Weight loss

Iyasu Anti-inflammatory N.D.E. Health Program and Weight Loss

  • Participate in Iyasu’s N.D.E. Program:
    • Anti-inflammatory food lists – utilize transition program as necessary.
    • The weight loss program includes a food diary to help the client connect with how certain foods, when eaten, can result in their unique physical, mental, and/or emotional consequences. If they want to participate in a metaphysical colonic, we can discuss the emotional aspect of their relationship to food and how it impacts their body/life.
    • Follow the enzyme protocol as indicated.
    • Begin with a Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage/colonic combo. Continue both sessions weekly as indicated by the needs of the client’s body.
  • Follow Iyasu’s guide to moving the lymphatic system daily. This is very important for healing. We must ensure our lymphatic and elimination systems are functioning properly daily. Sometimes what we believe is fat can be excess water, inflammation and waste.
  • Some ways to move the lymphatic system are as follows:
    • Breathing deeply throughout the day
      • Detoxing
      • Moves lymph (lungs act as suction pumps to move lymph)
      • Grounding
    • Lymphatic exercises
      • Consider investing in a rebounder (mini trampoline) – this is a great and easy way to move your lymph daily, and it’s fun too!
        • Moves lymph
        • Detoxing
        • Strengthening
    • Exercise
      • Yoga is a great way to move the lymphatic system and stimulate the bowels. It teaches breath work and is a moving meditation.
        • Elevates mood
        • Improves circulation
        • Counters depression
    • Meditation
      • Stress management
      • Connects us to our intuition
      • Offers spiritual guidance
  • Participate in sweat inducing exercise at least 4 – 5 times per week and gentle stretches/yoga 2 – 3 times per week.
  • Avoid eating late at night. It may be better for your body to stop eating after 6pm or 7pm, depending on when you go to bed. If you get hungry before bed, take some chamomile or peppermint tea. The hot water will make you feel full without adding extra calories and cause your body to digest when resting.
  • Get enough rest: 1
    • Studies have shown that people who sleep enough have lower BMI indexes than people who don’t.
    • Sleep affects the levels of several hormones in your body. Lack of sleep lowers the level of leptin in your blood and heightens the level of ghrelin, which results in an increase of appetite.
    • Getting enough rest lowers your cortisol level in your blood. Higher cortisol level leads to a lower metabolism and breaking protein down into glucose is stimulated by cortisol. Too much glucose in your body gets stored as fat.
  • We ask our clients to consider taking a metaphysical colonic or metaphysical bio electric lymphatic drainage massage to look at any uncovered, unresolved, or leftover emotional layers and/or beliefs that might be present (subconsciously or unconsciously) and could be contributing to the weight:
    • Mental – do you have any beliefs that you are not worthy/deserving of the body/life you desire? Would shifting your current belief systems support a body type you would feel happy with?
    • Emotional – are there any layers of emotions that need to come up and out to encourage weight loss?
    • Spiritually – are there areas within yourself where trusting fully could enable your body to shift and heal?
  • Be patient with yourself – Often, we eat foods that comfort us in the moment. Eating certain foods can set us up to feel negatively toward ourselves and this can create a cycle that keeps us feeling guilty and unworthy. Developing self-love to the point that our lifestyles and food choices reflect this type of self-care can take some time. Things change with time and we will be there to support you through the transition!

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