Spiritual Perspective

I see the spiritual aspect of colon hydrotherapy as quite fascinating. When we approach physical dysfunction and/or illness from this perspective, I truly believe that permanent transformation is possible.

I am hoping that you had the opportunity to peruse the physical, emotional, and mental buttons on the home page of the Iyasu website. If you have, you know that from the physical perspective, we have learned to take care of ourselves and feel better by eating well, exercising, hydrating, and getting enough rest. Emotionally, we can heal by feeling our feelings (also allowing ourselves to sit in the discomfort of negative feelings without distracting ourselves out of them), holding healthy boundaries, communicating effectively, and disengaging from unhealthy and co-dependent relationships. Mentally, we have found that a shift in perspective can be monumentally helpful as a method to heal what blocks us.

So let’s talk about the spiritual perspective of healing.

After 18 years of clinical experience in the field of colon hydrotherapy, I have been honored to work with so many people who have felt safe enough to open up to me about their lives and physical challenges. Along with my own experiences of healing physically, mentally, and emotionally, I have discovered what I believe is a universal truth, as shared by a wise healer and spiritual teacher, Amaya Victoria:

“We all just want to love and be loved.”

It’s a straightforward enough concept. However, in session after session with people, I find that this is one of the most challenging parts of life, simply because many people are missing the type of love they feel they need and want. With so many people searching for love, how can it be that there are so many misconnections? What can we do to fulfill this most basic desire? And how does any of this relate to colonics and this spiritual perspective?

The “problem” with love

Love, in and of itself, is not a problem. The problem stems from our choices, our expectations, our disappointments, our hurts, and our perceptions. I have noticed that we humans tend to choose partners who are significantly different from ourselves (and most often similar to the parent or caregiver that was most challenging for us as children). We believe that if this partner can care for us in a way that we did not receive as a child, then we will be okay. When this doesn’t happen, we feel disappointed and become hurt (unconsciously bringing up the original hurt we felt growing up). We then blame our partner, ourself, and any spiritual entity that we may feel connected to, and then disconnected from. At that point, we may take that hurt and anger and turn it inward and allow it to affect our self worth and self esteem. This anger turned inward can then manifest into physical dysfunction and illness in the form of an autoimmune disease, liver congestion, constipation, and a host of other types of illness. If we don’t listen to our body and connect to this hurt that we are carrying within, we might only feel the emotional discomfort and want to distract ourselves with relationships (co-dependence), food (overeating, bulimia, etc.), drugs and alcohol (addiction), work (workaholism), to name but a few.

Healing through colonics and the spiritual perspective

I believe that one of the biggest reasons we humans continue to suffer is because we are missing the spiritual piece (and subsequent peace!) in our lives. If you are someone who practices a particular faith, ask yourself: “What percentage do I trust that something higher than me is taking care of all my needs: physical, financial, relational, professional, etc.?”

We can believe that we are taken care of, but do we take back the control when life presents us with something challenging? Do we turn our lives over to the care of our higher self, a higher presence, or whatever you choose to call it, and then when times get tough, we take it back by controlling our lives and others?

Colonics are all about letting go. Not just on a physical level but mental, emotional, and especially spiritual. It doesn’t matter what you call this higher source. It matters that we trust that it has our back when it counts. I’m sure we’ve all heard that we need to “Let it go.” We need to let go of our fear, anger, and resentments; and although this is true, I don’t believe we can actually let go until we can surrender into the trust of a source we truly believe will take care of all our needs. Again, this is a simple enough concept. This isn’t easy to do because most of us grew up with experiences that showed us that we might not be safe in the world. Some of us believe that we need to rely on ourselves and show up for ourselves and not wait for something else to take care of us. I agree with part of this belief. We do need to do everything we can to take care of our needs and do our footwork. It does no good to sit around believing that what we need will automatically come to us. We must do our footwork. Where the spiritual work comes in, however, is in letting go of the outcome. Let’s say we do our homework, then footwork, and then let go of the outcome. Can we continue to surrender into the trust of this higher source if the outcome is not what we want or think we need? If we can trust that the outcome of every situation is exactly as it is meant to be, we can find peace.

When clients connect with this spiritual perspective during an Iyasu colon hydrotherapy session, their body responds with relief and release: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe this happens because when we rely on limited and fallible human beings as the source of love and happiness, we are eventually disappointed and hurt. If, however, we place ourselves in the loving care of an unlimited and unfailing Source, and allow this Source to guide us and love us, the separateness that we feel within that causes us great suffering begins to diminish and is replaced with a peace and serenity that is the source of all healing.

