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Half Hour Intern Podcast

Humans are some pretty complicated organisms. We have a body, mind, and spirit all wrapped into one package. Each needs it’s own nurturing and care, and the health of each will influence the other two. Yet even knowing this, we are often “too busy” to really care for ourselves the way we know we should. We may go to the gym and see how the time that we give to our bodies also helps pacify our minds, but how often do we try to work the other way around? Today’s guest, Stephanie Kato, is a pioneer of the concept of Metaphysical Cleansing. She is a firm believer in healing the physical body through work with the emotional and spiritual bodies. Today she’ll teach us about the metaphysical path to holistic health.


Metaphysical Cleanse (with Stephanie Kato) -Half Hour Intern Podcast
Humans are some pretty complicated organisms. We have a body, mind, and spirit all wrapped into one package. Each needs it’s own nurturing and care, and the health of each will influence the other two. Yet even knowing this, we are often “too busy” to really care for ourselves the way we should.

Mind, Body, Soul Healing | Soul in Wonder

Sara and Christopher of Soul in Wonder interviewed Stephanie to talk about her book “Embracing Love by Letting Go: A Metaphysical Cleanse” and also her upcoming webinar of the same name. Listen as they discuss different topics ranging from colon hydrotherapy to the wisdom of the body and healing your inner child…
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Barenaked Health Podcast

Although Host Nick Horowski had heard of colon hydrotherapy before and was certainly interested, adding in metaphysical colon hydrotherapy, he became off the charts excited. Stephanie and Nick discuss this, as well as the importance of setting up an intention when cleansing. Additionally, our discussion on energy, frequency and vibration is quite intriguing. Exploring Belief Systems with Stephanie Kato


Colon hydrotherapy is a very intimate healing session. It’s not just that a speculum is inserted into the rectum that makes this type of therapy intimate. It is also because we help the client access the deeper parts of himself/herself to let go of that which no longer serves them.

I consider colon hydrotherapy to be very sacred work. I feel it is an honor that clients trust me in working with their bodies, and also that those desiring the metaphysical colonic work trust me with the emotional issues they may be working through.

I feel that a simple approach is the best. I’m not big into supplementation personally and would rather work with clients on healing from an energetic/ emotional/mental perspective. Having said that, I do appreciate the benefits of supplements and fully support a person’s need and desire for them. My point in sharing my philosophy with regard to supplements is to help potential clients understand that I primarily promote physical healing from their spiritual, emotional, and mental core issues. Podcast Link

The Whole Athlete Podcast

In this episode, Debbie talks to Stephanie Kato who specializes in colon hydrotherapy and lymphology as well as metaphysics.  Learn why we need to keep ourselves healthy on the inside and out to improve our performance for life and sports in this show. The WHOLE Athlete Podcast.

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The Nourished Podcast with Shawn Mynar and Meg Doll

#108 – The Missing Aspects of Healing + Colon Hydrotherapy + Lymphatic Drainage with Stephanie Kato

Most of us, at some point, have been working our way through a healing protocol with hopes of reaching a new state of optimal health, but not seeing the magical results we expect.  We try new supplements, eliminate more foods, and switch up our workouts, but still no resolution.

Stephanie Kato of Iyasucolonics.com sees this every day in her practice.  But, by digging into the emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks we have in addition to the physical ailments, she is able to get full resolution with her clients.

Because optimal health and healing is about SO MUCH MORE, Stephanie has an absolutely incredible way of describing why we need to tap into more than just the typical protocols to see results.

We talk about this approach in today’s episode and also get a rundown of what colon hydrotherapy is, who it’s good for, and how often to do it. We also dive into the topic of lymphatic drainage and get things we can do at home to help our lymphatic flow.

Learn more about Stephanie at iyasucolonics.com Check out this episode!

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Stephanie truly has a Gift. I have been going to her for 8 years now & I’m devoted because she’s truly the Best. I have had MANY colonics from many good practitioners but what Stephanie offers is nothing like what anyone else is doing. She has an Intuitive Gift, she knows what pressure point to massage or what part of the body needs Attention in order to help you release deeply. She really is guided by this intuitive sense, its Magic. When you let her do her thing it’s like watching tai chi happen, she knows what she’s doing and you can tell she’s tapped into a deeper guidance. Stephanie is also so loving and so kind, she truly cares about you. She is also very very professional, I have sent probably 10 friends of mine to her and they always text me right after and they all say the same thing! “I love Stephanie!” She’s the Best. Honestly. I feel so Blessed to have found Stephanie, she really knows how to give a high end, Loving, effective, and healing Colonic.

Jillian Speer