotolo Institute – Advanced certification, 1996
  • Internal Environment Institute – Connie Allred/France Robert – Advanced certification, 1997
  • International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy – Advanced certification, 1998
  • National Board of Colon Hydrotherapy, 1998
  • California Healing Arts College of Massage, 1997
  • Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing – Manual lymphatic drainage massage – Marci Javril, 1998
  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage – Sky David, 1998
  • Amaya Center – Mentorship program with Amaya Victoria, 2011
  • New Millennium Institute of Wellness – Energetic Systems Maintenance, 2012
  • Internal Environment Institute – Advanced Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage, 2014
  • Craniosacral Therapy – John Allan – 2016

Why Iyasu is Unique

If you are accustomed to receiving colonics or lymphatic drainage in Los Angeles then you know there are many places to choose from.

What makes Iyasu and Stephanie special?

I offer each client a sacred space in which they feel safe enough to open up on all levels of their being and release anything that no longer serves them. This includes belief systems that have created obstacles to healing, unresolved or leftover emotional issues creating congestion and blocks in the physical body, and disconnection from Source in a way that leaves them feeling fearful, alone, and unhappy.

I believe the power of touch is healing. I offer as much full body massage during the session as the body guides me to do. Many of my clients have personal histories that included unhealthy and/or unloving attention from their caregivers. Even those who grew up in healthy households can benefit from massage during their colonic. I believe we keep accumulated emotional pain and sorrow within our cells. When I massage different parts of a client’s body with therapeutic massage, we are acknowledging the pain and suffering that resides within and this acknowledgement allows the person to feel seen and validated. This alone can bring relief in a way that allows their body to relax and release.

One of the reasons we human beings choose unhealthy diet habits may be due to having an unawareness of the suffering we hold inside. We choose certain foods, drinks, and drugs (including tobacco) that keep us numb so we don’t feel the emotional pain so acutely. This method of coping can work…for a while. Over time, however, our wise and loving bodies may go to dysfunction and/or discomfort to help us admit and accept the internal work needed to shift us into health. I offer clients the space to make these discoveries so they can heal themselves.

It is my intention to serve and assist each client seeking to understand what their body might be telling them so they may make changes to promote self-healing through compassion and love.

I truly believe we can heal ourselves when we are given a sacred and safe space to do so.

Stephanie Kato

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