BALANCE Spiritual Perspective

Let’s look at the possibilities of healing through colon hydrotherapy and bio electric lymphatic drainage from the perspective of the emotional body:

Spiritual perspective: The spiritual perspective is quite complex and I will try to keep things as simple as possible when referring to this aspect of the human experience. In my experience working with clients, I notice that the ones who suffer the most tend to be the most disconnected from their spiritual self. What does this mean exactly? Basically, if we feel that we are on our own and try to deal with life leading mostly with our self-will, we end up leading with control. This can show up either as controlling others, being controlled within ourselves, or both. When we are leading with control (and ultimately, fear) instead of trust and surrender, we may end up with physical bodies that have lymphatic and colon congestion. With metaphysical colonics, we can address the areas in our life that we control and see how it directly affects our colon and constipation. In other words, spiritual constipation leads to emotional constipation, which leads to physical constipation.

An example of potential healing through colon hydrotherapy and bio electric lymphatic drainage as it relates to swollen lymph glands, gas, and constipation is as follows:

* Swollen lymph glands *

Spiritual imbalance

One of the factors that can cause us to be out of balance within our lymphatic system has to do with our emotions. When we are out of balance with our emotional body, this points to an imbalance in our spiritual bodies. Fear, hurt, anger, resentment, regret, grief, stress all congest our lymphatic system and may lead to dis-ease and dysfunction. It can also point to a lack of faith in a power higher than ourselves (or for some, our higher self), which can lead to isolation and loneliness.

Spiritual balance

If our lymph glands are swollen, we can help ourselves by trusting that a higher source is guiding us. We can surrender our lives to this source and ask for help. Then we can meditate to hear the answers. We can recognize if we are giving too much to another person as a way to receive love and then ask the higher source for this love. In this way we don’t set ourselves up for heartache by placing our expectations of validation on the limited human beings around us. If we are carrying anger and hurt, we can ask for this to be taken so that when we communicate with the person we are angry with, we come from a healthier and more balanced place within ourselves. As we resolve issues in this manner, we don’t need to continue holding emotionally and our swollen glands can release and find balance.

Potential spiritual solutions for healing swollen lymph glands:

  • Metaphysical colon hydrotherapy – Many of us became caretakers because it was our role growing up in our family of origin. We might not have even realized that our family expected us to behave in a certain way. They may not have realized it either. Perhaps we had been trained to believe that our self worth was directly tied to what we could do for someone else. Maybe we attracted romantic partners who expected us or needed us to take care of them. As we allow ourselves to see how the dynamics in our family of origin created co-dependence then and in future relationships, we can connect our belief systems to our physical dysfunction and true healing becomes possible.
  • Metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage – If we have spent a lot of time and energy taking care of everyone else and not giving enough care to ourself, our body can bloat and swell because we are so full of everyone else’s needs. Our body is metaphorically and physically bursting at the seams. When we address these realities while receiving a bio electric lymphatic drainage session, we can release the energy of others that we might be carrying, allowing space for ourselves and our needs to become our priority.
  • Believe and trust that a higher source is guiding every single person on this planet and as such, we do not need to go overboard on our caretaking of others. This alleviates our burden (even if we don’t see it that way) and allows this type of thinking to decongest us emotionally and release our physical congestion.
  • Meditate daily.

* Gas *

Spiritual imbalance

Fear seems to be the predominant emotion that takes the lead when it comes to gas and bloating. When we are not connected to a source that is higher than ourselves, we can end up feeling alone and afraid. The energy of fear is contracting, and this can cause gas, not unlike when we wear tight clothing. This tightness creates gas and bloating and we end up suffering with discomfort and pain.

Spiritual balance

A common thread I notice with clients who suffer from constipation revolves around control. It makes sense that we try to control whatever we don’t trust. When we live our lives trusting that a higher source is protecting us and taking care of all our needs, we can let go of the fear that accompanies the resulting isolation. By trusting that everything that shows up in our lives is present for our highest good, and we allow ourselves to accept this, the fear dissipates and the tightness surrounding our abdomen can release and bring relief.

Potential spiritual solutions for healing gas:

  • Metaphysical colon hydrotherapy – By trusting the perspective that everything happens for our highest good, even if we never see the results of such, we can let go of the gripping fear that creates gas. Approaching colonics from this perspective, we can release the gas that blocks waste from releasing and we end up with more satisfying colon hydrotherapy sessions.
  • Metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage – When we trust that we are taken care of on a higher level, we open ourselves to the messages that guide us to health on every level of our being. We can then “hear” the next indicated step, whether this (for example) means we should leave a relationship or a job, and it can also show us where we need to look at how we are contributing to our own emotional, mental, and physical pain. As we make this shift, our lymphatic system often responds by decongesting and restoring to a healthy flow.
  • Meditate daily.

* Constipation *

As a metaphysical colon hydrotherapist, I see many clients who suffer from constipation. They come for colonics and get relief. One of the reasons I created the metaphysical aspect of colonics is because I wanted clients to truly heal, and I felt it was vital to address the mental, emotional, and spiritual perspectives associated with constipation. I am of the “teach a man to fish” philosophy and, although I love my clients and want to see them all the time, it is my desire for every client to see me only as needed for maintenance, once they have completely healed their physical issues.

