Parasites, Candida, Bacterial Infection and Antibiotics

Parasites, Candida, Bacterial Infection and Antibiotics

Posted on July 30, 2019

Whenever a new client comes in for a colonic and fills out the questionnaire, 90% of the time the symptoms reported most are gas and bloat. There are a few reasons someone might experience these symptoms: inflammatory diet, insufficient water intake, improper food combining, ingesting fried foods or carbonated drinks, insufficient mastication (eating too quickly), ingesting air while eating, and gum chewing. Many times the client has parasites, candida, small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), and other types of intestinal bacterial infection (I believe when we eat inflammatory foods this irritates our digestive tract and allows bacteria to enter and grow—more on this).

Gas and bloat are common symptoms for parasites, candida, bacterial infections and dysfunctional digestion. Some treat their issues with antibiotics which can kill the harmful bacteria but also the helpful, leading to other digestive issues. My approach to dealing with the aforementioned digestive invaders is multi-layered:

– Eat for your blood type—I have been eating for my blood type for 20 years and I attribute my consistent healthy weight, energy, great digestion and well-being to doing so. Hey, here’s an interesting story… a few years ago my doctor suggested I stop drinking coffee (coffee is very inflammatory for blood type “O”). I knew he was right but I loooooove coffee! I love the smell, the flavor, the kick and it stimulated my bowels… what’s not to love? I like to get annual blood tests to check up on my overall health, as blood does not lie, and lo-and-behold the results of my urinalysis scared me right into Matcha green tea! The coffee had irritated my urinary tract and kidneys. I had blood in my urine and multiple bacteria, yikes! A kidney cleanse for a few months got me back on track and also recommitted to my blood type diet (I had noticed a urinary tract infection type feeling for a few months but conveniently ignore it). Moral of the story? Prolonged inflammation in the body wreaks havoc and can have long-lasting and damaging effects. When we reduce the food-related inflammation we expose ourselves to, the healthier we will be and the less chance of opening ourselves up to harmful invaders.

– Treat it naturally—I like the combination tincture of black walnut/wormwood to kill parasites and candida (along with following a parasite and candida diet). Oregano oil or olive leaf extract can kill intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I’m sharing my personal experiences but please remember, I am not a physician and do not diagnose, prescribe or treat. Personally, I have had success in treating myself for the above maladies. I believe my mom (unbeknownst to her) had candida herself when she was pregnant with me and I know for a fact I (unbeknownst to me at the time) had candida when I was pregnant with my kids, leading to their childhood eczema. Cleansing with the black walnut/wormwood and candida/blood type diet took care of both the candida and their eczema.

– How can you tell the difference between parasites, candida, and bacterial overgrowth since the symptoms of gas and bloat are similar? Besides gas and bloat, parasites often cause your bowels to cramp and have diarrhea and you will crave sugar (either refined sugar or foods that break down into sugar, think: carbs). Candida will make you tired, itchy and give you skin issues (rashes, eczema, etch) and will also make you crave sugar. Bacterial overgrowth will cause you to bloat, often severely, no matter what you eat and… will make you crave sugar. The moral of THIS story is: Avoid sugar!

– Antibiotic use—It’s an individual choice to use antibiotics, but I can attest to the impact antibiotic use has on the digestive tract. To counter the negative effects of antibiotics, take a good probiotic (I like and sell Transformation Enzymes Probiotic 42.5) about 3 hours after you take the antibiotic. After my hip replacement surgery, I did so and my bowels moved normally.

– The gas/bloat connection—as you can see gas and bloat can originate from several sources. Whatever is causing your gas and bloat it is very important to combine your cleansing efforts with colon hydrotherapy. Why? As you kill bacteria, parasites, and yeast, it is vital to release the die-off from your body. For some, a change in diet is challenging enough, and many of my clients report a reduction in uncomfortable cleansing symptoms when combined with a colonic.

– Metaphysical connection—those clients taking part in metaphysical sessions have been able to discover the metaphysical origin to what ails them. This piece is invaluable when choosing to self-heal not only physically but on all levels of your being.

I hope this has been helpful information. Should you need support during your cleanse, please contact me for an appt. (310) 207-7772.

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