How Do I Cleanse? Self-care on a Budget

How Do I Cleanse? Self-care on a Budget

Posted on August 4, 2015

For some, colonics and lymphatic drainage sessions are just not in the budget. What can a person do who needs to practice self-care but cannot spend the money to receive sessions? I’ve created the following to offer guidance for this particular situation:

What if I can’t afford a colonic?

There are some alternatives to colon hydrotherapy if this is too expensive for you. One is a home enema and a great option to clean your colon. Colonics are basically an extended and complete form of an enema. I like using the stainless steel buckets because although enema bags can be effective, I am concerned about the possible mold that can build up inside the bag that we cannot see. It provides a very easy way to clean the bucket and I can always see what is going on inside. I buy my stainless steel buckets at

How do I self-administer an enema?

First, ensure that the enema bucket kit comes with a rectal nozzle. Bring one to two quarts of purified water to a temperature of about 100 degrees and pour into the enema bucket, closing the clamp beforehand so the water doesn’t come out of the tip. Hang the enema bucket a few feet off the ground – the higher the bucket the faster the water comes out so you may need to adjust as you go along. Be sure to lubricate the tip well with coconut oil or petroleum jelly. Lying on your side, insert the tip into your rectum very carefully and take deep breaths while doing so. Open the clamp and allow water to slowly fill your colon. You might need to close and open the clamp while filling to make the process more comfortable.  Once your body has taken as much water as you feel comfortable with, close the clamp to stop the flow of water and hold the water for as long as you can, up to 15-20 minutes. When you feel that your body is ready to release, sit on the toilet with your feet elevated on something like a Squatty Potty and release your colon fully, breathing deeply. Repeat as necessary.

What inexpensive tips  move my colon?

We’ve all heard how important it is to drink a lot of water. For some, drinking water is challenging. Even though this is understandable, staying hydrated is vital when it comes to properly caring for your colon as water is always the best source of hydration. A good rule of thumb is drinking ½ your body weight in ounces per day. Remember, if you also drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, you will need to replace – ounce for ounce – water to counter the dehydrating effects of these types of drinks. Besides avoiding constipation, many of my clients report feeling so much more energetic and alert as a result of increasing their water intake.

Another great source of water (and fiber) is produce – fruits and veggies. The old saying “You are what you eat” is true, and even more so is the saying “You are what is left over after you eliminate”! If you aren’t eliminating fully and completely, the toxic waste in your colon can impact your energy and vitality. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables not only provides water but also natural fiber. Compared to store bought fiber (like psyllium which can be extremely dry and cause even more constipation) the fiber in fruits and vegetables include water, resulting in bigger and softer bowel movements. I encourage clients to eat fruit in the morning and veggies with lunch and dinner. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming and so great for our health, especially the dark, green leafy kind. Choose fruits that are low on the glycemic index and juicy to add water to your diet as well. They are full of fiber and when eaten raw, contain all the enzymes necessary to digest them. Plus, fruits and vegetables are fairly inexpensive – a great combo!

How do I take care of my lymphatic system?

In my opinion, the lymphatic system is one of the least understood and most important systems of the body. Unlike the blood, which has the heart to pump it, we need to ensure our lymph is moving daily.The following offers different ways of doing just that:

Deep breathing – this is one of the best known tips to improve your health. Deep breathing can move our lymphatic system superficially and muscularly as the lungs act as a suction pump for the lymphatic system. It can help us to get and stay grounded. It can detox us by clearing our lungs. Deep breathing can put us into a relaxed state and remind us to pause before responding, thereby reducing reactions that might cause ourselves or others emotional pain and problems. Head down to the beach or park and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while practicing deep breathing.

Exercises to move the lymphatic system – the best exercises to move the lymphatic system are rebounding and yoga. Rebounding is basically jumping on a trampoline. These days you can purchase one at a sporting goods store fairly inexpensively. You can also picked one up second hand as this tends to be an item that people use for a short while and stop. Even if you are physically challenged with dysfunction and disease, rebounding can be something most people are able to do – at least gentle bouncing (Be sure to hold onto something if your balance is not too steady, like the back of a chair). Start with 5 minutes a day and practice gentle bounces – don’t let your feet leave the trampoline surface and include lots of deep breathing. For yoga, you can Youtube many free classes online or pick up a used DVD at a second hand store like Goodwill. Inexpensive yoga mats can be purchased at Target or another budget type store. (Please check in with your physician/health practitioner before starting any exercise program.)

Dry skin brushing – speaking of the lymphatic system, moving our lymph on a superficial level is best done with dry skin brushing. You want to buy a natural bristle brush (no synthetic) and brush toward your heart before showering or bathing. It is important to make sure your skin is dry.  Starting at your feet, brush up to the heart. Brush from the fingertips and around the shoulders and then down to the heart. Deep breathe while brushing.

Big tip for great health!

Meditation – this is a great way to calm our nervous systems, manage our stress and anxiety and allow ourselves to be guided by our higher selves. By practicing a daily meditation practice, we can train our minds to quiet. As a result, we become much less reactive to life and others, and better able to simply respond. Many have been able to reduce their blood pressure and other serious illnesses by practicing daily meditation. If working with a meditation teacher is not a financially viable option, you can Youtube some videos to follow.

Good self care doesn’t have to be expensive. The most important part of taking care of yourself is the desire to do so and a willingness to heal. At Iyasu we support you, and wish you health and happiness!

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