My Philosophy

Colon hydrotherapy is a very intimate healing session. It’s not just that a speculum is inserted into the rectum that makes this type of therapy intimate. It is also because we help the client access the deeper parts of himself/herself to let go of that which no longer serves them.

I consider colon hydrotherapy to be very sacred work. I feel it is an honor that clients trust me in working with their bodies, and also that those desiring the metaphysical colonic work trust me with the emotional issues they may be working through.

I feel that a simple approach is the best. I’m not big into supplementation personally and would rather work with clients on healing from an energetic/ emotional/mental perspective. Having said that, I do appreciate the benefits of supplements and fully support a person’s need and desire for them. My point in sharing my philosophy with regard to supplements is to help potential clients understand that I primarily promote physical healing from their spiritual, emotional, and mental core issues.

In creating Iyasu, as the owner, my intention is to lead with health. I feel it is important as a holistic practitioner that I walk my talk and really exemplify health. I want to be the type of therapist that a client will look at and trust that I can help them, based on my own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. My vision is to create a space where clients can explore the sensitive parts of themselves in a safe, healthy, and healing environment. In addition, it is my intention to create a safe and loving work environment for all employees, so that the client feels supported and encouraged from everyone they interact with at Iyasu.

In sharing my personal philosophy, I hope this will encourage you to book a session at Iyasu and experience a unique perspective in healing.

Thank you


Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy

I consider myself to be a Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapist, a style of healing called Iyasu that I have created. What this means is that I offer my clients the opportunity to work on their emotional body while receiving a colonic. As a colon hydrotherapist interested in working within and healing my own emotional body, I naturally started working with clients and offering emotional healing during their colonics. I didn’t intend to create this work, but because of my fascination with the emotional body, it just evolved into what it is today.

I have found that profound things happen for people when they emote on the table and talk about deep and personal experiences while physically letting go. I believe we hold emotions in our cells, and by bringing these emotions to our present conscious mind, we can literally let them go while we are releasing our waste material. Just as we no longer need the physical waste, we no longer need the emotional pain that most likely is serving to hold us back and keep us stuck in a belief system that is not the truth and prevents us from reaching our true potential. When a client is receiving a colonic and at the same time sharing with me a stressful or painful experience in their life, their body releases. I encourage the client to observe how their body is letting go as they share emotionally. When the client makes this connection, it can be very powerful. I do believe that the most meaningful realizations are those that we come to by ourselves.

People release in stages or layers during a series of physical colonics and/or in the process of a cleanse. When we allow water to fill the colon, we might assume the colon releases its waste and water all at once. It doesn’t necessarily happen that way. During a session, a client may release some and then a few minutes pass and they release more. Think of a metaphysical colonic as an emotional colonic where releasing occurs in a similar way. It can take several sessions to release an emotional block, or shift a mental perspective that a client has had for several years, depending on how deeply they want to or are ready to access and heal that part of them.

In addition, I am an intuitive body worker. This means that as I massage a client and work on their body I am receiving information about that person. Sometimes I hear clear messages from them (without them saying a word). At times, I get a word or a feeling about what is going on with them. Their body may be communicating something about what they are going through in their present life or it may be something from their past. As I am working, I will use different massage techniques to verify what I am picking up on.

At times I share with clients my experiences and observations in order to assist them in delving into themselves, to let go of whatever might be holding them back from experiencing the happy and joyful life that is the birthright of all. In doing so, may each person share their truth with the people in their lives. Although our individual internal work itself is ours alone, the healing benefits everyone.


FLOW For Health

For us to experience optimum health, we must maintain a flow – specifically a flow in the energy of the body. Let me break this perspective down to clearly explain what I mean:


When the flow in the physical body is compromised, we can experience physical dysfunction, such as constipation. The waste material is literally not flowing and prevents it from releasing out of our body.


There are times when we are experiencing a disturbance in our mental flow due to limiting belief systems, for example. This can prevent a flow of creativity and new ideas from entering our consciousness. Additionally, certain belief systems (mostly unconscious) can keep us ill.


Some people have experienced trauma in their history, and this can hinder healthy emotional flow within us. For instance, certain people have grown up in homes where there was fear, and consequently did not feel safe as a child. This can compromise their ability as an adult who interacts with other humans, because they may have learned to keep their emotions suppressed as a way to cope within their family of origin. This suppression of emotions blocks the flow of emotional healing, as we become stuck as a result. Unless this person allows himself/herself to heal the emotions that were suppressed, he/she might continue to behave in a way that does not allow for a complete emotional healing.


Using the above example, people who experienced trauma at a young age may have concluded that they are alone in the world. As a result of the physical/mental/emotional trauma, if they once believed in a higher source, they may have decided that this source abandoned them, further validating the isolation. When this happens, we as humans may choose to control ourselves, others around us, and our environment. Doing so, although understandable, can impede the flow of spiritual energy available to help us heal.

