Physical Perspective

Each physical body comes with a wonderful digestive system designed to digest, absorb, and assimilate our food, and eliminate our waste. I’m sure that many of us have experienced different digestive issues from time to time. Perhaps we have had chronic and/or difficult to treat stomachaches or indigestion. Many people suffer with gas, bloating, and constipation. Whatever ails us, the good news is that Iyasu offers a new perspective in healing through metaphysical colonics.

While many traditional methods for healing digestive issues can be helpful, I have clients who initially felt that their digestive problems had been healed, only to have them return, along with feelings of discouragement and disappointment.

For those clients who have not included colon hydrotherapy as part of the process in healing their digestive issues, I believe that once they do, they will understand the importance of including colonics as well. In my opinion, when we wash out the excess waste material, gas, and mucus, we can begin to rebuild a digestive system that is healthier and stronger.

In addition to physical cleansing, I believe that it is important for us to approach such issues from a truly holistic perspective. During a colon hydrotherapy session, we will talk about some of the physical solutions for the digestive complaint. We can discuss different ideas that might be of help and not covered in previous inquiries with other practitioners. Depending on how a client presents him or herself, I may ask some deeper questions. I believe that one of the reasons the issue comes back for some people, is because they have to take the digestive problem a step (or even steps) further. We come in a physical body that is affected by other parts of us, and as such, I feel it is imperative to address those other aspects as well.

It is not my intention to encroach on anyone’s personal beliefs and comfort level, so I always approach each session from a physical perspective. If the client wishes, we can move into the other perspectives of mental, emotional, and spiritual to see how they interconnect with the physical, and where embracing these perspectives can aid in true healing.

Please refer to the mental, emotional, and spiritual sections of my website if you would like some more information on each perspective. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read about my approach and I hope you will consider whether my type of healing method would be appropriate for you.

BALANCE Physical Perspective

Let’s look at the possibilities of healing through colon hydrotherapy, or colonics, and bio electric lymphatic drainage from a perspective of the physical body:

Physical perspective: The physical body is always reaching for balance through homeostasis. Problems occur when that balance is thrown off and our flow is disrupted. We achieve physical balance through proper diet, hydration, adequate sleep, stress management, and joy.

An example of potential healing through colon hydrotherapy and bio electric lymphatic drainage as it relates to constipation, swollen lymph glands, and gas is as follows:


Physical imbalance:

Digestive issues are some of the biggest health issues affecting our population today. The laxative industry makes about 1 billion dollars per year! They are selling to a lot of constipated people. While some health experts claim that having a bowel movement every three days is considered normal, I can’t say I agree. I believe that we need to be having bowel movements every day in order to avoid autointoxication, or poisoning ourselves. My clients have expressed that constipation creates low energy, crankiness, depression, and skin problems.

Physical balance

When our physical body is in balance, we can release our bowels easily and often. Although it is ideal to have a bowel movement after each meal, some people release a few times in the morning and still others release large bowel movements one time per day. As long we are experiencing a physical flow with our bowels, our organs can function optimally and we have the energy to be high functioning in our lives.

Potential physical solutions for healing constipation:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy – At Iyasu, we use very low pressure to fill the colon. We do this because it is more comfortable for our clients and this allows for a longer soaking period during the session. We also offer our clients extensive bodywork during their session. It has been our observation that when the client is relaxed, they tend to have a very good release. Upon leaving, our clients report a feeling of lightness and relief.
  • Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage – By having a bio electric lymphatic drainage session prior to a colonic, our clients have noticed they release more waste material in their colonics than if they hadn’t received one. We notice that when a client takes this lymphatic drainage during a colon hydrotherapy session as an add-on, their body releases quite a bit more as well.
  • Eliminate inflammatory foods from our diets, which can contribute to constipation. The same goes for foods we don’t metabolize.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrating beverages to encourage the flow of the digestive system.
  • Deep breathing daily, especially when we are under stress.

* Swollen Lymph Glands *

Physical imbalance

When our lymphatic system is congested, it can deprive our cells of oxygen and we end up with cells that clump together, blocking the cell from releasing its waste or its ability to absorb nutrients. As a result, we lose energy and end up with swollen glands, inflammation, and/or bloating. (For more on this, please refer to the services section of the website titled, “Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage.”)

Physical balance

The lymphatic system is all about the flow of lymphatic fluid, which removes waste and gets nutrients to the cells. When the lymphatic fluid flows freely, we have energy and freedom from pain because we are not in state of inflammation, indicating a balanced lymphatic system.

