Iyasu Anti-inflammatory N.D.E. Health Program

Iyasu Anti-inflammatory N.D.E. Health Program

I’m so excited to share with you my N.D.E. (Nurture, Digest, Eliminate) Anti-Inflammatory Health Program – a program intended to reduce/eliminate the inflammation in the body. In 2014, I experienced increased inflammation in my body as a result of surgery (my first ever!) on my hip at the end of 2013. In addition, I’ve known for years that eating certain foods create an inflammatory response in my body, resulting in pain. As a therapist, I’ve noticed that inflammation seems to be the culprit for much of what ails my clients as well.

In October 2014 I attended a wonderful workshop with Transformation Enzyme Corporation. During the workshop I was given an anti-inflammatory food list developed by Dr. Milton Bastidas, DC and Lisa Helffrich, RD. Since 2001, I have been a participant and proponent of eating for my blood type – based on the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type,” eloped by Peter D’Adamo. I discovered that eating for my blood type helps my body to metabolize the food I am eating, thereby reducing my inflammatory response. One of the reasons the blood type diets work is because our ancestors ate specific foods that our bodies know how to metabolize today, as a result of having been in our blood line. When I received this anti-inflammatory food list from Transformation, I decided to modify it to include the blood type diet. It resonated with me that certain foods cause inflammation because we are not meant to eat them. Some of the foods we ate and (seemingly) tolerated as children are not being metabolized properly today and it is my belief that inflammation is the result. After using myself as a test subject, I discovered eating anti-inflammatory foods, taking enzymes, moving my lymph, and cleansing my body reduced my inflammation. As a result, I am out of pain and I am feeling great!

Iyasu Anti-inflammatory Health Program (N.D.E.)

The program consists of 3 parts: Nurture, Digest, Eliminate

(We must ensure that what goes in is healthy, what is digested is effective, and what is eliminated is complete).


  • Anti-inflammatory food list
  • Journaling


  • Transformation Enzymes
  • Proper food combining


  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Each part also includes: exercise, stress management, rest, & deep breathing (see Daily Suggestions).



  • Anti-inflammatory food lists
    • Food can feel nurturing, both on superficial and deeper levels.
      • Superficially, certain foods such as refined carbs and fried foods can give us the illusion of comfort and nurturing. After ingesting these types of foods, however, we are often left with discomfort, gas, bloating, and/or pain.
      • When we eat foods that truly nurture us (but may not feel as comforting), we feel lighter, more energetic, and clearer. Eating in a way that supports a strong immune system and optimal digestive health is nurturing on much deeper and more lasting levels.
    • The heart of the health program begins with the anti-inflammatory food lists modified by blood type: A, B, AB, & O. There are 4 tiers that each client begins with.
      • Clients may eat all foods from tier 1 for 3-4 weeks.
      • Tiers 2 – 4 are slowly incorporated during the additional weeks.
      • I encourage those with severe and/or chronic health issues to follow the program as directed.
      • For those wishing to lose weight, reduce bloat, and relieve congestion, I would suggest following the program as directed as well; however, these clients may use the transitional program as needed.
    • An important piece of this program requires the client to eat every 2 hours. This will ensure their blood sugar stays stable and the client feels satiated in order to continue with the program. It doesn’t need to be a full meal; in fact it might be better to eat several small meals. It tends to be easier on the digestive system and can stabilize our mood as well.
  • Journaling
    • Limiting ourselves to a diet low in sugar (fruit, refined carbs) can start to bring up feelings we may have suppressed with certain foods. Writing about these feelings can help us in a few ways:
      • It can show us where we may be distracting ourselves from different feelings. The so called “negative” feelings such as fear, anger, despair, guilt, resentment, sadness, etc. can feel terrible and it is very human to not want to feel terrible. We may have learned to eat in a way that was modeled for us growing up or it may have been developed later on in life.
      • If a feeling comes up that brings a craving for foods not on the list, give yourself 5-10 minutes to write about what you are feeling. As you write, certain truths may start to be revealed, giving you an opportunity to perceive yourself and your life from a different perspective.
      • When we understand that we may be using food as a distraction to avoid feeling certain feelings, we can make different, more healthful, and more loving choices to nurture ourselves in a way that won’t negatively impact our bodies. Some of these choices may include:
        • Taking a bath / going for a swim / walking on the beach
        • Reading
        • Resting
        • Connecting with friends
        • Asking for physical connection from loved ones
        • Expressing creativity through art or other forms


  • Transformation Enzymes
    • To aid each client in optimizing the efficiency of the program, we will suggest Transformation enzymes to support the body. Each program will be customized depending on the uniqueness of each client’s needs.
    • During the initial consultation, I will determine which enzymes are appropriate for each client. Since I am not a physician or registered dietician, I highly recommend each client verify with their physician the appropriateness of including the enzymes with this program.
    • Dr. DicQie Fuller, Ph.D., D.Sc., who founded and formulates the Transformation Enzymes, created a line of bio available enzymes which I have experienced to be very effective in breaking down our food so our bodies can digest, absorb, assimilate and eliminate it much more easily. Between eating foods our bodies can metabolize and taking enzymes to encourage the proper digestion of these foods, I believe our bodies will respond with little or no inflammation. I recognize there are many different brands of enzymes. I love Transformation Enzymes because they are formulated to be as broad spectrum as possible. For example, the Digest has a variety of enzymes to digest many different foods. Some enzymes include mostly amylase because it is a relatively inexpensive enzyme. Also, Transformation Enzymes are formulated so the client will not have to take quite as many as some other brands.


