Mental Perspective

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”Wayne Dyer


I love this quote. I’ve never read any of Wayne Dyer’s books but I think this quote is right on. Part of my internal work involves looking at what my mind believes and perceives. I think it is important for me to question thoughts that come to my mind because although I am not responsible for my thoughts, I am responsible for my thinking. For instance, in the past I was told that I was a clumsy person and would simply stand and fall over. Since this was told to me when I was young, I accepted this to be true. As I grew up, I didn’t challenge this belief until I noticed that I was actually not clumsy but quite graceful. It got me thinking – if a belief I had held for most of my life was incorrect, what else did I believe that was inaccurate as well? This started a fascinating journey within me to review my existing belief systems. I wrote down all my belief systems and started to consider a few things:

  • Will this belief system strengthen or weaken me?
  • Does this belief system encourage my emotional growth, or does it enable my limiting thinking?
  • Does having this particular belief system bring me peace and well-being?

In considering these questions, I realized that I would adjust my reality to align with a particular belief. For example, when I was first dating my husband, I would keep a wall up to protect myself from getting hurt. He didn’t do anything to justify my behavior – my behavior was based on experiences from my past with other partners. At that time, I believed I wasn’t safe with men and that eventually I would get hurt, so I wouldn’t allow him to get to close to me. It wasn’t until I started healing my internal fears that I started to feel safe within myself. This led me to trust my husband and allow him to get close to me.

The mental part of us doesn’t just stay in the mind. My example above proves that what I believed eventually affected my emotional body because I was so afraid. As a result, I developed digestive issues and these issues didn’t start to heal until I was willing to admit that my thinking was based in fears that no longer applied. Once I was able to shift my beliefs of distrust to accepting my husband’s love, my colonics were more productive, my bowels released easier, and my digestive issues resolved.

The interconnectedness between the mind and body is intentional because no two people will be shown their healing path in exactly the same way. I think it is important to understand that the wisdom of the body is always showing us where we can heal, and that often starts with what we believe and perceive to be the truth. When we incorporate this understanding during a metaphysical colonic or bio electric lymphatic drainage session, we can see this first hand.

BALANCE Mental Perspective

Let’s look at the possibilities of healing through colon hydrotherapy and bio electric lymphatic drainage from the perspective of the mental body:

Mental perspective: When referring to the mental perspective, I am referring to our minds and how we think. It includes the ego, that part of us that feels separate and alone. The mind can either be our greatest asset or our biggest downfall. I say this because it is so easy to allow our minds to misguide us, and if not watched, can take us into some pretty negative places. I believe that we are responsible for our thinking, not our thoughts. Our thoughts can come from various sources: dating back to childhood, something from the present, or fear about the future.

I ask myself daily, “Right now, is my thinking helpful, or hurtful?”

* Swollen lymph glands *

Mental imbalance

Our belief systems contribute to our health in ways that might surprise some people. What we think can manifest into physical suffering. If we accept from others that which does not belong to us, this can show up as physical dysfunction. As a metaphysical colonic therapist, I can see the connection between clients who believe they must take care of someone else, even though the other person is treating them poorly. They continue to take it until they end up with physical dysfunction, such as swollen lymph glands. Swollen lymph glands can be indicative of holding other people’s issues that really don’t belong to us, but end up hurting us.

Mental balance:

The good news is we always have choices in how we live our lives. At any time we can shift our mental perspective to one that includes self-care, on all levels of our being. When we are willing to see clearly where we are holding our own or other people’s unhealthy mental beliefs, we can choose to let go of anything that doesn’t serve us and focus on our own healing. We are all responsible for our own mental health. When we shift our internal mental paradigm, the world of health opens up and we can begin to experience the joy that is our birthright.

Potential mental solutions for healing the swollen lymph glands:

  • Metaphysical Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage – I have discovered that when people are attached to a particular belief system, and this system is supporting their physical dysfunction, a mental shift during a bio electric lymphatic drainage session has been helpful in reducing my clients’ swollen lymph glands that cause inflammation and pain.
  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy – If a client is presenting swollen lymph glands, I will offer complimentary manual lymphatic drainage during a colonic and I have noticed a decrease in edema in some of my clients’ bodies.
  • Write a gratitude list everyday. Beginning our day in gratitude contributes to a healthy perspective that continues throughout our day.
  • Be aware of our resentments and become willing to let them go.

* Gas *

Mental imbalance

As a result of working with clients, I notice that gas is present when we think we need to protect ourselves. I have observed that the need for protection frequently relates to experiences from the past that we project into the future. For example, many people protect themselves by believing that if they keep people from getting too close to them, they will avoid getting hurt. Although this tactic is effective, in reality we end up alone, gassy, and unhappy. I believe that at the end of the day, we all want to love and be loved, despite ourselves!

There are times, however, where we feel trapped in the present moment and think we have no way out. This too, can cause gas (but mostly trapped gas that doesn’t release and tends to cause physical pain).

