Making the Connection

Making the Connection

Posted on September 23, 2014

We encourage our clients to honor the wisdom of their body by asking what it is trying to tell them through physical dysfunction. Sounds interesting, right? But how do we do this, exactly? The following outlines a few suggestions:

Writing: Keeping in mind the physical issue you are having presently, get a notebook and pen and connect to the dysfunction in your body. Make the connection by breathing into this area. By bringing your breath there, you are connecting to it. Once you’ve done this, ask that part of your body to “speak” to you. Then put your pen to the paper and just start writing. Do this without thoughts from your own mind. Rather, just start writing even if it seems like you’re writing nonsense to begin with. After some time, answers will begin to appear. This is what is called, “Automatic writing.”

Internal Dialogue: Start by sitting in a comfortable position. As above, connect to the area of your body that is causing a problem for you. Then, accept the belief that your body loves you and wants you to heal by giving you a message with physical dysfunction. Start to meditate and ask your body to tell you what it wants you to know about this dysfunction. Listen quietly and hear what comes up. It may take some time to hear what your body is saying. Don’t give up…this exercise is an excellent way to connect to your intuition!

Location, location, location: Where the dysfunction shows up in our bodies is a clue to what is going on within us on a mental, emotional and/or spiritual plane. For example, let’s say that most of your physical issues are on the left side. The left side of the body is the feminine side. The body could be encouraging us to heal that part of ourselves that doesn’t receive. Perhaps we are uncomfortable receiving help or love. It could also indicate unresolved issues with a female in our lives – our mothers, girlfriends, wives and/or friends. Another example happened years ago when my cousin would always get sore throats. I suggested that she allow herself to speak her truth and communicate her needs. She has been practicing this for years and her sore throats have disappeared.

It has been my experience that when we honor and trust the wisdom of our body, we can heal many issues. I believe that the answers we seek lie within us and we will find them once we start connecting to our body and listening to the messages it wants us to hear.

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