Posted on February 23, 2015

Two of the biggest digestive issues we hear from clients involve gas and bloating. Iyasu’s last blog looked at some potential physical origins of these symptoms. Let’s look at some possible metaphysical healing methods we can use to help alleviate gas or bloating: metaphysical colonics, bio electric lymphatic drainage, mental perspective, emotional perspective and spiritual perspective.

Metaphysical connection: In my humble opinion, physical dysfunction almost always has some combination of mental, emotional and at times, a spiritual aspect to it. From my clinical experience, I have observed that what ails us physically is generally tied into something else. This is the body’s way of loving us and encouraging us to heal. Let’s take a look at some of those connections below:

Metaphysical colonics and bio electric lymphatic drainage: Iyasu is a unique company because we offer the client an opportunity to view their physical dysfunction from mental, emotional and spiritual perspectives. By understanding how we look at our life through the different lenses we utilize – while receiving a session – transformation and true self-healing can occur.

Mental: What we believe to be true becomes true. We create our reality based on what we choose to perceive, whether what we perceive is based on events in the present moment or the past. We often don’t distinguish between the two because we don’t realize we have a choice about what we perceive or even recognize it is as a perception.

In my clinical experience working with clients I notice the presence of a couple belief systems, which usually result in gas and bloating. Some people grew up feeling unsafe as children and created copings skills, which served them well as children but work against them as adults. When we continue to feel unsafe in our relationships or our environment, our bodies respond with gas and bloating which creates a barrier between us and another person or the outside world. We ‘push away’ with our bodies and this gives us the illusion of safely. The other belief system has to do with our feeling trapped within a relationship, job, situation and/or our lives. This can create trapped gas within us.

In both scenarios, whether we feel the gas and release it or it stays trapped in our body – it creates discomfort and suffering. Taking a metaphysical colonic and bio electric lymphatic drainage with Iyasu can help the client shift perceptions and help their body heal its discomfort and calm its digestive system. In this way we can eliminate the gas and bloating by recognizing that we are no longer children and can take care of ourselves by setting healthy boundaries without the fear attached to it.

Emotional: Although each client I work with is unique in their own way, I observe one thing to be true for everyone: gas and bloat has an emotional origin. The reason we may be responding to life and/or relationships from fear tends to be based in a past experience that is causing us some level of emotional pain. This can be challenging, especially for clients who have done a great deal of emotional/internal work. I notice that humans have emotional layers that reveal themselves when we are ready to look at them. Many of us have indeed looked at our “stuff” and dealt with it. My point in bringing this up is to suggest that if the body is responding with a physical dysfunction we may have more emotional layers that need to be resolved or released.

Additionally, there is a food-gas relationship that I will address now. If a person is either actively working on internal emotional issues or unaware they exist, we humans tend to comfort ourselves with gas producing food as a distraction from what we are feeling. It is also important to note that when someone eats something they know is not the healthiest choice, they can feel guilty while eating it. My advice? If you are going to eat something you know is not best for you, enjoy it completely! Have a ball and delight in the experience completely. Then, get back on track. I truly believe that the guilt over eating something is worse than the food itself. When we humans feel guilty, more often than not we end up punishing ourselves. Digestive dysfunction can cause us to suffer on many levels of our being. Eliminating self-guilt and self-punishment can bring calm to our digestive system and physical health to our entire being!

Spiritual: The spiritual aspect of gas and bloat is fascinating to me. When we live our lives from a fearful place and don’t feel safe, this usually means that we don’t trust – either ourselves or others, and definitely not a higher source. When I practice trusting in something higher than myself I don’t worry or attempt to exert control. It also helps me let go of my emotional armor and walls, which had previously kept me locked in an illusion of safety. I call this an illusion because the truth is that whenever I do not trust that my needs are taken care of, I end up leading with control and rigidity and this invariably results in gas. If you do not believe in a spiritual source, you can still let go into the higher part of you that truly knows all is well, despite (perceived)[1] experiences to the contrary. By doing so we can eliminate the belief that we are alone and the need to stay in a protective space within can disappear, along with the gas and bloat.

By using a process of elimination, we can choose to let go of the perceptions that keep us feeling unsafe or afraid. If gas and bloating has been an issue for a while try trusting instead, even if you don’t fully believe it. Just trust that everything is showing up in your life for your benefit, and trust that everything passes with time. See if you can feel a difference in your body. When the fear shows up again (and it will because we are human), compare how your body feels when you trust as opposed to embracing fear. Which feels better? Which brings calm and peace? Which is more helpful to your digestive system?

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[1] To clarify, this doesn’t mean our experiences weren’t real or valid. I make this point to suggest that when we shift how we see our experiences and trust they brought us to where we are today, for our highest good, we can choose to be in acceptance. When we do, we no longer see experiences as good or bad – just moments in our lives to bring us to completion.

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