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Iyasu Anti-inflammatory N.D.E. Health Program – Helpful Hints

Sticking to the program:

  • Most clients who are not experiencing severe illness can eat something off of the list once in a while and feel fine. It’s when they continue to eat it that it becomes a problem.
  • Some people do well with the 80%-20% diet. If the thought of going without certain foods seems overwhelming, then eat anti-inflammatory/easily metabolized foods 80% of the time and whatever you want 20% of the time. Just know that if you are working towards certain health goals, it may not happen the way you desire if you follow this type of diet. Certain foods cause us discomfort/dysfunction even if we only eat them once in a while, due to the cumulative effect.
  • To ensure that we have long-term consistency with the program, I feel it is important to include some tips to deal with those times when we want something not on the list. I hope you find the following helpful:
    • When choosing to eat something off the list:
      • Eat half only.
      • If you want something that your body reacts to negatively, eat only one or two bites.
      • Enzymes can counter the effects of certain foods, for example Carbo-G. Someone with gluten sensitivities can eat gluten and then take the Carbo-G. It’s meant for the occasional slip, not as a way to eat gluten consistently. Remember, the intention with which we approach our life, food, relationships, work, etc. really makes a huge difference. We need to be honest with ourselves about the decisions we are choosing. Only then can we choose differently.

Practicing self-compassion:

  • Try to avoid looking at your intake of food as being “good” or “bad”. Often, I hear clients say “I was bad and ate…” Rather, it would be more compassionate and loving to change the verbiage to “My body didn’t like it when I ate…” or, “It wasn’t helpful to me when I ate…”
  • It might be helpful to avoid thinking that you are “cheating” on your diet. Perhaps it might be better to accept that you are choosing to eat 80/20 and enjoy every meal. See each meal as nurturing and loving, regardless of what you are eating, to remove any stress around it.
  • When you make the decision to eat something not on the list, ENJOY IT! Have NO guilt and take in all the pleasure eating it gives you. Then get back on the list. (When we eat foods and accompany the experience with guilt, the stress produced is worse for the body than the prohibited food).

Include cleansing foods/methods:

  • If the idea of juice/smoothie fasting sounds appealing but the thought of it brings up anxiety, try to fast only one day a week.
  • If one entire day is too challenging, consider having juice only until lunchtime.
  • Don’t forget to include colonics when changing your diet. Starting the diet with a colonic and including one weekly can help ease you into the transition.

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