Potential physical solutions for healing the lymphatic system:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy – Receiving lymphatic drainage during a colon hydrotherapy session can stimulate both the lymphatic system and the colon. By doing so, we notice the client has larger and more complete releases during a session.
  • Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage – The lymphatic system is a very important part of our circulatory system and is responsible for removing excess waste and protein from our body and getting nutrients to the cells. If there are excess blood proteins that are stuck in the interstitial spaces of our cells, inflammation can occur. When this happens, our lymph system can congest and our bodies become bloated and sluggish.
  • Eliminating congesting foods from our diets may decrease the risk of illness:
    • Coffee
    • Dairy
    • Flour
    • Sugar
    • Fried foods
    • Junk food
    • Corn (for some people)
  • Dry skin brushing daily prior to showering, bathing, or exercise.
  • Lying with your head closest to the floor on a slant board daily.
  • Rebounding exercises daily.

* Gas *

One of the most common digestive complaints I hear is about gas. When we think about gas, we immediately think about improper or unhealthy diets. While it is accurate that eating foods that our bodies cannot metabolize properly can lead to gas, what about people who eat well and still have gas? Let’s look at that:

Physical imbalance

As mentioned above, by not eating in a way that supports good health, we may experience gas and bloating. However, even if we consider some of these foods to be healthy, we can still experience gaseous discomfort. Some of these foods may include:

  • Carbonated drinks (sodas, sparkling water, carbonated juice, sparkling wine, and beer)
  • Fried foods
  • Cow dairy
  • Wheat
  • Corn (for some)
  • Potatoes (for some)
  • Raw veggies, especially cruciferous veggies
  • Meats, especially the heavy proteins
  • Processed or fast food
  • Bean and legumes
  • Any food our bodies cannot metabolize properly (this can vary from person to person)

Physical balance

Have you ever been on a cleanse or elimination diet and felt free from digestive discomfort (once you get through the cleansing part of the cleanse)? Then you start to add foods back in and the gas comes right back? This may be your body’s way of telling you that a particular food is not right for you. To balance your body, you might need to avoid certain foods that are triggers.

Potential physical solutions for healing gas:

  • Colon hydrotherapy – sessions can help the body to release excess gas which may reduce bloat and discomfort.
  • Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage – Congestion in our lymphatic system can potentially create a back up of our colon, creating constipation and gas. A series of bio electric lymphatic drainage session may increase the flow of our lymph and decrease the congestion.
  • Eating foods that our bodies can metabolize, digest, assimilate, absorb, and eliminate properly.
  • Taking digestive enzymes and HCl have been helpful for some of my clients.
  • Keeping a food diary to discover which foods may trigger discomfort.
  • Eliminate carbonated drinks from your diet.
  • Chewing your food thoroughly and slowly, allowing full mastication to aid digestion and to trigger the body to release enzymes.
  • Do not drink liquids with meals, thereby diluting the body’s natural digestive enzymes. Take liquids ½ hour prior or 2 hour after a meal.
  • Exercise regularly – inactivity can result in stagnation and congestion.

FLOW For Health

For us to experience optimum health, we must maintain a flow – specifically a flow in the energy of the body. Let me break this perspective down to clearly explain what I mean:

  • Physical – when the flow in the physical body is compromised, we can experience physical dysfunction, such as constipation. The waste material is literally not flowing and prevents it from releasing out of our body.


This affects our physical body as a result of a disturbance in our physical flow.

Let’s look at constipation: If we don’t drink enough water we may end up dehydrated. Whatever the body cannot use becomes waste in the colon. As soon as the waste is introduced into the colon, the colon reabsorbs water and what is left over is a hardened piece of stool, which must travel about 5 feet to get out. If the waste material is too dry, it can end up getting stuck and creates a “block” in the flow of the colon and constipation can be the result. (This is not to be confused with an obstruction of the colon, which may be caused by a narrowing of the intestine from inflammation or damage to the bowel, tumors, scar tissue, hernias, twisting of the bowel, or pressure on the bowel from outside the intestinal tract.)

Below are suggestions our clients have found to be helpful:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy – Colonics can be a great way to assist the body in releasing waste material. Some of my clients have sluggish colons and they have reported that the therapy part of colon hydrotherapy helps the flow by toning the colon, which is a muscular organ.
  • Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage – A bio electric lymphatic drainage session can open up the lymphatic system to de-congest and assist in the flow of the lymph. For more on this service, please refer to the services section of the website.
  • Drink plenty of pure water to ensure the flow of hydration to the colon, thus reducing the risk of constipation.
  • Eat foods containing natural fiber and water, such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Eliminate acid producing foods from our diets, such as dairy and flour.

I know that the above examples are quite simplified. I use these for the purpose of giving a general idea of how impeding the flow of energy can affect the totality of us as human beings. When working with a client, it is never cut and dried, as each of us is unique and we all have specific experiences in our histories. I never work with any sort of cookie cutter template that my clients must fit into. I don’t go into a session with any preconceived ideas or notions. I use whatever shows up as a guide to what the client may or may not need. Each client and each session can vary greatly and I have the utmost respect for and will honor each individual’s process and belief systems.

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