Spiritual imbalance

Spiritually, the colon resides in the 2nd chakra. This chakra, or energy center, when out of balance, shows up with physical issues such as constipation and back pain. Mentally, we see issues around unclear or toxic thinking. Emotionally, an unbalanced 2nd chakra can reveal fear and unfinished grief. Finally, a spiritual imbalance in the 2nd chakra can show up as distrust and an overwhelming need to control the outcome of our lives and the lives of others as well.

Spiritual balance

By allowing ourselves to trust that all our needs, and those of our loved ones, are taken care of, we can let go of the need to control. When we let go of control, everything in our body and our life opens up and can begin to move. For some, this is a tall order. We must be willing to believe that there is a higher power that loves us and knows what we need to be free of illness and live a life full of joy. We must be willing to believe that we are worthy of receiving such love and allow it to permeate our being. When we choose to connect to our higher selves in this way, we can truly heal on every level of our being.

Potential spiritual solutions for healing constipation:

  • Metaphysical colon hydrotherapy and Metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage – During a physical colonic, the colon is strengthened and toned through the filling and releasing of water, which stimulates the peristalsis. During a metaphysical colon hydrotherapy session, we can strengthen our emotional body by allowing the emotional pain that we have been carrying to come to the surface and release. The same is true for strengthening our spiritual body. The only requirement is a willingness to trust that a higher source loves us and knows how to guides us. By connecting to this truth in a metaphysical colon hydrotherapy session and bio electric lymphatic drainage session, we learn that the worry and distrust we have embraced to this point only brings spiritual congestion and energetic contraction. The only way to ensure physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual flow is by turning our lives over to the care of a power that is greater than ourselves (in my humble opinion!).
  • Meditate daily.

FLOW For Health

For us to experience optimum health, we must maintain a flow – specifically a flow in the energy of the body. Let me break this perspective down to clearly explain what I mean:

  • Spiritual – using the above example, people who experienced trauma at a young age may have concluded that they are alone in the world. As a result of the physical/mental/emotional trauma, if they once believed in a higher source, they may have decided that this source abandoned them, further validating the isolation. When this happens, we as humans may choose to control ourselves, others around us, and our environment. Doing so, although understandable, can impede the flow of spiritual energy available to help us heal.

As outlined above, our flow can become obstructed, which (I believe) results in physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or mental illness. A break in the flow can occur on any of these levels and one can affect the others. The concept of this break in flow is important, as it can help us to achieve health when seen from this perspective. Let’s look at some examples of the flow being blocked:


This affects our spiritual body, and depending on where the spiritual block is showing up, it can move into the physical and emotional bodies.

Let’s, once again, look at addictions: If a person doesn’t allow him or herself to feel their feelings and they distract themself with other things they obsess over, this can become an addiction, (especially if an individual has a propensity to a certain type of brain chemistry). When we feel that we must control our lives, our bodies, and/or other people, we lose the spiritual connection necessary to trust that our needs are taken care of. As a result, we can live in fear that takes over our lives. The fear and emotional pain that exists within us can drive us to drink alcohol excessively, take drugs, overeat, overwork, overspend money, or engage in any other compulsive activity that temporarily alleviates these painful feelings. We just end up prolonging the inevitable, however, and by creating a block in the flow of our spiritual bodies, over time we end up feeling more emotional pain and unhappiness.

Below are suggestions our clients have found to be helpful:

  • Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy –
    • Metaphysical colonics – By accessing the spiritual part of us during a session, we can open ourselves to a deeper understanding of how Spirit works with and guides us in our lives. Trusting Spirit opens our hearts, and consequently opens our emotional body and our physical body. As a result, we may experience a better flow in our physical releases.
  • Metaphysical Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage –
    • Metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage – When we set an intention to move the lymphatic system from a higher place within us, the body responds. Because the bio electric lymphatic drainage is based on the principles of quantum physics, the body adjusts to what is being offered in the session along with what the therapist and the client are intending. This can manifest as a more efficient flow in the lymphatic system, and the body as a whole.
  • Trust that a higher source (Higher Self, Spirit, Divine, Higher Power, God, Universe, etc.) is taking care of all our needs despite what we think we need. Allow this Source to guide us and accept that everything that is showing up in our lives is as it should be for our highest good.

I know that the above examples are quite simplified. I use these for the purpose of giving a general idea of how impeding the flow of energy can affect the totality of us as human beings. When working with a client, it is never cut and dried, as each of us is unique and we all have specific experiences in our histories. I never work with any sort of cookie cutter template that my clients must fit into. I don’t go into a session with any preconceived ideas or notions. I use whatever shows up as a guide to what the client may or may not need. Each client and each session can vary greatly and I have the utmost respect for and will honor each individual’s process and belief systems.

“If you’re looking to go deep on many levels, this colonic spot incorporates energy work, essential oils, crystals and aromatherapy.”

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