Mental balance

By not allowing past experiences to determine a perceived future, we can experience life fully in the present moment, by living life on life’s terms. Although the potential for emotional pain still exists, we have to ask ourselves: Would we rather risk big hurt for big love or stay protected and closed up within ourselves? By embracing our present life by letting go of our past, what experiences can we have that we could never have imagined for ourselves? And in staying open to these possibilities, we open our mind and allow the flow of creative and healthy energy to circulate throughout our body and our life. When we are willing to give up the illusion that we have used to protect ourself from a scenario that may never manifest, we can release the discomfort in our body and strengthen our mind.

Potential mental solutions for healing gas:

  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy – This type of healing session can be particularly helpful to the client who is experiencing gas. When we discuss the perceptions that our mind is attached to, and then allow ourselves to shift to a different perspective while receiving a colonic, the client can connect the shift with the release of gas that usually occurs. When this happens, and the client feels both the mental and physical relief happening at the same time, permanent healing is possible.
  • Metaphysical Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage – Stressful thoughts and negative thinking can cause our lymphatic system to congest. A metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage session can help by discussing different options to adjust our attitudes while receiving a session to keep our lymphatic system flowing.
  • Shift our perspective – allow ourself to consider a different future by willingly letting go of present thinking that keeps us in the past.
  • If we are feeling trapped in our life and there is room for movement, take action to release ourself from a stagnant situation. If there is no room for movement, we must look at options to shift our perspective, and help us find serenity in the present situation, so we don’t suffer physically as a result.

* Constipation *

Mental imbalance

As I stated earlier, what we think can manifest into physical suffering. No one likes being constipated, as it causes discomfort and at times considerable physical pain. In addition, constipation contributes to foggy thinking and a foul mood. It is ironic that constipation can cause a mental imbalance and an imbalance in our thinking can cause constipation. The biggest challenge in healing constipation requires a shift in our belief systems concerning control. Our thinking plays a vital role in our ability to move our bowels. I believe the physical tightness and contraction that results from our efforts to control our external experience is what creates constipation. Simply put, we control ourselves, our body, and people and situations around us as a way to manage our internal fear, anxiety, and vulnerability.

Mental balance

When we engage in controlling behavior, we don’t do so consciously. Most of us don’t realize we are doing it. That is the beauty of watching how the wisdom of the body helps us. By going to physical dysfunction, our body offers us an opportunity to shift our thinking from fear-based to trustful. Here is where the body integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of us as human beings. For true healing, I believe that we must connect to the spiritual perspective in order to let go of the fear and learn to fully trust. For more on this, please refer to the spiritual perspective.

Potential mental solutions for healing constipation:

  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy – During a metaphysical colonic, we can offer the mind another perspective. A famous saying states, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” I would never suggest that my client is insane, but the point is if what we have been thinking does not result in healing, then perhaps it’s time to try a new way of thinking.
  • Metaphysical Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage – I have several clients who experience greater releases by combining the colonic with the bio electric lymphatic drainage. At the same time as receiving this combination, we discuss various paradigm shifts and the colon often responds with fantastic releases.

FLOW For Health

For us to experience optimum health, we must maintain a flow – specifically a flow in the energy of the body. Let me break this perspective down to clearly explain what I mean:

  • Mental – there are times when we are experiencing a disturbance in our mental flow due to limiting belief systems, for example. This can prevent a flow of creativity and new ideas from entering our consciousness. Additionally, certain belief systems (mostly unconscious) can keep us ill.

As outlined above, our flow can become obstructed, which (I believe) results in physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or mental illness. A break in the flow can occur on any of these levels and one can affect the others. The concept of this break in flow is important, as it can help us to achieve health when seen from this perspective. Let’s look at some examples of the mental flow being blocked:


This affects our mental body, and in turn affects the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Using the example of addiction, if we were to use addictive substances or engage in addictive behavior, the flow in the health of our thinking becomes compromised. Engaging in addictions affects our brain chemistry; without treatment, the health of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being may become compromised as well.

Below are suggestions our clients have found to be helpful:

  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy –
    • Metaphysical colonics can introduce a mental perspective to help shift the client from a belief system that is encouraging illness to one that supports and attains health, thereby maintaining a healthy flow.
  • Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage
    • Metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage sessions can promote the flow of the client’s lymphatic system by looking at how resentments, anger, and fear contribute to lymphatic congestion. By doing so, we can see what happens when we are able to shift our negative thinking to a more positive perspective.

The body is always reaching for health, and depending on the amount of damage done to the body and brain, abstinence from addictions could possibly reverse the negative effects on the body. Abstaining from engaging in addictive substances/behavior and getting into a 12-step recovery program can help to heal the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks with respect to these addictions.


I know that the above examples are quite simplified. I use these for the purpose of giving a general idea of how impeding the flow of energy can affect the totality of us as human beings. When working with a client, it is never cut and dried, as each of us is unique and we all have specific experiences in our histories. I never work with any sort of cookie cutter template that my clients must fit into. I don’t go into a session with any preconceived ideas or notions. I use whatever shows up as a guide to what the client may or may not need. Each client and each session can vary greatly and I have the utmost respect for and will honor each individual’s process and belief systems.


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