Owl Venice

Owl Venice

Posted on March 15, 2016

Have you ever tried or wanted to try an elimination diet?? It can benefit just about anyone, but especially those with digestive issues including leaky gut and candida, which most Americans suffer from to some degree as our diets are typically high in processed foods and sugar.

As a personal chef dealing with digestive issues, I was inspired to develop delicious recipes despite being challenged by the limited list of approved ingredients for this kind of diet. As a result, I developed a cleanse program that consists of 3 broths and 3 nut/dairy/sugar/gluten free ‘milk’ shakes that are all delicious, nutrient dense, and free of common allergens. The gut lining regenerates every 5 days, so I recommend doing the program for at least 6 days, to kickstart any kind of elimination diet, or simply as a reset.

I tried this program myself for 14 days back in February and loved the results. I noticed increased energy and clarity, weight loss, extreme improvement in my digestion, and my skin was glowing! I now incorporate the broths and milkshakes into my daily regime and have been able to maintain my weight loss and better yet, have seen major improvements in my overall health and well being.

This month, I’m offering the cleanse to a maximum of 6 people per week. It’s the perfect way to transition into spring, dedicating yourself to healing your body from the inside out! I’m offering the 6 day program for $340, which includes 3 broths and 3 milkshakes (16oz. of each per day), delivery within 5 miles of Venice (extra fee depending on location), as well as two 30 minute consultations with me (one before and one after), and the support of the group and myself throughout the week via a group email thread. I also send educational information and inspiration each day to keep you motivated and informed. If you have any questions or if you’re ready to register, email me at lindsey@owlyouare.com.

Veggie Broth made with dandelion greens (great source of vitamin C & B6 & iron), ginger (anti-inflammatory, lower blood sugar), beet greens (great source of minerals and antioxidants), parsnip (great source of potassium and vitamin C), lavender (great for balancing the chakras), sage (improves brain function), marjoram, cilantro (great source of vitamin K), lemon (helps alkalize the body), beets (great source of vitamin C and manganese)
Homemade Hemp Milk (great source of iron, vitamin E, and GLA) with Spirulina (great source of protein, antioxidants and B Vitamins), Plantains (great source of fiber and potassium) OR Avocado (great source of potassium and monounsaturated fatty acids), Bentonite Clay (helps with digestive disturbances & detoxing), Cinnamon (helps lower blood sugar) & Matcha Green Tea (boosts memory, concentration and energy)

Chicken Bone Broth made with lavender (for balancing the chakras), ginger (anti-inflammatory, lower blood sugar), turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), sage (improves brain function), cilantro (source of vitamin k), celery root (excellent source of magnesium and phosphorus), thyme (great for respiratory function), beet greens (great source of iron) & apple cider vinegar
Homemade Sunflower Seed Milk (powerful source of copper and B vitamins) with Turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), Beets (high in vitamin c and manganese), Ginger (improves absorption of nutrients) & Triphala Powder (great for digestion)

Beef Bone Broth made with ginger (anti-inflammatory, lower blood sugar), turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), beet greens (great source of iron), parsley (helps flush fluid from the body), bay leaf (rich source of vitamin c), rosemary (boosts memory and improves mood), thyme (great for respiratory function), sage (improves brain function), oregano oil (powerful antibacterial), carrots (source of beta carotene) & apple cider vinegar
Homemade Pumpkin Seed Milk (source of zinc and magnesium) with Kabocha Squash (excellent source of beta-carotene), Ginger (improves absorption of nutrients) Cardamom (boosts mood), Clove (powerful antiseptic and aphrodisiac), Slippery Elm (great for digestion) Turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), Vanilla (great source of calcium) & Black Pepper (assists in breakdown of fat cells)

For more information, or to place online orders, check out www.owlvenice.com. Looking forward to sharing in this healing journey with you!

Much Love,

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