How Do I Cleanse? Detox in Action…with Compassion

How Do I Cleanse? Detox in Action…with Compassion

Posted on January 13, 2016

When people choose to start a cleanse, or change their lifestyle to become healthier, it is commendable.  Often, when they begin they may start off pretty gung-ho. They sign up for some colonic sessions and buy everything they need to be successful. Then they start the cleanse and over time, the excitement starts to wane a bit. He finds that not eating some of the more ‘fun foods’ loses its appeal. She notices that it’s not easy to eat a healthy and sometimes restrictive diet for a lengthy period of time. Perhaps they discover they were not fully committed to begin with and actually started the cleanse with reservations.  All this is understandable, however, for changes to occur we must take action. If someone starts a cleanse and doesn’t follow it as directed, it is perfectly fine, although the person needs to understand they may not experience their desired results in the time they wanted.

I believe it is human to start off excited about something new and that excitement may taper off with time. I think the key is in offering yourself compassion.  My intention in writing is to encourage those wishing to make significant changes with their life, health and anything else that is problematic for them by following this plan.  As you might imagine, the majority of our clients come for sessions because they are detoxing their bodies – some to heal illness and some to maintain good health. There are plenty of blogs devoted to all the different ways we can cleanse – including some from yours truly! This blog isn’t about a particular type of cleanse. I am writing to share my thoughts on how to effectively and efficiently put your detox into action. We cannot expect a change in our lives, bodies, relationships, or situations unless we choose to take action to create the change.

What are some reasons why someone would start a cleanse but not follow it as directed? Some people may not want to do the work required to change, especially when it comes to diet. Many are quite attached to eating a particular way or eating certain foods. Others might not believe that doing a cleanse will make much of a change. Additionally, there are those who struggle with self worth issues and don’t feel they are worthy of the effort it requires to care for oneself. How can we ensure we will continue to follow through once the excitement cools down?  We must accept that in order to change our body (our circumstances, relationships, lives), we need to change what we do, how we think, what we believe and what we find acceptable.

Let’s change what we accept. In order to experience different results, we must make different choices. We need to change what we do and how we think. If we are used to eating certain foods and we know those foods are contributing to our discomfort or dysfunction, we have to ask ourselves if we are willing to choose differently. I’m sure you have heard the saying “faith without works is dead”? Well, cleansing without willingness is not as effective. Ok, it doesn’t roll off the tongue as well but you get the idea!

If we are choosing to cleanse with food, juice or supplements it can be helpful to choose a time frame outlining the duration of the cleanse. Choose a length of time that is doable, taking into consideration our work schedule, our time commitments (children, family), and how we are feeling emotionally. Remember to include self-compassion when considering this time frame. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t reboot your entire life and body in one week. Be reasonable with your expectations. Plan on doing something healthy and nurturing everyday so you stay on track. Ensure that whatever cleanse you choose will be a cleanse you can reasonably stick to even if you need to modify it a bit. When it comes to permanent and lasting change, consistency is key.

Taking action to heal our bodies requires mental preparation as well. Let’s look at the word A.C.T.I.O.N. as an acronym.  I observe that the people who prepare themselves mentally for a cleanse move through it much more easily than those who do not. To help you, I’ve broken it down below:







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(A)ccept – Most people get colonics and/or bio electric lymphatic drainage because they are experiencing some level of physical dysfunction or discomfort and want relief.  To attain health, we must accept that our past choices may have played a significant part in the present state of our physical body. (I’m speaking of choices where we had control over what we chose to put in our bodies or how we chose to treat our bodies as opposed to cancer, hereditary illness, etc.).  Acceptance is a key player in taking action because when we choose acceptance we are taking responsibility for our part and this alone can create health and well-being. When we accept that we had a part in creating our physical dysfunction, then it means we have a part in healing it as well.

(C)ommit – As I expressed earlier, when we commit to working a cleanse as directed, we will most likely see greater results than if we don’t. Look at it this way, since we are taking the time out of our busy schedules to get colonics and/or lymphatic drainage, and expensing the money for services and supplements, we might as well commit to doing as much as we can for the duration of the cleanse. The intention with which we begin cleansing our bodies will help us to continue taking action throughout.

(T)rust – Starting anything new, especially a new health program requires a certain amount of trust that we are on the correct path. The only way we can know is if we give the cleanse enough time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it took time for our bodies to get to where it is today, so we must accept that it will take time to reverse certain conditions.  Trust that if you stay the course and give your body the time that it needs, you will begin to feel better and healing will occur – but only if we take action first.

(I)nvestigate – One of the key points in having a successful cleansing experience is to understand certain truths about ourselves. We must investigate in order to gain insight and information. It is important to not only understand, but also accept, how we look at ourselves, and life in general. By doing so we can decide if our current perspectives serve us or not. I believe this is the only way we will make permanent and lasting change. For example, you could ask yourself where you could support yourself in a more loving way. Are there parts of you that mentally tear you down? Do you judge yourself rather than show loving, self-compassion? We are all where we are because of our life experiences. Some of those experiences may have caused us to learn to distrust or protect ourselves. If so, does staying in that mindset help or hurt you today? These are wonderful ways to investigate who you are and where you need certain changes within.

(O)bserve – Reducing or eliminating certain foods can bring up certain feelings that may be sitting dormant within us. If we experience feelings that don’t feel good or positive as a result of cleansing, don’t stop! Take contrary action instead, trusting that food can often be used as a way to numb our feelings, especially those that are uncomfortable to sit with. Start by observing the way you eat and what your relationship with food really is. Would you say it is a healthy relationship? Or is it co-dependent and unhealthy? Observing ourselves in this way can provide invaluable information about ourselves that can help us take action in making necessary and loving changes.

(N)avigate – Choosing to begin or stay on a cleanse may require a certain amount of navigation with your lifestyle. To experience a successful cleanse, it is vital to prepare appropriately. Before you begin, I suggest that you think about how the cleanse will impact your life. If you are part of a couple or family, you will most likely have to navigate how to incorporate this cleanse with the way you and your partner/family have become accustomed to living. One way to do this is to cleanse together! Not only will this make the transition easier for you, but your partner/family will benefit from eating cleaner and healthier as well! If they aren’t as excited about the idea of cleansing as you, you can prepare meals that include foods that are on your cleanse, and foods they will enjoy as well. A win-win for everyone. And you never know…once they see the changes in you, they might just jump onboard!

Hopefully seeing A.C.T.I.O.N. in action has been a helpful way to prepare for your cleanse. And don’t forget that starting any cleanse with a colonic and/or bio electric lymphatic drainage session can reduce the potential discomfort you might experience as your body starts detoxing. Please feel free to call me with any questions or to book an appointment!

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