How Do I Cleanse? The Lymphatic System

How Do I Cleanse? The Lymphatic System

Posted on June 22, 2015

In my humble opinion, I believe the lymphatic system is one of the most important and least understood systems of the body. Whether you are thinking of cleansing your body to maintain good health or to heal from illness, stimulating and moving the lymphatic system is vital. From this understanding, I created the Iyasu Anti-inflammatory N.D.E. (Nurture, digest, eliminate) Health Program. The details I outline below explains more clearly the importance of moving our lymphatic system.

As a result of my clinical experience since 1996, I have observed that the one common denominator with client disease and dysfunction always comes back to one thing:


I notice that where there is inflammation, there is congestion, and what often follows is pain. I’ve known for years that diet is key for feeling energetic and good. I also notice that the healthier my mental and emotional state, the healthier my body becomes. Keeping my body clean with colonics and bio electric lymphatic drainage has been essential to maintaining my good health.

So what gives? What is the science behind my observations? At iyasu, we believe the key to health lives within our cells. According to Dr. Samuel West, ND, DN, it is vital for our cells to be in a “dry state”. Basically this means that there should be a very small amount of space in the interstitial spaces around our cells. When we eat unhealthful foods, think negatively, hold onto resentment and anger, and fail to breathe deeply daily, the blood capillaries open up and release blood proteins in the spaces between our cells faster than the lymphatic system can remove them. These proteins will draw water and sodium to them and this excess is what causes inflammation. Our blood does a fantastic job of getting oxygen and nutrients to the cells…but only when the cells are in a dry state. When there is inflammation as a result of the excess water and sodium, the blood has to travel farther to get to each cell and when it cannot, our cells become deprived of oxygen and nutrients. In addition, if our lymphatic system cannot remove the blood proteins in these spaces, they can disrupt the delicate balance of potassium and sodium within each cell (our cells are electrical generators – vital for producing energy), causing the cell to become damaged and eventually die.

The good news is that our bodies are always reaching for balance, and will respond with health when our lifestyles support this intention. At any given time, we human beings can choose to live our lives in a way that fully reflects this balance. The therapists at Iyasu are committed in our efforts to educate each client so they may choose a lifestyle which supports their body in healing itself. We don’t treat or heal…we simply teach each client how to do that for themselves. We feel this is the epitome of self-empowerment.

Let me share with you the importance of moving the lymphatic system on a daily basis. I’ve been a massage therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage since 1996, having worked with clients utilizing manual lymphatic drainage massage. In 2010, France Robert introduced me to bio electric lymphatic drainage, and I saw a remarkable response in my clients’ health. In my quest to educate myself, I sought out the answers I needed to understand why and how this was happening. I discovered The Academy of Lymphology and the work of Dr. Samuel West, DN, ND. His discovery shaped the foundation for my work with clients today and what inspired me to create the Iyasu N.D.E. Health Program.

In his book “The Golden Seven Plus One,” Dr. West explains the blood protein research and its impact on our body. Please take the time to read this and educate yourself because this will help explain why we must eat healthfully, move our lymph, manage our stress, breathe deeply and reduce our fear, anger and resentments.

In order for us to be healthy and vibrant, our cells need to be in a “dry state.” The blood, which is 91% water, carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which they must continually receive without obstruction if they are to remain healthy and strong. Blood diffuses out of the capillaries to irrigate cells with oxygen and nutrients at a rate of 3 quarts per minute. Anything that will interfere with this “irrigation” process or the other life processes that take place within the cell will damage or kill the cell and be the cause of inflammation, pain, loss of energy, and all other discomforts and afflictions that we may experience. The only substance that can interfere with the irrigation process, where the cells receive oxygen and nutrients and with other life processes within the cell, are the proteins that make up part of our blood plasma. Until this discovery was made, it was believed our blood proteins were too big to come through the tiny pores of the capillary membranes into the spaces around our cells.
[1] In other words, what creates a state of dis-ease is when blood proteins escape the blood capillaries and get trapped in between the interstitial spaces (the spaces around the cells) of the cells – see image below.

When this occurs, the following results: 1.) Each cell is an electrical generator: Inside the call the potassium level must remain high and the sodium level must remain low. A very delicate balance must be maintained. Anything that will upset the delicate balance of potassium and sodium within the cells can damage or kill the cell. 2.) Sodium-potassium pump: This pump is the rotation of the NA + and K+ in and out of the cell which generates an electrical field. It is the key to the life process and the energy produced by the cell.  3.) Excess fluid and excess sodium around the cells – this is caused by trapped blood proteins around the cells.  4.) Trapped blood proteins around the cells: Causes pain, loss of energy, and disease and damage at the cell level.[2] 5.) The only thing that can remove trapped blood proteins in the interstitial spaces around the cells is the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system requires us to move it daily both superficially and muscularly: Superficially – through deep breathing and dry skin brushing; Muscularly – through deep breathing and exercise; Bio electric lymphatic drainage session.

What causes blood proteins to leak out of the capillaries and get trapped in between our cells?  1.) Improper diet – Any food we ingest that causes an inflammatory response in the body. 2.) Trauma – both physical and emotional. 3.) Fear, resentment, and anger. 4.) Physical inactivity.

Why do the above items cause trapped blood proteins? Anything that “shocks” the body can cause the blood capillaries to dilate, resulting in blood proteins escaping into the spaces between the cells faster than the lymphatic system can remove them.

Therefore, the basis for the Iyasu N.D.E. Health Program consists of: eating foods that our bodies can metabolize and digest without creating an inflammatory response; enzymes to ensure proper functioning of all chemical reactions necessary for optimum health and digestion; bio electric lymphatic drainage to assist the body in removing excess blood proteins around the cells; daily exercise (muscular/lymphatic), deep breathing, stress management, and rest; colon hydrotherapy to assist the body in hydrating and detoxing.

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[1] Page 31, (1.9-1.11) of The Golden Seven Plus One by Dr. Samuel West.
[2] Page 35 of “The Golden Seven Plus One”, by Dr. Samuel West

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