I believe it will be very important to begin the program by looking at the elimination doors available within our body. The most important part of the program requires us to eliminate as much of the current toxic build up present in our bodies as possible. We need to make sure that the doors are open before pushing waste out. If we don’t approach the body in this way, the client could end up feeling sick as a result of detoxing too quickly and may not want to continue the process. The longer a client has been dealing with physical dysfunction and illness, the more patient we must be and the slower we must go. I wish to meet the client where they are and take our time in working together to offer healing to the client with the least amount of discomfort possible.

  • Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage/Colonic combination:
    • Each client will start the program with a bio electric lymphatic drainage/colonic combination. Depending on the severity of the client’s physical issues, the client may wish to include the Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage session as an add-on to the colonic once the initial full body lymphatic session has been taken. (We must ensure that the lymphatic channels are open before using as an add-on). This can save the client both time and money. Beginning the program with a BELD/colonic combo may reduce the client’s experience of challenging symptoms this type of detox could result in.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
    • Colonics will be a vital part of the program for a few reasons:
      • What goes in must come out. If not, doesn’t it make sense that this alone can cause us physical, mental, and emotional issues?
      • If the client is not used to eating in this manner, simply by eating in a more healthful way, their body may start to detox (for example; headaches, loss of energy, brain fog, constipation and/or diarrhea, skin break-outs, cold/flu symptoms). It is my wish that every client detox in the easiest way possible. I believe that beginning the program with a colonic can eliminate some of the waste that may be in the colon. I encourage clients to eliminate what might be present to create space as the body begins to detox. At the end of each week, the client will take another colonic to help counter any challenging detoxifying effects.
      • In my experience, when changes in diet are suggested I notice that it can present a challenge for many clients. I am sympathetic to this because food can be comforting on an emotional level. If the food limitations become an issue, we can schedule a metaphysical colonic and look at what the client may need to resolve/heal to help them fully embrace this aspect of the program.
    • Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage Massage
      • The lymphatic system is a very important system in the body that we all need to actively work on a daily basis. At Iyasu, it is our goal to educate each client about the importance of our lymphatic system.
        • Physical inactivity can cause the lymphatic system to congest. Unlike our blood, which has the heart to pump the blood throughout the body, our lymphatic system does not have a pump to move it through the circulatory system (This differs from the sodium/potassium pumps within the cells.) We need to move the lymphatic system two ways:
          • Superficially, through deep breathing and dry skin brushing. (Dry skin brushing is a technique used to move the lymphatic system and clean the dead skin cells from our body. Using a natural bristle brush, brush the skin in single strokes up toward the heart. It is important to do this on dry skin daily, before showering or exercising.) We will provide each client with a “how to” dry skin brush chart.
          • Muscularly, through deep breathing and exercise (rebounding).
        • In order for a body to be healthy, the cells need to be in a “dry state.” This means that there should be very little space between each cell. When we eat foods that our body cannot metabolize, excess blood proteins can escape the blood and may become stuck in between the cells. According to the International Academy of Lymphology, this causes the spaces between the cells to expand (because water follows protein) and inflammation occurs. The only way that the body can get rid of these excess blood proteins is through the lymphatic drainage system. As previously stated, each person needs to insure that they are actively moving their lymphatic system. Sometimes this is not entirely possible depending on our lifestyle, time constraints, physical conditions, and willingness. Because of this, a bio electric lymphatic drainage session followed by a colonic can be extremely helpful to help manage one’s health. (Please refer to “The Lymphatic System” article for a deeper understanding).
        • Anger, resentment, and fear may cause our lymphatic system to congest and the body creates inflammation. This makes sense because these feelings put our bodies in a contractive state, and as such, disrupt the flow of circulation and energy. The lymphatic system is part of our circulatory system, so to heal our lymphatic system it would be wise to
          find a way to heal through our emotions.
        • We can focus your bio electric lymphatic drainage session on healing your body through metaphysical methods – come in for a session to find out how!

Program Cost

It is the intention of Iyasu to support our clients in their healing process without causing extraordinary financial stress. Upon commitment of participation in the program, Iyasu will provide each client with the following:

  • Special pricing on the Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage and Colon Hydrotherapy sessions.
  • Iyasu will provide the food lists at no extra charge.
  • Transformation Enzymes will be available for purchase at a discount off the retail price for the duration of the client’s participation in the program.

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