As outlined above, our flow can become obstructed, which (I believe) results in physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or mental illness. A break in the flow can occur on any of these levels and one can affect the others. The concept of this break in flow is important, as it can help us to achieve health when seen from this perspective. Let’s look at some examples of the flow being blocked:


This affects our physical body as a result of a disturbance in our physical flow.

Let’s look at constipation: If we don’t drink enough water we may end up dehydrated. Whatever the body cannot use becomes waste in the colon. As soon as the waste is introduced into the colon, the colon reabsorbs water and what is left over is a hardened piece of stool, which must travel about 5 feet to get out. If the waste material is too dry, it can end up getting stuck and creates a “block” in the flow of the colon and constipation can be the result. (This is not to be confused with an obstruction of the colon, which may be caused by a narrowing of the intestine from inflammation or damage to the bowel, tumors, scar tissue, hernias, twisting of the bowel, or pressure on the bowel from outside the intestinal tract.)

Below are suggestions our clients have found to be helpful:

  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy & Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage –
    • Colonics can be a great way to assist the body in releasing waste material. Some of my clients have sluggish colons and they have reported that the therapy part of colon hydrotherapy helps the flow by toning the colon, which is a muscular organ.
    • A bio electric lymphatic drainage session can open up the lymphatic system to de-congest and assist in the flow of the lymph. For more on this service, please refer to the section of the website titled “Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage.”
  • Drink plenty of pure water to ensure the flow of hydration to the colon, thus reducing the risk of constipation.
  • Eat foods containing natural fiber and water, such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Eliminate acid producing foods from our diets, such as dairy and flour.


This affects our mental body, and in turn affects the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Using the example of addiction, if we were to use addictive substances or engage in addictive behavior, the flow in the health of our thinking becomes compromised. Engaging in addictions affects our brain chemistry; without treatment, the health of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being may become compromised as well.

Below are suggestions our clients have found to be helpful:

  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy & Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage –
    • Metaphysical colonics can introduce a mental perspective to help shift the client from a belief system that is encouraging illness to one that supports and attains health, thereby maintaining a healthy flow.
    • Metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage sessions can promote the flow of the client’s lymphatic system by looking at how resentments, anger, and fear contribute to lymphatic congestion. By doing so, we can see what happens when we are able to shift our negative thinking to a more positive perspective.
  • The body is always reaching for health, and depending on the amount of damage done to the body and brain, abstinence from addictions could possibly reverse the negative effects on the body. Abstaining from engaging in addictive substances/behavior and getting into a 12-step recovery program can help to heal the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks with respect to these addictions.


This affects our emotional body, and depending on how we handle our emotions, can move into the physical and spiritual bodies.

Let’s look at depression: If a person is currently experiencing or has experienced strong feelings that they have suppressed, it can turn into depression. If a person overeats as a way to suppress these feelings, it can create a disturbance of the flow in the physical body, which can result in lymphatic and digestive congestion. In this example, the block was initially created by the suppression of our feelings, which created physical problems.

Some other examples of the physical issues one might experience by suppressing their feelings are:

  • Weight gain
  • Constipation
  • High blood pressure
  • Thyroid issues
  • Liver issues

Below are suggestions our clients have found to be helpful:

  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy & Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage –
    • In a metaphysical colonic session, we can explore the emotional origin of the physical dysfunction. The client can connect to feelings they may or may not have been aware of, and in doing so, can release more on the physical level. When we work with the intention of healing the physical body by connecting with the emotional, we get confirmation through the ease of physical flow, bringing validation and comfort.
    • During a bio electric lymphatic drainage session, we can connect what is showing up in the physical body with where there might be a block in the emotional flow. As the client makes the connection between the two, they can make some choices about how they live their lives and where they can open up to allow a deeper healing.
  • We can allow ourselves to sit in the discomfort of our feelings to ensure the flow of emotions. For example, let’s say we feel angry, but anger was a feeling that we were not allowed to express in our home growing up. We might have ended up repressing it to conform. As we move through life, situations can anger us. Since we have been accustomed to repressing anger, we may not know how to allow ourselves to feel it as an adult. Consequently, we may not know what to do with uncomfortable feelings and can find different ways to distract ourselves from feeling them. I’ve heard that the word emotion means energy in motion!
  • If we can allow ourselves to sit quietly and feel our feelings they can move through us, and eventually we will feel better.


This affects our spiritual body, and depending on where the spiritual block is showing up, it can move into the physical and emotional bodies.

