The Constipation and Stress Connection

The Constipation and Stress Connection

Posted on March 15, 2016

I created Metaphysical Colonics because I believe in order to obtain optimal health, it is vital for us to to look at the connection between certain self-sabotaging belief systems, unresolved or leftover emotional issues, lack of trust in a higher source (even our higher self) and physical dysfunction – especially constipation. How can we utilize what we understand about the connection between our thoughts, feelings and our bodies to heal physical dysfunction like constipation?

In my humble opinion, we must look at the energy of certain thoughts and feelings in order to understand how they can disrupt the flow of energy to our colons (and the rest of our body, but for ease of discussion I will focus on just the colon). Why is energy flowing to our colons important to ensure proper movement of our bowels? It is vital because we are energetic beings. Our bodies are electric in nature – our nervous system uses electrical impulses to move different parts of our body and get messages to our brain. There are many different types of health practices – such as acupuncture – that focus on opening up the energetic blockages to allow the energy to flow properly and effectively.

I think most people understand, or are willing to understand, how eating healthy foods, exercise and drinking plenty of water can contribute to the proper flow of energy within our bodies. Conversely, many people may not fully understand the idea that how we think, what we feel and what we believe can also impact how the energy in our body flows (or not flows). To help you understand this idea, let’s try an exercise:

1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes – you will want to read these instructions first!
2. Breathe deeply as you visualize the following:

a. Think about the energy of happiness and joy. Would you say they have an energy that is expansive or contractive? (In other words, does the energy feel like it expands out and becomes bigger or contracts within and becomes smaller?)
b. Now think about the energy of fear. Does the energy of fear feel expansive or contractive? How about resentment? How about control?

3. Everyone I have asked these questions to say the same thing: Happiness and joy feel expansive whereas fear, resentment and control each have a contractive energy.
4. Now think about this: does it make sense to you that if we live our lives in a state of fear, distrust, resentment and a need to control – that these particular emotions will negatively impact our colon and contribute to constipation? If the energy of these emotions cause the energy of our bodies to contract would it make sense to you that the very nature of these emotions will slow the flow of energy to our organs and directly impact how they function?

You might be saying to yourself “Well, Stephanie I don’t live in a constant state of fear and distrust but I still have constipation issues.” Ok, I hear you. But you might not always recognize how much stress/fear you are living with at any given time in your life because you have become so accustomed to living this way. So, ask yourself this: If I am having physical dysfunction anywhere in my body, is it possible that my body is lovingly trying to help me heal by encouraging me to take a deeper look at where I might avoid feeling my feelings or carry belief systems that may be contracting my internal energy? And if that is the case, is it possible that those feelings or thoughts are keeping the energy from flowing to my body in a way that allows proper functioning on a physical level? Remember that your body will do what is most efficient. When the body is under stress, it prepares as follows: the body will slow down the digestive system to prepare to fight, fly or freeze. In other words, your body cannot distinguish between stress we might be carrying on a daily basis and being in actual danger. It just knows it needs to protect you and when you are fighting for your life (or your body perceives the same) it’s not optimal to be having bowel movements at that time. The result? Slower digestion and over time…constipation.

If you ask yourself these questions and agree that this may be a possibility for you – here is another exercise:

1. Keep a daily journal and when something happens in your life that feels stressful in any way, write it down. Write down what you are thinking (think: judgments of yourself or others), what you are feeling (think: fears, resentments, anger), and what you believe to be true in that moment (think: “if only he/she would do what I want the way I want it, it would mean they really love me”, etc.)
2. After a week or two of writing, go back and highlight similar thoughts, feelings, or beliefs that come up over and over.
3. Once you have this information, make the connection between how your thoughts and feelings may be impacting, and possibly slowing down the energy of your physical body and organs.
4. Allow yourself to shift your thoughts and belief systems to allow the unresolved/leftover emotions to come up and out or burn off, thereby allowing your energy to open, and the flow within your body to move.
5. Focus on deep breathing every time you feel upset or stressed.
6. Remember that it may take time for your physical body to catch up with what your emotional body is letting go of. Give yourself some time but be vigilant and consistent. If you have held onto certain beliefs or emotions that have contributed to a state of contractive energy within, you must be patient with yourself as you allow these changes to occur.

You might benefit by coming in for a Metaphysical Colonic or lymphatic drainage with me while working on opening the flow of energy in your body. You might also want to utilize the helpful suggestions in my book “Embracing Love by Letting Go: A Metaphysical Cleanse”. To order, click here.

When we look at physical dysfunction from the perspective of healing our internal dysfunction, we end up feeling self-compassion and self-love. This, in and of itself, can help to calm our central nervous system and in doing so, allows the energy within to relax and open up – restoring the flow of energy within our bodies to function properly and promote true self-healing.

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