Let’s, once again, look at addictions: If a person doesn’t allow him or herself to feel their feelings and they distract themself with other things they obsess over, this can become an addiction, (especially if an individual has a propensity to a certain type of brain chemistry). When we feel that we must control our lives, our bodies, and/or other people, we lose the spiritual connection necessary to trust that our needs are taken care of. As a result, we can live in fear that takes over our lives. The fear and emotional pain that exists within us can drive us to drink alcohol excessively, take drugs, overeat, overwork, overspend money, or engage in any other compulsive activity that temporarily alleviates these painful feelings. We just end up prolonging the inevitable, however, and by creating a block in the flow of our spiritual bodies, over time we end up feeling more emotional pain and unhappiness.

Below are suggestions our clients have found to be helpful:

  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy & Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage –
    • Metaphysical colonics – By accessing the spiritual part of us during a session, we can open ourselves to a deeper understanding of how Spirit works with and guides us in our lives. Trusting Spirit opens our hearts, and consequently opens our emotional body and our physical body. As a result, we may experience a better flow in our physical releases.
    • Metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage – When we set an intention to move the lymphatic system from a higher place within us, the body responds. Because the bio electric lymphatic drainage is based on the principles of quantum physics, the body adjusts to what is being offered in the session along with what the therapist and the client are intending. This can manifest as a more efficient flow in the lymphatic system, and the body as a whole.
  • Trust that a higher source (Higher Self, Spirit, Divine, Higher Power, God, Universe, etc.) is taking care of all our needs despite what we think we need. Allow this Source to guide us and accept that everything that is showing up in our lives is as it should be for our highest good.

I know that the above examples are quite simplified. I use these for the purpose of giving a general idea of how impeding the flow of energy can affect the totality of us as human beings. When working with a client, it is never cut and dried, as each of us is unique and we all have specific experiences in our histories. I never work with any sort of cookie cutter template that my clients must fit into. I don’t go into a session with any preconceived ideas or notions. I use whatever shows up as a guide to what the client may or may not need. Each client and each session can vary greatly and I have the utmost respect for and will honor each individual’s process and belief systems.

BALANCE For Health


I would like to share some thoughts about balance. I am honored to have the trust of my clients, who share with me different aspects of their lives: their joys, their challenges (both physical and emotional), and everyday happenings. One thing I notice that most of us struggle with is finding balance. Some of us work crazy, busy hours and are trying to figure out how to have enough time to exercise and play. Others of us have families and we try to balance taking care of the family and finding the time to take care of ourselves as well.

When we get out of balance, our bodies tend to speak to us by going to physical dysfunction as a loving way to get our attention and get us back into balance. Let’s look at a few ways that our bodies reflect an imbalance in our lives or within ourselves (these aren’t hard and fast meanings that will apply to every person; they are general ideas of what might be going on within us).

Below is a brief introduction of each (click on the specific perspective for a deeper understanding):

  • BALANCE – Physical Perspective : The physical perspective is always reaching for balance through homeostasis. Problems occur when that balance is thrown off and our flow is disrupted. We achieve physical balance through proper diet, hydration, adequate sleep, stress management, and joy.
  • BALANCE – Mental Perspective : When referring to the mental perspective, I am referring to our minds and how we think. It includes the ego, that part of us that feels separate and alone. The mind can either be our greatest hope or our biggest downfall. I say this because it is so easy to allow our minds to mislead us, and if not watched, can possibly take us into some pretty negative places. I believe that we are responsible for our thinking, not our thoughts. I ask myself daily, “Right now, is my thinking helpful, or hurtful?”
  • BALANCE – Emotional Perspective : The emotional perspective is intrinsically linked to the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of us. I believe that when we don’t deal with our emotional body, it directly affects our physical body. The great news is we can heal our physical body by listening to the dysfunction or illness that it is presenting. We can take that information and resolve emotional issues that we may have repressed as a way to avoid feeling hurt. By doing so, we honor the wisdom of our body and the physical body responds with health.
  • BALANCE – Spiritual Perspective : The spiritual perspective is quite complex and I will try to keep things as simple as possible when referring to this aspect of the human experience. In my experience working with clients, I notice that the ones who suffer the most tend to be the most disconnected from their spiritual self. What does this mean exactly? Basically, if we feel that we are on our own and try to deal with life leading mostly with our self-will, we end up leading with control. This can show up either as controlling others, being controlled within ourself, or both. When we are leading with control (and ultimately, fear) instead of trust and surrender, we may end up with physical bodies that have lymphatic and colon congestion. With metaphysical colonics, we can address the areas in our life that we control and see how it directly affects our colon and constipation. In other words, spiritual constipation leads to emotional constipation, which leads to physical constipation.


“If you’re looking to go deep on many levels, this colonic spot incorporates energy work, essential oils, crystals and aromatherapy.”

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